What I’ve Been Priming Lately

Hey!  Hey!  Hey!  It’s AMAZON PRIME DAY, which means Amazon offers a wide variety of items at discount prices for Amazon Prime members!  In honor of that, I decided I’d share a little of what I’ve been priming lately around here with you.  At the end of the post, I highlight some items that are on their way to me and then I added two of my Amazon FAVES for gifts just in case you’re already working on making that list and checking it twice.

Bowen and his little group of friends are all big LSU fans so for a birthday recently we grabbed this LSU football from Prime.  Makes the perfect gift!

On the topic of birthday gifts, I was completely out of gift bags so I ordered this bag set to have on hand.  Twelve birthday gift bags for under $17 was a great deal to me!

I shared my favorite coffee pods over on Instagram but if you missed it, it’s these Southern Pecan coffee pods.  SO GOOD!  The second place runner-up are the Maple Pecan coffee pods.  I’ve got a ton of brands to try now though thanks to you!

Hot Dog Balloonswere added to the list for Marla’s Sonic Birthday Party.

As well as these aprons and…

this electric pump.

These sweatpant joggers are maybe the best thing that’s happened in 2020.  They are a nice crazy comfortable fleece material and really thin so if you wear them inside all day they’re not too hot.  And the best part-they’re under $15!  I’ve worn them three times since they arrived and have forgotten a picture each time.

The white v-neck tee I shared on Friday but is worth sharing again!  Not see through and a loose fit!
This massage gun was recommended by many of Tab’s official friends and he highly recommends it!  It’d make a great Christmas gift!

My love of a breakfast taco runs deep and I’ve passed it down to all my children.  One of our favorite meals to have when Tab is out of town is breakfast tacos for dinner.  My favorite topping is this serrano sauce.  Once again…it’d make the perfect stocking stuffer!

My neighbors had this idea and it’s so darn cute I knew immediately I needed to pass it on to you!  Our elementary mascot is a tiger so someone found this cute sequined tiger and had a seamstress sew it to a denim jacket.  They turned out SO CUTE!  I’d recommend just searching for your mascot on Amazon!  Isn’t that jacket cute?  Britt Slaughter is gonna be sporting one next year!

The mosquitos have been taking over our yard lately so a friend mentioned these mosquito repellent incense sticks to me.  Have you tried these?  Not only do they smell good, but I do think they really help!  You also need the little incense holders.

Raising Worry Free Girls is on my recommend list for you too!

These tops are all on their way to me.  They have great reviews and look perfect for fall weather {which happens to be arriving later this week}!

A few of my Amazon favorites that would make the perfect gift…

The Kindle Paperwhite is an AMAZING GIFT!!  I use mine all the time!

Santa brought the entire family an Echo Show for the kitchen last year at Christmas.  It’s a GREAT gift!  And today it’s HALF OFF!  It has all the special features of an Echo but you can also Facetime others.  My kids are at the age where we’re allowing them to stay home just a bit when we’ll be gone dropping another kid off or picking one up.  It’s not long and they don’t have a cell phone, but with this they can call me anytime!

Hope you guys have the BEST Tuesday!  See you tomorrow for Let’s Look-How we Pumpkin!

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  1. 10.13.20
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    So many fun things in today’s post!!! I love the Amazon show! Such a great idea for growing kids!
    happy priming!

  2. 10.13.20
    Kim said:

    I'm always on the lookout for another pair of joggers, so would like to order the ones you posted. Can you tell me what color you have on in your picture? There are SO many to choose from, it'll take me forever!!!

  3. 10.13.20
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Hey Kim! I got the black joggers. I will take a picture soon but mine were just black. They’re so comfy!

  4. 10.13.20
    Carolyn said:

    I use the mosquito repellent incense sticks on our back deck. They DO work. Now I need to order the holders. I just put the stick in a potted plant usually.

  5. 10.13.20
    Nancy said:

    We got a massage gun just like that at Ollie's for $60! It was the best purchase we ever made there.

  6. 10.13.20
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    That pecan coffee really is the best!

  7. 10.14.20
    Anneka said:

    Your Prime posts are my favorite! Thanks for the fun suggestions. I really have to watch my spending on Prime Days because I get way too many ideas.

  8. 10.14.20
    TorontoSAM said:

    Tell me about these breakfast tacos, what does this consist of? I am a big fan of Huevos Rancheros when I see it in a restaurant but I don't usually try making this sort of thing at home.