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Happy Wednesday, Ladies!!  We are in FULL Thanksgiving mode over at the Slaughter house, so I’m going to keep today super short and super sweet. 🙂  I’m going to be highlighting the NFC West today and sharing, “What I’d Be Wearing to Those Football Games”.  #stillworkingonthattitle  #needshelp

 First stop…Glendale, Arizona to catch the Cardinals at home.

 I’m including this picture ONLY because the last time I referenced Matt Leinart it struck a nerve with a few of you and I didn’t want to let you down.  hahahaha!!

I’m loving this black/white asymmetrical coat.  That would look great with a red tee underneath or…

This coat would be darling as well!  And…it’s 30% off through tomorrow with the code “EARLYBIRD”.

Next up, the San Francisco 49ers.  Let’s discuss how much I LOVE their shiny gold helmets??  That is SO in right now!!  #imsuretheydontcare

Really, all you need are THESE earrings!  PERFECT!

Loving this buffalo plaid shirt for $25 PLUS 30% off.  They have other colors as well.

 I’ve always wanted to go to Seattle, so I’m super pumped about this trip!!  I’m a big fan of the navy/neon combo!!

Doesn’t this sweater scream, “Football FAN!”??  Love it!

Now is not the time to be buying any neon jewelry to add to the sweater.  Hopefully, Seahawks’ fans you stocked up on neon this summer!!

This flannel popover (does have red) but also has Seattle colors.  Super cute!  And…J.Crew Factory is on sale right now with code “NOCROWDS”.

 Last stop on the trip, I’m taking it back to my home state with the St. Louis Rams!

When I think of the Rams, I think of Kurt Warner.  What a GREAT guy!!!

Sidenote…my cousin, Whitney, is a CRAZY big sports buff and she probably thinks me saying that is completely ridiculous.  Sorry, Whitney!!  That’s seriously who I think of.  Kurt Warner!

This shirt would look great paired with a lot of chunky gold jewelry!!

And I found…
This navy toggle vest is on sale for under $35.  I have it in a medium for the length.

Tomorrow we’re celebrating a handsome little man turning two AND we’ll be enjoying a special Thanksgiving with family.  Happy Thanksgiving Eve, Girls!!

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  1. 11.26.14
    Anonymous said:

    That is such a good deal for that vest!! Also, have an awesome time tomorrow! Xoxo

  2. 11.26.14
    Kimm said:

    Ok so Rams and Kurt Warner go together like peanut butter and jelly…I remember the year he won the super bowl…his story was incredible!!! And the kate spade glitter earrings,,,I have them and they are perfect!!!!

  3. 11.26.14
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    You have some of the best ideas and I'm not even thinking about football!

  4. 11.26.14
    Megan said:

    I'm from Seattle!! We moved to tx when I was 6. Love it. My dad and step mom keep my kids decked out in Seahawks gear. I'm sure they will be getting some new stuff for christmas. 🙂 happy birthday Bowen!!! And I really want those gold earrings. I should have bought them when they were on sale!!

  5. 11.26.14
    Emily said:

    I have been waiting for you to get to the Seahawks, they have the best colors! And you should visit Seattle and attend a game at century link, it's an experience like no other!