Tuesday Talk-Spring Break-Park City 2021

 Hope your week is off to a great start!  Our district threw in some asynchronous learning days this past semester and yesterday happened to be one of those.  Today, everyone is officially back to school and it’s business as usual. 

It’s TUESDAY TALK!  The third Tuesday of the month when I team up with Fancy Ashley to chit chat about anything and everything…Today, I’m talking SPRING BREAK!

It’s been a while since I’ve recapped a vacation so this is gonna be fun!  I got lots of requests to share about our trip via the blog and am happy to deliver!  Also-I promise to share Hawaii Spring Break pics at some point!

Our district had last week off for Spring Break, but all three of the big kids had sports’ tournaments so we opted to escape for just part of our break.  It couldn’t have been better….
We took an early flight to Salt Lake City on Monday morning, made our way to Park City, and then hit up the ski rentals to get us all fitted for the week.  I finally felt like Britt was at the perfect age for ski school.  My recommendation would be-you know your children.  If they’re nervous and anxious about going at the age of three or four, wait until they’re older.  {Some aren’t and do great!!  You know your child best!}  We almost put Britt in ski school at three-years-old, but I just couldn’t shake the feeling it wasn’t the right time.  I’m so glad we waited!  She had the BEST time in ski school and wasn’t nervous a bit.

We had dinner reservations at Grappa on Main Street.  This dinner with a view was my FAVORITE from the week!

And the classy crew we are.  My boys sweet talked the waitress into bringing extra glasses so they could attempt some music via Sandra Bullock and Miss Congeniality style.  The waitress couldn’t have been sweeter, instantly knew what they were referencing, and gave them tips on how to make it work.

Main Street at night is the cutest!

We talked about ski school for weeks before this trip and Britt couldn’t have been more excited!

Tuesday morning this girl was READY to hit the slopes.  And by that I mean, the teensy weensy bunny slopes.

She was all smiles as we checked her in to ski school.

Since Nixon had just been skiing a couple months before, he was good to go.  Ebby Lee, Bowen, and I both took a little refresher ski school that really helped.  And when I say helped-you should know I began my adult ski school class with three others.  One who just happened to be our babysitter’s BFF and is from here in McKinney!  WHAT are the odds?!  The instructor told me at the beginning of the class I was the student to beat and by the end, he was asking me what had happened.  #hahaha

All in all, a GREAT first day!

The first day included no tears-so I’m taking that as a HUGE win!  Britt did great at ski school.  The only negative thing her teacher had to say was that she fell asleep in the hot chocolate room around 3:00 p.m.  Apparently skiing wears a girl out!

We vegged out in the hot tub, made frozen pizzas for dinner for the kids, ordered sushi for Tab and I, and went to bed early.

Wednesday-we were all back for more skiing!

Psssttt…we stayed at the same resort we enjoyed back in 2017 when we took a kid-free trip with the Shulls.

On Wednesday, I made my over to where the ski school students hung out and I spotted Britty ON THE CHAIR LIFT!  Can you spot that pink outfit and green helmet?  

Meanwhile, Nixon and Tab went off to do some tough ski runs {I cannot hang with that} and they bumped into Coby Cotton, one of the Dude Perfect guys.  Both of my boys went on and on about how nice he was!

Britt’s sweet instructor could not have been more complimentary of having her in class.  Britt was with one other five-year-old girl both two days who happens to live about fifteen minute away!  Crazy, huh?!

After quick showers we made our way to The Brick for dinner back on Main Street.

Please note Bowen’s face.  ha!

Thursday, these three and I took a ski break to walk around town while Nixon and Tab skied.

Park City got lots of snow on Thursday from the top of the mountain to down in the town.

We all freshened up for dinner at our resort just a short walk away.

Friday-we all hit the slopes again together as a family.

Oh my goodness!  This girl has NO FEAR!  She goes fast and hard! 

Such a great five days in the mountains!

I knew it was coming…my solidifying my position as the slowest Slaughter skier.  Thanks to Britt’s no-fear-skills it happened sooner than I was expecting.

We flew back to Texas mid-day on Saturday and said goodbye to these views!  Until next time Park City!


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  1. 3.16.21
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I could legit look at pics of Britty in ski gear ALL DAY LONG!

  2. 3.16.21
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    So glad you had a fun time snd got to escape for a few days! Way to go Britt!

  3. 3.16.21
    Natalie said:

    I am totally enjoying my spring break right now. Our weather is a bit on the summery side so I am not too cold. Put it this way, my AC system is hating me right now HAHA! On a plus side I was able to do some shopping and feng shui!

  4. 3.16.21
    Maggie Eterno said:

    How fun! We’ve never been skiing, but hope to go one day!!

  5. 3.16.21
    Mallory said:

    Looks like an awesome trip! On my bucket list! Also, your skin looks glowing and amazing! Have you changed anything recently in your skincare/makeup routine?! I need the secret- ha!!

  6. 3.16.21
    Joanne said:

    That sounds like a wonderful ski trip!

  7. 3.16.21
    Unknown said:

    Dude perfect guys? Dying to know who they are. Guess I'm too old-HA

  8. 3.17.21
    Rightupmyaliway said:

    Looks like a wonderful ski trip! It's always great to unplug for a little while.

  9. 3.17.21
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    WHAT A GREAT TRIP! And so proud of Miss Britt. She can ski AND she can rock her ski gear! 🙂

  10. 3.17.21
    graywolff said:

    Your DH looks great with hair!