Tuesday Talk-Your Health Secrets


It feels so good to be back.  I know I sound like a broken record, but ladies…it’s so true!  And it feels even better when I have a fun link-up scheduled with Fancy Ashley!

Today is TUESDAY TALK, which means Fancy Ashley and I are chit chatting about anything and everything.  We’d love for you to join us!

Do you guys remember back in February I got the flu?  BLAH!  Well spoiler alert-our Spring Break ended with me getting the flu AGAIN!  NOT COOL!  My mom was quick to point out that I should be doing something to build my immune system.  And I thought-who better to ask for ideas, then YOU!

Here I am asking for your help!

PLEASE tell me WHAT you to do stay healthy

*An apple a day?
*Should I be taking a special vitamin?
*Elderberry syrup?
*Drinking a shake?
*Some sort of oil?
*Vitamin C?

What works for YOU?

I’m about to break out my juicer and start gulping down the celery juice again!

I’d seriously love any and all recommendations!  And I’m hoping maybe this is helpful for others reading today as well!

Thank you, Friends!

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