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Can you believe it’s February??  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  Typically, Tab and I go out to dinner and have an adults-only night.  But..this year we decided our kiddos are old enough to be a part of a fun evening.  We’ve been discussing different ideas and what fun new tradition we should start for Valentine’s Day.  So, I called upon my BFF, Pinterest, for some help.  Here are my Top Three ideas for fun Valentine’s Day traditions…

My kiddos would LOVE waking up to a “heart attack”.  They might not enjoy this tradition so much when I continue it and they’re fifteen and sixteen.  🙂  You could also write reasons why you love your kiddos or hubby on each heart (if your kiddo can read).  Super cute idea!

I know a lot of parents give their kiddos a little valentine or gift.  You could do a fun little scavenger hunt using things you love about your kiddo as clues.  For instance, (to Ebby Lee)…”I LOVE the way you accessorize each and every outfit”.  The next clue might be in her jewelry box?  Think the “love” aspect is a great way to incorporate a little valentine fun into a scavenger hunt!  The last clue could have a little valentine or gift.  My kiddos would LOVE it!  haha!  (I had to add that.)

This is a GREAT idea for kiddos who can read and write.  Starting February 1st, you keep a cute little jar with pens and paper beside it.  Every day each family member must add a little note to the jar saying something they love about another family member.  On the big day, (you should have a full jar) you read all the little love notes!

For younger kiddos, you could do something as simple as going around the dinner table and saying something you love about each person.

My friend, Narci,  was just saying their family tradition for Valentine’s Day is to go to IHop for dinner.  It’s not busy and her kiddos look forward to it all year!  LOVE that idea!!  Love going somewhere most other people won’t be going on that night.  And…somewhere you and your family wouldn’t normally go would make the tradition so much more fun!  I’m trying to talk Tab into having heart-shaped queso on v-day??  Sheaffer…you feeling me? 

I also LOVE the idea of having a fun family heart-shaped meal at home.  Here are some pics to inspire you…
Heart-shaped cinnamon rolls to start off the day…yum!!

What kid wouldn’t LOVE this??

This one cracked me up a little bit.  My kiddos probably wouldn’t be as excited about the heart meatloaf as the heart pizza, but maybe meatloaf is a family favorite??

And end the night with Mix and Match Mama’s heart cake.  

If you and your family have a fun v-day tradition, please leave me a comment and let me know what it is!!  Slaughters are starting a new one this year!!!  Can’t wait!!  

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  1. 2.4.14
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    What fun ideas?!?! I love all of them!!

  2. 2.4.14
    Haley Bishop said:

    Hey Erika! I found (on Pinterest I am sure) to tape a heart to their bedroom door each day starting on Feb 1st. I have been writing things I LOVE about each one of them and taping it at night while they are sleeping 🙂 Even Kylynn loves it! I love your ideas too!

  3. 2.4.14
    Anonymous said:

    Such great ideas!!!

  4. 2.4.14
    Elaine Welte said:

    We eat pizza every year on Valentine's day! It started when Gretchen was just a few weeks old, and DJ and I wanted to go out, but didn't want to feel like we were interrupting romantic meals. We figured pizza was our best option, and the place we went to was packed!

  5. 2.5.14
    Sara Laverty said:

    I've done the heart attack idea and had it done for me and let me say…it is SO easy and SO FUN! 🙂

  6. 2.7.14
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Great ideas! And yes….heart shaped queso FOR THE WIN!!!!!

  7. 2.9.14
    Kati Matthews said:

    I love all these ideas Erika! Thanks for sharing! I am definitely doing the "Heart Attack" and heart pizza! So fun!