This is what’s CURRENTLY going through my mind…

Making:  Sure Britt stays out of the pantry.  She’s tall enough now to barely reach the doorknob, but she manages to get it open.  It’s her favorite place to be.  That tiny thing can wreak havoc in just a few minutes.  We have to always keep one eye on Britt and the other on the pantry door.

Cooking:   I’m gonna throw chicken in the slow cooker in just a bit and we’ll have this chicken over salads for dinner because swim suit season.  #readyornot

Drinking:  Coffee, Iced Tea, and Water on repeat.  If I’m outside in the heat, then I’m a big fan of a La Croix as well.  I don’t know why I prefer them in the heat.  {I just reread that sentence and that makes no sense, BUT it’s truly how I feel so I’m leaving it in there. #showingmycrazy}

Eating:  Is anyone else struggling in the dinner department?  In the summer, it’s so hard for me to be motivated to make great meals.  Does anyone else feel this way?  The rest of the year I enjoy making dinner complete with sides and everything but in the summer I struggle.   Don’t worry…we’re still eating over here.  Lots of burgers, salads, and chicken lately.

Reading:  I just started Sophia of Silicon Valley. You guys!  I got that mixed up with another book I ordered, and when I told you about it last week I said that it was similar to Devil Wears Prada.  This one isn’t Devil Wears Prada-ish (or at least it isn’t yet-haha).  I ordered a bunch of new summer books and think I got my Amazon reviews mixed up.  Sorry!

Wanting:  School to be out for summer.  Have I mentioned the Slaughters are READY for summer?!  If you think I’m over the dinner department, then you should see the lunches we’re packing.  ha!  Have you seen that meme of a lunchbox where there’s an entire potato, one carrot, and a juice box?  That’s pretty much what Nixon and Ebby Lee are taking to school.

Looking:  At a BIG ole pile of laundry that isn’t gonna wash, dry, and put itself away.  But my oh my, I wish it would.

Playing:  Bowen is playing his first season of soccer this summer.  He’s so excited and we cannot wait to watch.

Wasting:  No time was wasted when we used these water balloons.  Have you guys tried them?  They were SO EASY!  Ashby gave some as party favors at her party and we used them all Friday night in the backyard.  I’m telling you so easy.

Buying:  Things for our beach trip.  If you saw my post yesterday, then you know I’ve been stocking up on beach supplies.  What are your beach must-haves?  We don’t have a small cooler, so that’s next on my list.  Just something that can fit some drinks and a few beach snacks.  Do you have any recommendations for that?

Sewing:  I had to sew a strap on Ebby Lee’s hat for her dance recital just last week.  I had the hardest time just threading the needle.  I’ve never squinted so much in my life!

Wishing:   I could find an amazing sippy cup.  All the parts literally drive me crazy!  Due to Britt’s cleft and speech delays, we need cups for her with straws.  Do you guys have any good recommendations?  The few I picked up at the store to try all have three or four parts and several parts have already gone MIA.  If you have any recommendations, please share!  

Loving:  That Britt just continues coming out of her little shell.  I also LOVE that you guys can tell in pictures.  I’ve gotten a lot of comments and e-mails lately about her really developing a little personality.  She has and that brings a smile to my face!

Hoping:  You guys will help with some recommendations.  I had a Costco membership years ago when I had two in diapers, but there isn’t one super conveniently located {they’re building one close} so I ended up no thinking it was worth it.  I just went about once a month to stock up on all the baby things.  Well, now I feel like often times grocery store quantity just isn’t enough.  We’ll be out of something in just a day or two.  A day or two!  Isn’t that crazy?  Britt’s new speech therapist is really close to a Costco, so I’m thinking I should start shopping there again.  But what are your must-haves from Costco?  Laundry detergent?  Paper towels?  Toilet paper?  What else?  Please help!

Marvelling:  At the idea that my family can eat things so quickly.  hahaha!  HOW does that happen?

Needing:  Some sort of chore chart for the summer.  Every time I try to start one I end up making it too complicated and feel like I’m the one doing more work.  How do you guys do chores over the summer?

Smelling:  Nothing?  No candle is burning and no dinner is cooking at the moment.

Wearing:  Mismatched pajamas.  🙂

Praying:  For some near and dear friends.  XO

Noticing:  It’s gonna RAIN today!  {I’m working on this post Monday morning, by the way.}  It’s been CRAZY hot here already and the cooler temps will be amazing!  I actually told Ebby Lee when she asked what the temperature would be that it’d be one hundred.  Oops!  I should have double checked!

Knowing:  I’m already giddy about Big Brother coming on this summer.  I CANNOT WAIT!  

Thinking:  About our beach vacation…it’s our first time to vacation in the 30A area.  We have our condo rented {I think I booked it back in September after asking you guys about it-we’re staying in Rosemary-thanks for all your help!}, bikes rented for the week, beach chairs reserved….should I be doing anything else for that?

Opening:  An Amazon box…kind of ironic due to that post yesterday.  It was the beach towels!

Giggling:   About Bowen’s word choices.  This is TMI, but he gets the words “pimple” and “nipple” mixed up and he used them in a crazy silly WRONG way yesterday.  That boy!

Feeling:  Thankful that you guys read that.  🙂


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  1. 6.5.18
    Eileen said:

    Love this post!!!! Costco is the best – we go every week. We buy paper towels, toilet paper, wipes, milk, eggs, snacks (goldfish, chips, etc), steak, strawberries, apples, grapes, coffee pods, seltzer, water bottles, pizza bagels, bag of frozen chicken breasts, smoothies, go-gurts, napkins, ziplock bags, tissues . . . So many things. We don’t buy all of that each week, but those are the things we buy there. I’m sure I’m forgetting a bunch. At Christmas time (really it is on sale in the fall) I love their wrapping paper.

  2. 6.5.18
    Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said:

    Oh! You are going to love 30a. It's my happy place. Highly recommend doing grocery delivery if you haven't already set that up. Grocery stores are madness down there especially in the summer…we've used this company before ::

  3. 6.5.18
    Kristin said:

    Costco is definitely worth going to as long as you stick to your list 🙂 Most of the things we buy are about 25-50% cheaper than a grocery store and the quantities last longer which means less trips to the grocery store too!

  4. 6.5.18
    Missus Via said:

    We stock up on chicken breasts, salmon, toilet paper, paper towels, macaroni and cheese, drinks, bread, fruits and veggies, milk and many more things I can't think of at the moment.

  5. 6.5.18
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Did you know the new Costco is near opening on 380? We haven't ever had a Costco membership, but we are pumped! I'm also pumped about getting to know Britt this summer at the pool!

  6. 6.5.18
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I'm still laughing about Bowen asking if a nipple ate a baby. I mean…still laughing! And girl…dinner is tough during the summer. Give me all the warm and hearty food during the fall and winter, but we are just not into that stuff this summer. Super fun post!

  7. 6.5.18
    KAR said:

    We leave for 30A Friday for a two week trip. You are going to love it. Some recommendations: Drive down to Seaside and go to the Great Southern Cafe – super kid friendly with fabulous food. They have a huge, safe green the kids can play on while the parents relax. Also, a hidden secret if you have never stayed, Rosemary Beach puts on a fabulous kids production on Wednesday nights. It is on their square and everyone brings picnics and blankets and the kids get to see a super cool play made just for them. When will you be there? You will love it.

  8. 6.5.18
    Haley Bishop said:

    We use the Funtainer water bottles because they stay cold ALL day! I use a bottle nipple cleaner to clean the parts!
    COSTCO!!!! Erika Slaughter! I could write you an entire essay on what we buy there 🙂 Favorites: rotisserie chicken (fast, easy dinner), all fresh fruit and veggies, the homemade MUFFINS!!!!, all paper products, bread, I will just stop because it could get annoying, ha! They have a sale each month on certain items, so be sure to check the ad if you get a membership!

  9. 6.5.18
    Unknown said:

    My son only uses silly cups with straws, this is one of our favorites –

    We also really like these, and feel like he can grow with them. I regularly find them for around $5 at TJ Maxx/Homegoods –

    • 6.5.18
      Katie said:

      The munchkin one is seriously the best!!

  10. 6.5.18
    Anonymous said:

    I’m coming back to read these Costco tips! We have a Sams club membership, but we may switch once they finish the one in Mckinney! Also, Britt’s smile is just my favorite!! Precious girl!!

  11. 6.5.18
    Lindsay's Sweet World said:

    You are going to love 30A! It is STUNNING. We go every year and we're heading down to Rosemary on Wednesday! I'm so excited I can't stand it!

  12. 6.5.18
    Becky said:

    I only WISH I had a Costco! We have a Sam’s and it’s definitely worth it as your kids start to eat more and with the endless snacking of summer!

    I keep the simplest chore chart in the summer (don’t do one in the school year)! It’s even simpler than this one:

  13. 6.5.18
    Andrea said:

    Living Social currently has a Costco membership deal! Check it out 🙂

  14. 6.5.18
    Kathy Olson said:

    Be sure and get the fresh salsa at Costco – Organic Jack's Cantina Salsa. It is so good. It's in the refrigerated section.
    Also, the giant packs of tp!
    Their magazines are discounted, too.

  15. 6.5.18
    Unknown said:

    We go to 30A every year. You must take the kids to the HUB . Stop by Fonville Press for the best coffee. Eat dinner at Great Southern in Seaside. It is a bit pricey but the bonfire on the beach is a must for us every year. The best time is 5-8 take smores for the kids and we always bring hamburgers and hot dogs. We use to book our bonfire.

    Hope you have a great time! 30A is the best!

    • 6.5.18
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Thanks so much for these recommendations!! I’ve looked at the bonfire before but it’s pricey. Do you think it’s worth it???

  16. 6.5.18
    Diana said:

    We have a soft artic 30 pk cooler and love it. Purchased on amazon too!

  17. 6.5.18
    Rachel said:

    Okay, we LOVE Costco! Here are the things we get at least monthly: water bottles, toilet paper, paper towels, gogurt, cheese sticks, american cheese slices, frozen chicken breasts (they come individually wrapped in a large bag), organic ground beef – it's the best deal here!, pita chips, pretzel chips. They're ready made rotisserie chicken is good too. Hope this helps!

  18. 6.5.18
    Unknown said:

    My family loves the bonfire. They request it every year so we think it's worth the money. We have been going to 30A for 10+ years and the last 4 years we've had the bonfire.

    Just another suggestion- rent a beach wagon. They are a lifesaver.

    • 6.5.18
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Thank you!!! I’ll look into it again after hearing that!!

  19. 6.5.18
    Kelly said:

    I really like these straw silly cups because they have the weighted straw!

  20. 6.5.18
    Kari said:

    For straw cups, we always used the rubbermaid juice box cups. Super simple. No need to make it complicated.
    Costco is my happy place and I love just wandering the aisles of housegoods and clothes before grabbing my food. It isn't all bulk food these days either.

  21. 6.5.18
    Andrea Anderson said:
  22. 6.5.18
    Elizabeth said:

    The munchkin click lock weighted straws are our favorite right now! My LO is in speech therapy and they recommended these! They can drink them even upside down because the straw floats to the bottom no matter what direction!

  23. 6.5.18
    mbrb12 said:

    We have a place in Rosemary and you will LOVE the area! If you eat breakfast out, make sure to hit up the BBB at The Point as well as the Donut Hole. Cowgirl Kitchen is wonderful for lunch and your kiddos would love La Crema for late night dessert (get the chocolate fondue) The Sugar Shack is a popular hang out for the kiddos as well. George's is a great dinner spot too! Hope you enjoy the Gulf!

  24. 6.5.18
    Dustie Day said:

    We belong to a Sam's and at our local club, the produce is actually really great- I'm sure it's like that at costco, they are all the same in my mind! Here are some things we always buy…

    Paper towels, toilet paper, all paper products, nuts, snacks for the kids, cereal, yogurt, cheese, frozen chicken…just to name a few! I do find that it is cheaper…even things like milk and eggs are cheaper at our sams.

  25. 6.5.18
    StephC said:

    I love Costco. We get toilet paper, laundry detergent, frozen individual chicken breasts, salmon, big packs of hamburger, individual sirloin burgers, big Greek yogurt, big packs of batteries and snack stuff (granola bars, trail mix packages, etc.). I feel like with the size of your family and with your kids getting bigger (and eating more), you won't lose money on the membership. My tip for Costco is to go with a list. It is so easy to get big eyes & end up with a huge bill at the register =)

  26. 6.5.18
    mcp said:

    I love the weighted straw cups, but just picked these up as well… . Turns any cup into a sippy cup with straw so they are great for travel!

    I pretty much buy my entire life at Costco (OMG, did I really just write that?!), so here it goes: all of our "bulk" meds (probiotics, Benadryl, ibuprofen); razor blades; protein shakes; gluten free pasta (cauliflower and brown rice and it is GOOD); spices and seasonings for cooking (SO much cheaper); K-cups; frozen veggies; frozen mixed berries; frozen salmon burgers; organic eggs (again, SO cheap for 2 dozen); Ezekial bread; Greek yogurt; almond milk; La Croix by the pallet (barely kidding on this); Kerrygold butter; fresh fruit and veggies (sometimes I split with a friend so that I don't have to toss any uneaten before they go bad); printer paper; gas; printed pictures from the photo center.

  27. 6.5.18
    Laura said:

    Love Costco! Our staples include cheese sticks, organic ground beef, organic apples, the refrigerated soups (sold in fall/winter) are all amazing and freeze well, frozen organic chicken breasts, frozen wild caught salmon and cod, frozen tortilla crusted tilapia, Kirkland toilet paper and paper towels, laundry detergent, maple syrup, organic honey, Kirkland organic applesauce pouches, individual organic hummus cups! Also a great place to stock up on healthy-ish snacks (dried fruit/nut trail mix, organic fruit leather, mandarin orange cups)

  28. 6.5.18
    Unknown said:

    It's only my husband and I, no kids, but I shop at Costco each week!! I am OBSESSED with Costco. Their produce is the best, hands down. In the summer their peaches, cherries, berries, & watermelons are the best deal and always taste better than the other stores. Their meat is the best quality and price compared to a grocery store or Sprouts, so we stock up on organic chicken, ground beef, steaks, pork tenderloins, and they come individually packaged, so I freeze 1/2-3/4 the packages and cook the others. Also, avocado oil, extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oil, toilet paper, paper towels, and dog food are significantly cheaper, and last forever. Sunscreen, tampons, shampoo & conditioner are also cheaper. I would seriously live at Costco if I could!

  29. 6.5.18
    Megan said:

    As an occupational therapist and mama of 2 littles soon to be 3 little ones, we either use the Playtex sisters or the Take and Toss. My kids have only used these cups since they were about 6 months old. They don't use regular sippy cups. For my littlest littles, we use the Playtex Sipsters, which I can usually only find on Amazon but we live in a rural area. You can make these leak if you turn them upside down and forcefully shake them. For my older one, we use the take and toss cups with a straw. Wal-Mart carries these. I like these because she just turned 3 last month and chews on the straws but I can throw them away and buy a box or regular straws at Wal-Mart and they fit great and can be cut if they need to be shorter for easier control of the liquid.

  30. 6.5.18
    Laci said:

    Costco is a must with growing kids in your house! We buy paper towels, toilet paper, water, frozen pizzas, snacks, granola bars, detergent, cheese sticks, fruit…I only have two kids and they eat a lot so I imagine 4 kids would def be worth a membership!

  31. 6.5.18
    me said:

    My friend is an SLP so she convinced our whole friend group to never use sippy cups so we have lots of straw cup experience!

    If you need a weighted straw cup, we like the Munchkin and the Zoli (they sell a 2 pack at Nordstrom) but the straws are really narrow and long on both of those so I feel like they're never fully clean.

    If Britt is pretty good about drinking with the cup upright, we really like the Oxo Tot cup (it doesn't spill when flipped upside down but the straw is stiff so she won't be able to drink). The straw comes apart so it's really easy to clean.

    I have friends that swear by the Thermos cup and say it keeps the water/milk/smoothie pretty cold.

  32. 6.5.18
    Britt Hensley said:

    How funny with that word mix up! Boys are so funny, & strange, & sweet, & stinky, & just overall marvelous! Enjoy your Summer 2018, mama!

  33. 6.5.18
    AmyRay said:

    Costco – Do it! My always need to buy list:
    2lb blocks of Colby Jack cheese, less than $5 (Shred it in your food processor, way cheaper than buying shredded cheese)
    String Cheese
    Kirkland Applesauce pouches
    Kirkland Pre Cooked Bacon
    Thomas' English Muffins
    Laundry Detergent
    Tall Kitchen Trash Bags

    So many good things – so worth the membership price!

  34. 6.5.18
    Emily said:

    I love Costco and now live too far from one so go anytime I visit my brother! We stock up on the PB filled pretzels…they are addicting. I also always buy a couple rotisserie chickens and shred them to keep in freezer to add to cassseoles, etc for super quick dinners. Their Mac and cheese and stuffed peppers in the case near the meats are delicious. I also love their chicken ravioli which is usually in the section near cheeses. The arm and hammer fragrance free laundry detergent is always the best price anywhere. I like the Kirkland brand butter (keep in freezer and pull out as needed). I mean I would buy anything and everything there if I could. They also always have great things online too…clothes, makeup, electronics, etc. I even used Costco travel to book a Europe trip (but I know that is your profession so you won’t be doing that ha). Oh and don’t forget the book section!!

  35. 6.5.18
    Amber said:

    One of our beach must haves is a beach wagon! We pile in as much as possible…beach chairs, bags, toys, umbrella, etc. The larger the wheels, the better! On a smaller note…chapstick!

  36. 6.5.18
    Jenny said:

    I have this cup at my house for my granddaughter. I got mine on amazon. I have seen them at HEB also in the baby section. It comes in a ton of different plain colors or even ones with characters. You could get a plain one and have her name or monogram put on it!

  37. 6.5.18
    Kelly Henderson said:

    Costco – OMG yes! yes! yes! We are a family of 4 and go weekly. We buy milk there, it's almost $1/gallon cheaper than the grocery store and we buy 5/6 gallons a week. Yes 5/6 gallons a week for 2 adults and 2 kids (teen/tween). I also buy the Kirkland brand laundry detergent, toilet paper, contact solution (2 huge bottles for the price of 1 smaller bottle elsewhere) plus various other things. They have a fantastic meat department as well but it's too much for us to eat at one meal and we prefer fresh meat.

    As for 30A, we go almost annually. We are taking a break this year and going to the Atlantic side to visit family. Our family loves to eat at McGuire's Irish Pub in Destin, we usually go twice while there. If you get there kinda early (6-ish), you can usually walk right in. We also love a regional chain counter service mexican place in Ft. Walton, Tijuana Flats! Get the cookie dough flautas, you won't regret it. We mostly beach while in Destin and don't get too caught up in the touristy things although one year we did a dolphin cruise and it was great. If you love boating, rent one and go to crab island in the bay. The best thing about 30A is you come back refreshed …. it's a laid back place and I love vacationing there. We beach and eat for 7 days and when we come home, we feel rested! After most vacations, you need a few days to recover but not after 30A. Enjoy.

  38. 6.5.18
    Luvs2Travl said:

    In NY, we have all the clubs (Costco, BJs & Sam’s). I love Costco and some items from Sam’s. You can split the membership with a girlfriend. Each club offers a free second household membership. Just sign up a girlfriend, we tend to fib and say she’s a sister. So you pay Costco and a girlfriend pays for Sam’s Club, each puts one another as the second card holder. Never had a problem doing this.

    At Costco, we love their kids clothing! In our area, the boys athletic clothes sell out the minute they hit the table! Adidas shirts or shorts $9.99. My son and his friends all live in them. They also have great seasonal items. We love the Tommy Bahamas beach chairs, planters, patio accessories, etc…

    Just Do Not go with the entire family! I’ve been shocked at our register total when they family shops together!

    There’s a site called “Costco couple” they post new items that hit the shelves. I usually check it out before I hit the store.

  39. 6.5.18
    Lee Family said:

    This was such a fun post!

    Costco will leave you STOCKED (for at least a week 😉 My kiddos are 7, 6 and 4 and I'm anticipating needing 3xs the amount of food we eat during the school year. Can you imagine when all of our kids are teenagers? Costco sells the cutest 3 pack of pink and purple Contigo water bottles for $11.99 with a thicker straw that might work for Britt. They are a staple in our house and most importantly, dishwasher safe!

  40. 6.5.18
    Katy S said:

    I live near the original Costco in Kirkland, WA, so Costco has been part of my life forever. TP, laundry soap, dishwasher tabs, produce – their avocados are a great buy, greek yogurt – I prefer it over most brands, eggs, bacon, milk, almond milk, the list is endless.

  41. 6.5.18
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    I've been on the fence about Costco too! We used to be members but I hated having to go to two places. I could never get all my shopping done just at Costco so I'd have to go to a regular grocery store as well. Now that I do grocery pick up, that might not be a big deal anymore though. I'm loving all these helpful comments!!
    That Inspired Chick

  42. 6.5.18
    Valerie said:

    Costco: free 2 day shipping!! Easiest way to resist all the tempting snacks and just get what you need.

  43. 6.5.18
    hopechelle said:

    Love Costco!!!I get paper towels, diapers, wipes, Gerber puffs and boneless skinless chicken breasts. My 3 yr old has a beef and pork allergy so we do alot of chicken. The pieces are so big that I can cut them in half and still have a nice portion. It's more cost effective for us to get a 10lb bag rather than a small bag at the grocery store. My grandparents have a pool so we always get pool supplies like shock etc goggles and toys. I get the variety box of chips because my 3 year old always gets"hungry" even if she ate 30 minutes before. I also get the Honest Kids juice boxes and the go go squeeze applesauce. What you pay for diapers and wipes definitely helps because like you the amount you get at target or Wal-Mart just doesn't last that long.

  44. 6.5.18
    hopechelle said:

    Also try the salmon stuffed with crabmeat…its delicious. The portions are big so you may be able to cut them in half for your kiddos.

  45. 6.5.18
    Sheri Banwart said:

    You make me laugh! I feel the same way.
    Thirty-One has awesome thermals for beach trips. This one would be my pick.

  46. 6.5.18
    Katy said:

    So we started this summer chore chart from Cara Carroll and it is amazing so far!!
    Costco must haves: Toilet paper, apple slices, pineapple spears, burrito bowls, Santa Fe salads, sparkling water, protein shakes, chicken skewers

  47. 6.5.18
    Kim S. said:

    We had the same problem with our son and our panty. We put a hook and eye latch on the door. Good luck!

  48. 6.5.18
    Wendy B said:

    I would look for a cooler on wheels. Amazon will have several options.

  49. 6.5.18
    Casey said:

    Costco is the best! We drive 30 minutes to get to ours and it is worth it. We stock up on steak, milk, beauty products, nuts, cheese an their fruit. The fruit is so much better and cheaper than any grocery store. And in the fall we get lots of the kids christmas gifts there. We actually had to buy an extra freezer for our garage. But we only go every few weeks and stock up. You will love it!

  50. 6.5.18
    Unknown said:

    Costco has a Groupon right now! Free things and a discounted membership! Their chicken salad is AMAZING.

  51. 6.5.18
    Ashley Byars said:

    We get dishwasher soap (the tablets) at Sams,(we dont have a costco) laudry detergent, small bags of chips for lunches, Go-gurt, and lightbulbs their also.

  52. 6.5.18
    Klm513 said:

    Costco is the best! Organic cheese snacks, organic cow and almond milk, the produce is great, Kirkland applesauce pouches, organic chicken breasts and ground beef, rotisserie chickens are big and cheap!, sparkling water, TP, paper towels, trash bags, plastic baggies, salmon, frozen steamable veggies, printer ink, sunscreen, bug spray, sometimes awesome clothes for the family! Aussie bites!!!

  53. 6.5.18
    Stacy said:

    When my littles were that young, I did Amazon Subscribe and Save for diapers and wipes, so they were delivered in large quantities once a month. If you have 5 items delivered a month you get 15% off, so I started getting paper towels, toilet paper, and batteries that way too. Now that they're older, I still get most of my paper products that way, as well as my hair dye and conditioner. 🙂

  54. 6.5.18
    Lindsey T said:

    Lala cups! Straw, easy, minimal pieces. Totally worth it!

  55. 6.5.18
    Unknown said:

    Costco has a really great small cooler right now. I cannot for the life of me remember the name, but I’m sure you can look on their website and find it. We just bought it for our beach trip over Memorial Day weekend and it was perfect size for some waters and snacks.
    My kids use the Thermos straw insulated cups and while they aren’t spill proof, it has been the simplest and easiest to clean and put back together for us. My two year old figured out that it spills and after a few times saying “no no don’t tip it over”, he caught on and doesn’t ever spill it. It doesn’t even spill much when he would do that anyway. We love them for lunch boxes too bc they don’t leak when closed.
    Our Costco musts are:
    baby spinach, milk, eggs, bread, squeeze pouch apple sauce, cheese sticks, sandwich cheese, avocados, frozen hamburger patties, batteries, paper towels, pull ups (cheaper here), Kirkland baby wipes (similar to pampers and so much cheaper), dish washer pods, protein shakes, and grain free dog food (you should get a puppy!). We also develop all of our pictures at Costco and buy gas and tires there. I swear I don’t work there- but I do spend all of my money there lol.

  56. 6.5.18
    Beth Miller said:

    Oh my I LOVE Costco! I buy so many things there, but my favorites are chicken sausages, coffee, almonds, organic peanut butter, Veggie Straws, Cherrios, kale salad, strawberries, whole pineapples, coconut oil, butter, eggs, block cheese, bread, whole roasted chicken and so much more!!! And their gas is the cheapest by far!

  57. 6.5.18
    KB said:

    30A is on my bucket list! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  58. 6.5.18
    Ms. Beaty said:

    You have to go to the Donut Hole when you’re in Rosemary. The place is amazing and the line moves quick!

  59. 6.5.18
    Unknown said:

    you are gong to LOVE Rosemary Beach!! be sure to check out some of the other beach towns down 30-A, they are all unique and have something different to offer. On Sunday in Rosemary, they have a small farmers market that you might want to check out. Also be sure to go to the Tapas restaurant in Rosemary and get a lava cake. Your kids will love going to the candy/icecream store too for a treat. Once you visit 30-A, you will never want to go to another beach again. We go every year and will be going in a few weeks!

  60. 6.6.18
    Unknown said:

    Check out Scout bags for a cooler! Those are my favorite!

  61. 6.6.18
    womaninthemirror said:

    I live alone and I shop at Costco every month. Most everything I get is organic. These are the staples I get: peanut butter, spinach (freeze it for smoothies), frozen fruit, plain greek yogurt, gluten free/sugar free granola, individual cheese, eggs, almond milk, bone broth, pink himalayan see salt, baking soda (I use it and essential oils for cleaners), RX Bars, protein powder, almonds, quinoa, Kerrygold butter (not organic), lemons (not organic), goat cheese, olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil and frozen veggies for my dog. I save so much money on groceries. Thankfully, I have a big pantry to store everything. Plus, I use it for big purchases too like my vitamix! Also, I get organic tampons, probiotics, liquid turmeric, contact lens solution, eye drops, and advil. And CHEAP gas!! If it's worth it for just me on a teacher salary, it's gotta be worth it for you and your family!

  62. 6.6.18
    Valerie Cox said:

    Went to Rosemary for years, and it's one of my favorite places ever! The Sugar Shak is a definite must for your kids, and they used to show a family movie every Thursday night on the green. I'd definitely recommend the Red Bar in Grayton Beach. It has a small menu but everything on there is exceptional; I don't think they had an actual kids menu, but the portions are big so you could easily split. Don't let the name full you…it's family appropriate and there's always a wait! Gigi's is a cute toy store in RB, and all of your kids would love it! There's usually a kids theatre production on one of the greens at night, and we always loved going to that. You're going to love Rosemary!!

  63. 6.6.18
    K. P. said:

    We love these cups at our house! They have the parts, but they are all connected to the lid and are dishwasher safe!!
    Contigo AUTOSEAL Gizmo Sip Kids Water Bottle, 14 oz, Cherry Blossom Dandelion

  64. 6.6.18
    Shannon said:

    Erika, I get so much joy out of reading your blog. So glad you do this!

  65. 6.6.18
    Kristin said:

    Thermos Funtainers are the best cups for kids. Easy to clean (I use a bottle brush) and I fill it up with water in the morning and it stays cold all day and is ready to transport whenever we go somewhere that day. Costco is great, large quantities and cheaper prices.

  66. 6.6.18
    Kelly said:

    Books! Great deals on Books at Costco. I also found some great swim team style swimsuits for my daughter. You need to keep an eye on the clothing/shoes section as you can sometimes score good deals on Hunter and Ugg Boots. I also stock up on the usual suspects; detergent, paper products, drinks, etc….

    We have a house in Grayton Beach and get down there as often as we can. It's a little down 30A from Rosemary. Red Bar is always fun although I prefer going at lunch. The food is just okay to me but the atmosphere is unique and great for families. Live music on the evenings in the weekend. Chiringo is a newer spot in GB but it's good, too and has gulf views upstairs. We love going to Seaside and eating at Bud & Alley's upstairs for more great views at lunch or dinner. Delicious fish dishes, sandwiches and fun drinks. Several other good places in Seaside; Great Southern Cafe, Modica Market, Taco Bar…and the cute food trucks where they now have a Five Daughter's Bakery. Also, cute shops, too! For a casual, family friendly restaurant with great fried seafood, try Seagrove Village Market. The Hub is a great family friendly spot closer to RB. Hope you have a great beach trip!

  67. 6.6.18
    Laura Jean said:

    We love the kids Camelbaks. I'm not sure if that kind of drinking spout (or whatever you call it) would be OK for her. It is several parts (bottom, top, straw, spout) but the best part is they have a lifetime warranty and you can get replacement parts for free! I have gotten free spouts a ton (kids chew right through them after a year or so) and even the whole top part (top, straw, spout) free a couple times. Worth it just for that!!

  68. 6.7.18
    Unknown said:

    The cups with a million parts are the absolute worst!!! I found these and they have been working pretty well. I do find that they have to suck a little harder to begin, but my 13 month old figured it out. Has the least amount of parts I could find. Cup, lid, inner straw, and top straw.

  69. 6.7.18
    Heather Forcey said:

    We make a weekly Costco run and these are some of the items we get from there to always have on hand: kitchen trash bags, paper towels, toilet paper, husband's deodorant, packaged chicken that we freeze, water, cereal, milk, eggs, laundry detergent/fabric softener/dryer sheets, Windex refill, sponges, bread (we buy a two-pack and freeze one), toothpaste, feminine products, medicine (ibuprofen, acetaminophen, nose sprays, allergy pills, Nyquil). Other items I get that are spur of the moment or seasonal include books, clothes (I've had great experience with clothes), bathing suits, bralettes, pomegranate seeds, sunscreen, and snacks. Some things that aren't worth it for our family is to buy tons of fruit because we never eat it fast enough. Costco is just as easy for us as the regular grocery store because it is just down the street. One thing we do religiously is to put money on a cash card that we use exclusively for gas. That has helped tremendously with our gas budget. Just some ideas for you.

  70. 6.7.18
    Megan said:

    My daughter had a lot of feeding problems when she was born and we were also told that when she finally came off of a feeding tube that we should try straw cups. My favorites were the cheap old Take and Toss. I liked that I could buy a lot of them and not worry about leaving it somewhere. It's only 3 pieces (cup, lid and straw) which I also loved. The only downside in my eyes was that it was not insulated.

  71. 6.8.18
    Joanne said:

    I love drinking lots and lots of sweetened ice tea all year long.

  72. 6.11.18
    Aaron, Lacey, Audrey and Elle said:

    Rosemary is amazing, we go multiple times a year and love it! You guys are going to have so much fun! Our daughters are 9 and 7 years old and my best advice would be: don’t try to take a ton of stuff with you to the beach. Keep it simple. We take 2 towels for my husband and myself. The kids just don’t need towels, once they’ve rinsed the sand off at the little shower area and walk back to the house, they’re dry! Our daughters each carry their own bucket and shovel and that’s really all they need, maybe a net for catching fish. I carry a small cooler with a crossbody strap and small beach bag with sunscreen/book/speaker. My husband carries a backpack with our towels so he’s hands-free to help the kids! I always buy terry cloth cover ups for our girls (Gymboree!) so that’s kinda like their towel, so they don’t have to carry a big beach towel. Renting beach chairs and umbrella is the way to go! Oh and Rosemary has several different beach walkovers, try not to use the main walkover it will of course have the most crowded beach area. We also like to rent paddle boards and canoes on the beach! La Crema in Rosemary is one of our favorites and the kids LOVE the Sugar Shak 🙂 Seagrove Village Market is a great casual lunch/dinner place. Caliza or George’s in Alys Beach are great for dinner. Can’t wait to see your pics and all the fun you guys are going to have! ��

  73. 6.19.18
    AEndebr1 said:

    Your Costco mention (and your love for Amazon Prime) made me wonder if you have ever tried using the Amazon Dash buttons. You order the button of the item you are wanting – for instance we have a paper towel button. When we are running low on paper towels, we push the button, and it is ordered! THE BEST INVENTION EVER. We have one for paper towels, toilet paper, laundry detergent, and will probably get more in the future. They have SO many different items you can get a button for! It's so worth it and extremely convenient.

    *disclaimer: the button is $4.99, and then you get a $4.99 credit toward the item, making the button free! You NEED this in your life especially with children!