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Hey Friends!

Happy Monday!  The LAST Monday of the school year around here.  #finally

I started this series a couple months ago where I share WHAT I’VE BEEN PRIMING lately.  If you’re anything like me, errands are not my friend.  I’ll do pretty much anything I can to not have to run into one store to grab only one thing.  So, I turn to Amazon Prime any chance I get.  πŸ™‚

This is me-giddy because Amazon Prime saved me a trip to the store.  YES!

Here’s what I’ve been ordering lately…

Right before Memorial Day, I ordered a set of these American flags to put in the front yard.  We lined the sidewalk, added a few to plants, and placed them any where else we saw fit.  They are perfect in the plants.  I would recommend getting some a little bigger if you’re wanting to line your sidewalk.  These are pretty tiny.  The perfect flag to wave at a 4th of July parade, but not the best for the yard.

I just got a question about my dry shampoo science experiment.  I’m still working on it.  πŸ™‚  You guys recommended so many different varieties of dry shampoo.  I’m slowly making my way through the list.  I just ordered Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo and Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo to give those a try.  

The Slaughters are headed to the BEACH this summer!  I’ve already begun ordering some things we’ll take on the trip.  I ordered this {super inexpensive} beach bag for all the sand toys, beach balls, etc. that will be covered in sand for us to haul back and forth while we’re there.  I’ll also take another bag with towels, sunscreen, snacks, etc.  

On the topic of items for the beach, I also ordered these Yeti colsters.  {I ordered mine from Amazon, but when I was working on this post I found them for less $$ at Wal-Mart.} I’ve been using mine in the backyard already.  They keep my La Croixs super cold even in the hottest part of the day.  The only downside is a water bottle doesn’t fit so well.

In preparation for summer and the beach trip, I also ordered a variety of sunscreens.  To be honest, I’m trying all different kinds just so I can see which is my favorite.  This Sun Bum Sunscreen was of many the Slaughters will be testing this summer.

This set of beach towels {mine are different colors} was ordered just over the weekend when I realized we have some oldies that need to go!  I’ll keep you posted on the quality once they arrive, but the reviews were pretty good!

One more beach item has made it into my cart lately…this beach toy set.  My kiddos will play with this at the beach all week on vacation.

I ordered us two new floats for the pool this year.  This pineapple and this watermelon made the cut.  If you’re in need of only one, I’d recommend the watermelon.  It’s much bigger than the pineapple.

And this wiffle ball set {I think mine only came with one bat and three balls but the picture is different} recently arrived.  When my parents were here we had a MAJOR game going in the front yard/street.  Since it’s wiffle ball, we can play right in the middle of the neighborhood, the girls {me included!!!} can hang during a game {I’m so uncoordinated when it comes to regular baseball}, and we’re all spending time together.

And a few of the books I ordered for some summer reading…

When Life Gives you Lemons {I pre-ordered this one.}

I hope you guys enjoyed taking a little peek into my Amazon cart.  I have to ask….WHAT ARE YOU PRIMING LATELY?!  Please share!! 


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  1. 6.4.18
    R's Rue said:

    Great post. Love.

  2. 6.4.18
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    I just put the towels and wiffle ball set in my cart, just adding to the books I put in my cart for Carter from Andrea's post last week! You girls are giving some solid Amazon advice! πŸ™‚

  3. 6.4.18
    Tanya said:

    Those mesh beach bags are the best, and I love Sun Bum (as well as Alba and Australian Gold) sunscreens. My fave beach towels are from Costco or Sam's – great quality and huge. I have been doing a Prime Purchases post for the past few months, and will have a link up tomorrow to share the latest online shopping finds.

    Tanya – The Other Side of the Road

  4. 6.4.18
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I want like everything in this post. Bahahahaha!

  5. 6.4.18
    brookerichardson said:

    We love sun bum sunscreen! Actually all of their products.

  6. 6.4.18
    Unknown said:

    I loved The Weddong Date!!! It was such a cure book! Looking forward to her other book coming out In September!!

  7. 6.4.18
    Simple Purposeful Living said:

    I just ordered a sound machine for my littlest one's room and a new bible study about 12 women in the bible on Amazon…what did we do before prime? xoxo ERIN

  8. 6.4.18
    marla said:

    Have you tried Swell bottles? I’m wondering if the Yeti work as well or even better than the Swell bottle. Thanks!

  9. 6.4.18
    Anonymous said:

    Yes!! I love peeking into other people’s amazon carts! So fun!!! also, we ordered those towels for the beach, and they were awesome!

  10. 6.4.18
    Carolyn Vassallo said:

    I just finished reading "The Wedding Date" and was SO disappointed πŸ™ curious to hear your review!

    • 6.5.18
      clatk said:

      I totally agree! It was 80% sex and 20% actual plot, which was SO disappointing because I actually liked the plot.

  11. 6.4.18
    Melanie Smith said:

    I just posted an Amazon Lately post today too. I love seeing what people order! Isn't that strange?

    I have 2 of those books on my To Read list, so I'm anxious to see your review!

  12. 6.4.18
    Savannah Hennig said:

    Sunscreen is HUGE for me (coming from the daughter of a dermatologist) and something I've spent a lot of time researching. I would recommend researching sunscreens whose active ingredients are Zinc Oxide and/or Titanium Dioxide. These ingredients create a physical barrier for your skin without soaking in to your skin. Active ingredients such as octisalate and oxybenzone, which are found in so many sunscreens and skincare products, are chemical compounds and can be absorbed in to your skin and body. Environmental Working Group and other toxicologists believe Oxybenzone in particular is linked to hormone disruption and potentially to cell damage that may lead to skin cancer. EWG.org is an excellent resource for researching sunscreens, their ingredients, and their toxicity levels. All that to say, hours of research led me to Badger sunscreen πŸ™‚

    • 6.5.18
      Laura said:

      Yes to this! The chemical vs. physical sunscreen world was new to me! We have been using ThinkBaby / ThinkSport

  13. 6.4.18
    Melanie said:

    I just bought The Wedding Date too!! I can't wait to read it!!

    Have a great week!! Melanie || Toots + Dill Blog

  14. 6.4.18
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    I've been priming everything from bubblewrap to flip flops. πŸ˜‰ I am a priming machine. I'm not really sure what I did without it??
    That Inspired Chick

  15. 6.13.18
    Terra Heck said:

    I recently purchased cat litter off Amazon Prime! Not very interesting, I know.
    I've used Sun Bum's shampoo and really like it.