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You guys know I’ve been changing up my “What I Wore Wednesdays” and featuring things like “What I’d Wear to a Big 12 Football Game” or “What I’d Dress My Family In For Family Picutres”.  I’ve had a couple comments from girls asking for specific college football teams, so I thought I’d go back and highlight those schools.  This is what I’d wear to a Minnesota Golden Gophers game, an Ohio State Buckeyes game, a USC game, a Georgia Tech game, AND a Virginia Tech game.  I might have thrown in my own alma mater because maybe I found an old picture of a really cute player.  🙂  Thanks ladies for the comments!!  Hope you find a little inspiration!  🙂

How fun would it be to cheer for the Golden Gophers??  I love that mascot!!  This is my pick for catching a game in Minneapolis…

Another ballet mom (also a friend) was just telling me yesterday that she ordered some of these Kut from the Kloth skinny cords.  I think the black would be perfect with the cardigan.  (Thanks, Brittany!)

These booties are on sale for under $50!!  The perfect time to give a booty a try. 🙂

 It’d be a blast watching a game in Columbus, Ohio, and cheering on those Buckeyes!

I’m loving this top from Old Navy with the polka dots.

WHAT?!  These are the perfect pair of pants for a Buckeyes game!

It would all look great with these black booties.

 Now…it’s time for some Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket football!!  Love the navy/gold combo!

I have several Blu Pepper tops that I’ve acquired over the years.  I love how they are unique.  This is PERFECT for a Georgia Tech game…notice the gold details!

I found these lighter skinny jeans at Old Navy.  I think because the top is so dark the outfit needs a lighter pair of pants. 🙂

Love the “moto” look of these boots!  They’re 25% off right now!

University of Southern California…the weather has to be perfect ALL football season long!!  I’m going to be completely honest…when I think back to my knowledge of USC football, I think of this…
Matt Leinart 🙂
Hahahahaha!!!  I had a CRUSH!  Let’s be real…who didn’t have a crush on him, right?  And…then he went to play for Arizona in the NFL and I pretty much never heard of him again!  ha!

Remember this??  hahahaha!!!  Back in February of 2008, I took my picture beside his cardboard cutout!  hahaha!

Okay, back to the clothes!!
This cardigan looks super comfy and stylish for a USC game.  Don’t you think?

This denim shirt is on sale for under $20 at Nordstrom.  I love the edginess and it’d look great with these skinnies coming up…

How perfect would these burgundy skinny jeans be??

These booties are on sale (15% off!!) but there are only 8.5’s left.  🙁

Virginia Tech…I have one fond memory of you.  When I attended Arkansas State University, you beat us BAD!!  I just looked up the score…63-7!!  Way to go, Hokies!

I found this cute jacket while searching for a Virginia Tech outfit.  I definitely think it looks a little more “purple” than maroon, BUT I chose a few too many maroon teams this week!!  haha!  So can we pretend it’s a little more maroon??  Thank you! 🙂

LOVE this Blu Pepper top from Nordstrom.  Perfect for a Hokies game!!

Paired with some Vigoss Destroyed Skinny Jeans…perfection!

And…these funky boots would be the perfect shoe to complete that look!

And…in honor of my VERY favorite Arkansas State football player, this is what I’d be wearing to cheer on the Red Wolves…(Do you recognize that guy?)

This would be the PERFECT shirt from Old Navy to wear to an A-State game!!  Am I the only one who’s been super impressed with Old Navy’s fall clothes?  They did a GREAT job this season, right??

And...these moto pants would look GREAT with that plaid shirt!  Go Pack!

And…these black embossed boots would top it all off. 🙂

Whew!!  This was a fun week!!  Thanks again for the ideas, girls!!

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  1. 10.22.14
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Whoa! So many great finds!! I ordered those zipper booties but in the lighter color this week…I hope I love them because they're so cute!!

  2. 10.22.14
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    You are sooooo good at this! Seriously, you need to be on a local news program doing this. You have a football fashion gift!!!! 🙂 he, he, he 🙂

  3. 10.22.14
    Kellie said:

    Thanks for your shout out to The Ohio State Buckeyes! Go Bucks! It is cold here already so I actually watched the game in my home wearing my blardigan!!!!!

  4. 10.22.14
    Anonymous said:

    All super cute outfits!!! I love your wise posts!!!

  5. 10.22.14
    Mary said:

    Great fashion theme! What would you pick for a Nebraska Cornhusker game? haha.The Chevron sweater is particularly adorable. Your picks are fashionable but not over the top. Keep these posts going!

  6. 10.22.14
    josehilary said:

    Agreed with the comments above – you have a knack for this! I always thought maroon and gold was not the cutest combo, but that Minnesota Gophers chevron top is an adorable find! Thanks for sharing all these cute items!

  7. 10.22.14
    Foss Family said:

    Thanks for featuring the MN Golden gophers!! Now I just need to get myself to a game since I have the perfect outfit to wear!

  8. 10.22.14
    Dana said:

    Love these posts! Would love to see a Clemson outfit inspiration! 🙂

  9. 10.22.14
    Mary P said:

    Great theme for your post! How about your pick for a Nebraska Cornhusker game? haha. The chevron sweater and booties for the Minnesota Gophers game are perfection.

  10. 10.22.14
    Unknown said:

    I love this series!! One of my favorites of yours, and I look forward to each post! If you do another one – maybe for the upcoming college basketball season? : ) – can I request a UNC outfit? We're the only baby blue in your awesome map at the top of your post so it might be fun to highlight "Carolina blue" and white. Plus it would give you a break from all that maroon! Hehe! : )

  11. 10.22.14
    Unknown said:

    As a Golden Gopher fan, I LOVE the outfit you picked out for them. That sweater is so cute!

  12. 10.22.14
    audra wray said:

    Every girl our age loved Matt lienart haha! Remember when he dated Kristen Cavaleri and they talked about it on Laguna Beach??

  13. 10.22.14
    Andrea - Momfessionals said:

    So I'm digging the burgundy skinnies…. BUUUUUUUUT WHAT THE HECK is up with the stacked Birkenstocks the model is wearing!?! hahaha

  14. 10.22.14
    Kim Taylor said:

    Love your post! Can you do one on Penn State next time? Or Fresno State! I bought the zipper booties last week while on vacation in Las Vegas. I LOVE LOVE THEM!!!

  15. 10.22.14
    Kim Taylor said:

    oh and PS….I am loving Old Navy's fall clothes! I have bought several of their items and one I love is the leopard (black and grey) sweatshirt! So cute and comfy !!! Also their military jackets! Great price points too!

  16. 10.23.14
    Mandii said:

    I love these posts, Erika! Like you, I also had a crush on Matt Leinart! You have great style!

  17. 10.23.14
    The Tarbutton Blog said:

    Love it all!!!! The shout out to ASU is pretty great too:) Tab looks the same!

  18. 10.23.14
    Shelly @ The Queen in Between said:

    Cracking up over your Matt Leinert story…you are adorable!

  19. 10.23.14
    Leslie Seror said:

    Thanks for the USC ideas! I wasn't sure you were going to do us out in the PAC 12. I still live in Los Angeles and back in August my family and I ran into Matt Leinart and his son at Dick's Sporting Goods. As a SC alum and season ticket holder it was a huge treat to see him. He's definitely easy on the eyes :). Love your blog!

  20. 10.23.14
    Unknown said:

    These posts are so awesome! I love them! And thank you for doing USC!

  21. 10.26.14
    Maggie C. said:

    Thanks for including OSU in your post! I love my Buckeyes! And I too had a crush on Matt Leinert 😉

  22. 10.30.14
    Liz | Ellie and Addie said:

    I lov these posts! My husband's cousin played football at Arkansas State and I may or may not have a rhinestone covered Red Wolves t-shirt! 😉