Week in Pics…

On Saturday evening, we met the McAnallay’s and Eason’s at Cohen’s birthday party in the park. Amber did a great job on his party. It was super cute!! This is Ebby Lee and her sweet friend, Luke.
I stole some of these off Andrea’s blog. She did a super cute post about the party.

Apparently, Ebby Lee might like a big stack of party hats for Christmas! They kept her busy for a while.

Dinner of hot dogs and chips…yum!

Nixon enjoyed his cupcake!

So did Ebby Lee 🙂

So sweet!! Checking out Baby Mason. This is going to be part of my ammunition for baby #3. Not ready just yet! Don’t get nervous, Mom! But..WHEN I’m ready this pic will help!!

Playing before church…looks like Nixon was still brushing his teeth! ha!

It was cooler this week. Nixon in his winter clothes!

Ebby Lee in her winter clothes.

One last picture…last night we babysat swapped with the Shulls. We watched their kiddos last night and they’re watching ours next week. Anyway, look what handsome-man Smith was wearing! A Ranger’s shirt!! We took this picture JUST for Andrew & Shay! 🙂 He actually showed up wearing another shirt, but you better believe Tab thought it would be too funny considering his parents are die hard Red Sox & Yankee fans!

And…for my MO family, we are definitely a house divided during the World Series!! I’m cheering on those Cards and Tab is pulling for his Rangers. Nixon has both shirts and is giving them equal wear time. I meant to take a pic of that and forgot! So…since I write on this blog…Go Cardinals!! Happy Weekend!

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  1. 10.21.11
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    My son will never be left alone with you people again. Ever. 🙂