Valentine Box DIY

There are two kinds of moms…
*The ones who are giddy with excitement and are dreaming of heart doilies and pom poms the second they hear their child needs a decorated valentine box.
*Then there are the moms who get anxiety just trying to come up with any way to even decorate anything to remotely resemble anything valentine related.

I tend to fall into the latter category.  Trust me, my kids would be taking this to school if it was up to me…
I’m not even playing.  My creative juices with a box NEVER flow.

I must add that my mom could rock a valentine box.  She always wrapped mine super neatly with aluminum foil.  We’d make accordion paper decorations and tape those all over with valentine stickers.  Tina had it goin’ on in the box department.  Erika?  Not so much! 

Thankfully, my mother-in-law, Marla, got enough creative juices for my entire neighborhood.  She can create a gorgeous creation out of a box or two.  A couple years ago, Ebby Lee needed a valentine box for preschool and guess who I called??  MARLA to the rescue!

In case you need a valentine box and might be panicking, I’m sharing how they made their princess castle box.  They have big plans to make a Shopkins’ box this year.  I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

Princess Valentine Box:
You’ll need-
One big shoe box
One smaller shoe box
Two paper towel rolls
Cute paper to wrap it all in (we used bulletin board paper)
Pom Poms and other stickers for decoration
One big letter
Hot Glue Gun

This was the plan.

 And this is how it all looked…EEK!  Like a big mess!

We (I’m using this word loosely :)) wrapped the boxes in bulletin board paper.  You can usually buy this from your local teacher store.  It’s thinner and easier to work with than scrapbook paper or construction paper.

We made a big cut in the big box so the smaller box could fit inside.

 We wrapped the paper towel rolls in paper and then secured them to the big box with hot glue.  We added a little cone with a piece of sparkly paper.

The big “E” on the top made it WAY easier than adding another tall tower.  I’d highly recommend that.  And then we let E go to town with stickers and other decorations.

And…E added a little princess and horse for good measure.  I thought it turned out super cute and Ebby Lee had the best time getting her craft on with her mom and grandma.

Hope this helped give some struggling mamas out there a little inspiration.  🙂  
Happy Monday, Ladies!

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