Tuesday & Wednesday…

On Tuesday we went to Cape to do a little more Christmas shopping. We met Aunt Rene’, Whitney, and Lindsey at the mall while the boys watched Avatar. I didn’t get any pictures of the mall…so you’ll have to imagine.
Wednesday: There’s this yummy rib place close to my hometown called Hickory Log. They decorate all the walls super gaudy (sp?) for Christmas. It looks a little like Christmas threw up, but they have delicious bbq. It’s become a little tradition for the 5 of us (6-with Ebby Lee) to go eat there before all the Christmas festivities begin.
Ebby Lee at Hickory Log

First taste of a rib…yummy!

Ebby Lee and T-Nonna with some of the fabulous decor.

Mama and Ebby Lee

The family of three-soon to be four…can I just say that Tab was so embarrassed that we were taking pictures?? He was so afraid that everyone would think we never get out of the house b/c we were snapping all kinds of pictures.

After dinner, check out that girl’s mouth…she knows what that bottle means!

Hanging with T-Nonna

Fresh out of the bath…M got her these pj’s. I know they were intended for Halloween, but they’re really warm so she wears them a lot. So gorgeous!

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