Wednesday and Friday…

They happened to be the only two days I took pictures last week. we go!  Wednesday, we went to the gym and then swam at the gym with the Shull’s.
 Before the gym…Bowen thinks he is BIG stuff when he gets to do what the big kids are doing.
 Don’t worry!  That thing Bowen’s holding that looks like a very sharp object was just my keys to the car.  It’s like he knows how important those are??  He loves them with all of his heart.  So..on special occasions (like getting a great pic of all 3 kids) I let him hold them.  🙂
 Handsome B at the pool.
 Watch Ryan Lochte…here comes Nixon Slaughter!
 Ha ha!  She’s going to be so thankful for this picture when she’s 16!
Friday night:
Tab was out of town at a football scrimmage, so the kiddos and I met up with some other mamas and kiddos.  Such a fun night.  We met for dinner and then took the kids to the splash park to play.
 My happy camper
 Our crew got comfy for the fountain show.  (Little did we know the wind was going to blow lots of cold water our way so we were those crazy people screaming and running during the show.) Ha!
 How did I not realize Sheaffer’s hand is ALL up in this picture??  I should have taken another one, but I guess I didn’t look??  
Fun fun night with friends!!

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