Tuesday Talk-Sports Bra Talk

Whew!  Yesterday here in McKinney, Texas, we had the most magical weather!   You know how a song or scent can take you right back to a certain time or place?  That’s exactly what the weather did to me yesterday!  Years ago, when I had just two babies I would walk with a neighbor to the neighborhood park, let the kids play, and we’d stay busy during those “witching hours” right after their afternoon naps but before the dads would be home from work.  I can’t say that we did it every Monday through Friday, but it happened a LOT!  The weather yesterday led my crew right to the park to meet up with friends and I had to talk myself out of having a “moment” about my babies growing up.  The days are long, but those years fly by, friends.  Anyway, the weather.  I’m blaming my nostalgic moment all on the weather.

It’s TUESDAY TALK with Fancy Ashley!  On the third Tuesday of each month we meet up and chit chat about anything and everything.

Okay, I have a question and it’s something I’ve been wondering for YEARS.  I’d love your input.  Why do all the companies make sports bras with inserts that come out during a wash cycle?  Or get bunched up?  Or get stuck way over in the arm pit part of the bra?  Or maybe I should just say, “MOVE” period?

Why are they made that way?
Athleisure is such a huge part of the market right now.  Women are on the move, on the go, and let’s be real-we don’t have time to be searching for those insert cups.

Is anyone actively choosing to take the inserts out? 

Onto my next question…how do you get those inserts to stay put?  I read an article yesterday about sewing them into place, which sounds like way too much work.  In college I had a swimsuit I loved but the inserts would come out so darn easily every time it was washed so my mom made a couple stitches to keep it in place.  I kid you not when I say-I bet I still have that swimsuit in my drawer to this day!  {Just feel like I should say-I’m not wearing that one out in public-it’d be like a “only the family is in the backyard-kind-of-suit.  Do you have those suits too?}

Let’s start a sports bra {and swimsuit} discussion…
*Why are sports bras made for the inserts to be taken out so easily?
*Are you wanting your inserts to come out?
*If not, how do you get yours to stay put?

This was part of the moms’ discussion at the park yesterday and everyone there was like-UGH…all hating when they come out.  One mom said that she ends up just throwing hers out and I agree!  That eventually happens to me, but then it makes me not wear that particular sports bra or swimsuit near as much.

What are your thoughts?  Please share!  I’m in the “let’s start a petition for inserts to start being sewn in” camp.  Inserts, stay put!  Anyone else interested in signing the petition?  🙂

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