What I’m Priming

Just this past week we played marbles at Marla’s house and I just KNEW I was going to win. Basically my face looked just like this little boy’s. And ten minutes later, Britt beat us all! BAHAHAHA! We’ve all been there, right? This made me laugh a little too much!

Today, I’ve rounded up my list of what I’ve been priming right to my door. It’s a random mix of items from an ear dryer to socks to Dude Wipes and a lot of other items thrown in for good measure.

Ours hasn’t arrived yet, but I have two separate families who have recommended this ear dryer to me. If you have kids that get swimmer’s ear often, deal with lots of ear infections or have any kind of ear issues you might want to check this out too. Two of my friends have mentioned this in the last couple weeks. After their kiddos swim they dry their ears and they both haven’t had the typical ear issues from swimming their kids usually have.

I’m halfway through this book {that I’ve already recommended once before because I really love her Instagram} and am loving it! The author is a mid-20’s-year-old who shares nine different women from the bible who acted boldly for Christ without worrying or wondering what others would think. I’d recommend this one for eighth graders and up. I’m going to have Ebby Lee read it when I’m finished, but I honestly think last year she wouldn’t have been ready. I also bought this one for two family friends. I think it’s such a good one!

Because I’m being super sentimental and my baby is headed to kindergarten, I’ve signed Britt up for some of the cutest back to school pictures. I’ve got a whole vision in my head for the “look” {and even a back-up because apparently when I’m emotional I decide to soothe it by some pics?} and these socks are part of my plan.

I ordered this activity book for Britty because, “Mom, I’m bored”, is a phrase I hear often.

Both of my boys have voted these socks their favorites. They fight over who gets them dirty, Bowen’s been known to wear his to baseball which Nixon despises, and well-two brothers, you can imagine. Needless to say, I ordered new socks for the new school year.

These Mighty Patches might just be MAGIC! If you have a blemish, put one on top and voila-just six hours later that blemish will look SO MUCH BETTER! Sometimes they’re absolutely gone!

Dude Wipes, I’ve heard from a friend they’re a great way for middle school boys to stay smelling fresh and clean post practice. I immediately was sold!

My boys use these cinch backpacks for so much! When they’re going to practice, headed to hang with a friend, going to the pool, and the list goes on…they can fit so much but they’re light and easy to carry.

I can’t get enough…please Amazon, keep the orders coming! haha! These slow cooker liners are saving me from having to wash dishes in my bathroom sink. 🙂

A new school year means a new desk calendar! I put all the kids’ stuff and all the family activities on my Cozi app, but I do need to write down work things. I use a big one like this.

I better get started! I’ve promised the kids a really fun day so to the water park we go! Hope you guys have the best Wednesday!


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  1. 7.20.22
    Elspeth said:

    I love your prime posts!! So helpful to see what other people are purchasing!

  2. 7.20.22
    Peggy said:

    I’ve been using the Mack’s ear dryer for years. It was recommended by an ENT. The first one broke, but the second one has lasted for several years. Once a week I also rinse my ears with a solution of rubbing alcohol, vinegar, and warm water, also per an ENT.

  3. 7.20.22
    Jen said:

    I think Nordstrom has the Nike socks on sale currently