Weekend Recap

Wednesday, I got in some snuggle time with this kid before the big kids woke up from their nap.  This kid LOVES his dad.  If we are both in the same room, he would pick his dad over me EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!  So…I have to take advantage of moments when I’m all he’s got!!  haha!  (Just for the record…he was in the Mama stage and now he only wants his dad.)

One of the big kids took this one…ha!

Headed to the gym bright and early!

This kid keeps me on my toes!!!  He is a MESS!!

“Really, Mom, ANOTHER picture?”

Thursday was the art show at preschool.  This is Ebby Lee’s masterpiece.

She was SO proud!

And…her coat of many colors.  I was actually really impressed with this one!!

Nixon’s masterpiece…I loved the title, “Dog”.  hahahaha!  This boy is obsessed!!

His other fabulous creation!!

While the big kids were in school, Bowen got to join me for a doctor appointment.

Friday, I joined the Brassy Blueberries at Market!  SO. MUCH. FUN.

Saturday, we had an afternoon park date with M & G.

The weather this weekend was beautiful!

Bowen started walking everywhere this week.  He’s been wobbly walking for a while, but he’d go back and forth between crawling and walking.  This week he decided it’s easier to walk.  Still super wobbly, but it’s pretty much all he does now.  Tear!  My baby is getting big!

He’s big but not big enough for this…YET!

Boys!!  Bowen thought this was a blast!

We went back to M & G’s house for dinner and Bowen fell.  Isn’t that the biggest bump EVER???  EEK!  I called our friends, the Smiths (she’s a nurse and he’s an er pa), they calmed me down.  The bump actually started going “down” really quickly….thankfully!

We roasted marshmallows by the fire.

This little guy threw me a bone and let me snuggle with him.  

Ebby Lee talked M into playing “pedicure” with her.  Ha!

Bowen let G snuggle him too. (Nix was there too, but my pic of him was too blurry. :()

On Sunday, I thought about Shay!!  The wedding was just a few hours away and my homegirl LOVES her some bracelets!  🙂

I had planned on going to Andrea’s house to watch with the girls, but Ebby Lee woke up from her nap with a fever.  When I told her I could stay home and we could watch together, she was SO excited!!  So…we all got in our cozy pajamas and snuggled up to watch The Bachelor Wedding!!  

Ebby Lee figured out how to take a black/white picture!  haha!  I don’t even know how to do that!

My kiddos were SO excited about seeing Kensington & Smith on t.v.!!!  Weren’t K and S the CUTEST things ever??  They were fabulous!!!  Andrew and Shay were SO cute!!  Papa Jay did incredible and Sherry was stunning!!  So proud of those Lowes and Shulls!!!

Funny comment from Nix:  (He and Smith always talk about being best friends.  Just the other day, Gary was over at the house when I brought Nixon and Smith home from preschool.  Nixon walked in and said, “G…this is Smith.”  Smith said, “I’m his best friend.”  It’s just a line they ALWAYS use to describe each other.  Super cute and sweet…because they’re only 3 and 4!  But anyway…during the wedding Smith was walking down the aisle with the other ringbearer and you know what Nixon says, “Is that Smith’s best friend?”  hahahaha!!! He was upset someone else was getting to be in the wedding with HIS BEST FRIEND!  haha! Tab and I both started laughing out loud!  Bless his heart!  

Hope you had a fabulous weekend too!!

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  1. 1.27.14
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Fun recap!!!!!

  2. 1.27.14
    Elaine Welte said:

    Oh that bump on his head! Poor baby! Glad it's better though! Our house has been full of sickness for the last week! I'm so over it!

  3. 1.27.14
    Liz/ said:

    Your kiddos are just so darling and Bowen is getting so big, I swear he grows so much with each post, ha! Their masterpieces were fun to see! And lastly, I love Nixon's comment about Smith's best friend on tv….how cute!!!

  4. 1.27.14
    hillary said:

    Aww the best friend thing just melts my heart. So sweet.

  5. 1.28.14
    Shelby said:

    Nixon's comment– best.ever!!! So sweet!