Weekend at the Lake…

 This weekend we joined the Cox Family at Pat & Susan’s lake house for some fun.  (These pictures are out of order…sorry.)  This is Rusty and the kiddos lighting the fireworks and then running away.  Ha!
 Getting ready to light the fireworks
 This was monumental.  I almost captured Ebby Lee petting Rutter!  Big step!
 Ebby Lee & Kirby
 I think he was in the middle of “cheese”.  I stayed on the dock with the Mamas & Grandmamas while the boys took the kiddos out.  I can’t believe this, but both of my kiddos rode the tube with Tab??  What?  Sad I missed it, but so glad they gave it a shot!
 Paxton & Mackey
 This is what happens when you only sleep for 7 hours the night before and you miss your afternoon nap.  You fall asleep during dinner and then when you wake up you cry for almost an entire hour!  Or…so I’ve heard?
 Nixon had FINALLY recovered from his funk.  Ready to watch some fireworks.  In the mean time, Ebby Lee fell asleep and stayed in the house asleep until 6:30 the next morning!  Daddy got his finger in this picture.
 Attempt #2…a ghost or smoke from the fireworks drifted into the picture? 
Sue Sue, Baby Neeley, and Paxton ready to see the show.
Thanks for a great weekend, Searights & Coxs.  We had a fabulous time!!

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