Okay, friends…today I wanna talk HAIR!
Has this ever been you?

A couple weeks ago this was ME!  The summer sun, chemicals in the pool, and all the high buns had done some damage to my hair.  Enough so that one part of my hair actually looked like it had been singed in some sort of fire.  

When we were little my brother had a run in with some gasoline and a lighter, can you imagine how his hair looked?  I kept going to that image in my mind…it’s really close to what my hair looked like!

I needed some MAJOR HAIR HELP!

I mentioned it to several girlfriends and this is what we came up with…

1. Kerastase Ciment ThermiqueThis is to be applied to wet hair, no rinsing required.  It’s to help repair damaged and dry hair.  #yesplease

2. Oi All in One MilkThis spray is for hydrating and controlling frizz.

3. It’s a 10This spray is a leave-in similar to a leave-in conditioner.  Helps with detangling and conditioning hair.  Ebby Lee uses this too!

4. MoroccanoilYes, yes, yes.  Great for hydrating.  I add it to wet hair or to dry hair to give it a smooth and shiny finish.

5. Prep RallyThis spray is for use before any heat…hair dryer, curling iron, or straightener.

6.  Aveda Dry Remedy ShampooI’ve been using this shampoo for a month and it’s really helping!  I always run out of shampoo before conditioner so I’m using a hodge podge of leftover conditioners with it.  It seems to be really adding extra hydration to my hair.

7. Kerastase DisciplineThis spray is again for anti-frizz and I always spray it on damp hair.

*These are in no particular order.  And I don’t use all of these everyday, but these are the products that are truly helping.  I’m not encouraging you to grab them all, but if your hair is struggling, I’d suggest a few of these to help!  My hair is looking and feeling SO MUCH BETTER!  The summer was taking it’s toll.

A few other things I’ve been told…

*In the summer, I’m always putting my hair back but I shouldn’t pull it so tightly up in a bun.  My hair was breaking off where I was putting it up.  Now I’m trying to just have it down more but I’m also putting my ponytail/bun in different places…high, low, mid, etc.

*While some people can go to bed with wet hair and it’s totally fine, it’s hurting my hair.  I must roll around in all different kinds of crazy ways because I’d wake up with some hair that almost looked like dreads.  Seriously…so I don’t go to bed with wet hair anymore.  Ever.

*Use a brush the least amount possible.  It really breaks your hair, which is why it works so well. 

*Good thing scrunchies are making a come back!  Ponytail holders can get so tight so I’m trying to use scrunchies at home or these hair ties {I don’t make it super tight}.

I think that wraps up my dry/frizzy hair help!  What about you?  Do you have any tips or tricks?  I’d LOVE to hear them!

Ashley couldn’t make it today, but she’ll be back next month!  If you blogged today, be sure to link-up!

Here’s to having a good HAIR DAY!

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  1. 7.16.19
    Lauren D said:

    Coconut oil is the fix-all for me! I swear by it, it seems to fix everything! Put it in your hair before getting in the pool and then once a week use it a deep conditioner and wash out.

  2. 7.16.19
    Joanne said:

    I have been keeping my hair down a lot more this summer and notice that is feeling healthier.

  3. 7.16.19
    Amy said:

    You have to use the It’s A 10 with the orange lid- the one with Keratin. I use it on my daughter’s hair and it’s MAGIC!

  4. 7.16.19
    Mollie said:

    Talking hair products is my love language, and I was so happy to see you post some of the products I use! You can never go wrong with Kérastase products! The green bottle shampoo and conditioner is AMAZING! I use Davines regularly because that is what the salon sales that I go too. The Oi Milk is amazing for protecting your hair from heat like the hair dryer and straightener so I always load up on it! And the Davines Nounou shampoo and conditioner are awesome. I also use their Love Curl shampoo and conditioner because it is super hydrating. You should try Tele Ties. They are the popular hair tie in my area. And I am so glad scrunches are coming back too! I order scrunches from Micale Lynn. Check them out for some cute ones! https://www.micalelynn.com/

  5. 7.16.19
    Marie said:

    Dont use too much dry shampoo…you can also use baby powder. Makes your hair look fresh without so many chemicals. My hair lady told me dry shampoo can be destroy your hair.

  6. 7.16.19
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Okay, I've heard what Marie just said too!

  7. 7.16.19
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Marie and Shay-this is really gonna slow down my second set of dry shampoos I am in the process of testing!! 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  8. 7.16.19
    Anonymous said:

    Okay! I was just looking at different products for my hair, so this is perfect timing! Can’t wait to try these out!

  9. 7.16.19
    Amy J said:

    I started using Monat products this year and my hair is finally hydrated and I have a ton of new growth! They also have great masque's and basically lotion for your hair if you feel like you need a little something extra through the day!

  10. 7.16.19
    Jenna said:

    A few months ago, I saw a blogger say to NOT dry wet hair with a towel – only a cotton t-shirt. Now, after washing my hair or swimming, I tie up with a t-shirt (put the bottom edge behind your neck, twist, and secure with the shirt sleeve). Seemed weird at first, but it has helped SO much with frizziness and fly-a-ways. I got my hair trimmed last week and my girl said she has never seen such shiny hair. That was the only change I had made!

  11. 7.16.19
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    Thanks for the product suggestions! Im always on the look for new things to try!

  12. 7.16.19
    Leah Reinemund said:

    Hey Erika! I have very fine but frizzy hair so I have a little experience in this area! My cousin is a hairdresser in Southlake so I always ask her what to do! Number 1 get a silk pillow case! I know sounds crazy but it helps SO much! Also rinse out your conditioner with COLD water. I know I know not fun…
    Another thing is adding collagen to your diet! Collagen peptides are all the rage right now but they really help. I have noticed a significant different in my hair and I am adding less product to my hair because of it…which in the long run helps! Vital Proteins sells some good ones you can just mix with water or they sell collagen creamer you can add to your coffee!
    Also here are some really good hair ties that don’t break your hair at all…even my very fine hair!


  13. 7.16.19
    Unknown said:

    Redken anti-snap/ extreme that comes in the blue bottle has helped my hair immensely. Use it right after the shower on the ends before I use any heat on my hair. it has repaired so many of my broken ends. also, if you use heat on your hair often and have not invested in a new flat iron recently, i'd highly suggest it. I had the same one for years and years and was so used to it and since it was broken i kept using it. Well, it was pulling my hair and breaking it and i never realized until i bought a new one! also, try taking a b vitamin!

  14. 7.16.19
    Karen Ward said:

    My hair totally looks like Monica's at times during the summer. This summer, I swear by these three products – Hask Keratin smoothing shampoo and conditioner and Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing styling cream. Game changers!!

  15. 7.16.19
    Julie Bradford said:

    After travelling to Seattle Oregon California and Nevada I want NO HUMDITY!! my hair has never looked so good!!! stepped off the plane Saturday in Nashville and POOF.. HA then this week in Alabama is no joke with the humidity…. I need some of these products!!!

  16. 7.16.19
    K (Sunshiney Days) said:

    I need to try some of these products! My hair is pretty much a disaster every summer. Not going to bed with wet hair is a good tip. I need to make a point to have my hair dry before bed.

  17. 7.16.19
    Anonymous said:

    My aunt was a hairdresser and she said if I insisted on showering before bed (which I do 🙂 ) that I should braid my wet/damp hair. I shower, let it air dry a little, braid it and when I wake up it's still pretty damp so I blow it out. Apparently keeps my hair healthy and it lets me blow out any crazy kinks that I get while sleeping!

  18. 7.16.19
    Kayla said:

    Silk pillowcase and silk hair wrap at night will do wonders. Also, trying to go as natural as possible with hair products will really help.

  19. 7.16.19
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    Taking notes on all of this!! And I used to use baby powder for years before dry shampoo was a popular thing. Maybe I should go back!?! That Inspired Chick

  20. 7.16.19
    Alessandra said:

    Ok Erika, order this now and thank me later!!!!
    COLOR WOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray Slays Humidity and Prevents Frizz, 6.7 Fl Oz
    I have a huge problem with frizz and this leaves my hair soft and shiny without any frizz for days!!!!!!!!!! I am serious: try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. 7.16.19
    Stacey McMillan said:

    I really love the Living Proof No Frizz line. I don't use the Shampoo or Conditioner. But, I do use the leave-in conditioner, styling cream, humidity shield spray, and instant de-frizzer spray. I love both the sprays and think they are game-changers!

  22. 7.16.19
    Unknown said:

    Color Wow Dream Coat is amazing! You use it every 3 shampoos. It's the only product I've been able to find that can tame my fizz in the Houston humidity! I highly recommend!

  23. 7.17.19
    Kasie said:

    This post seriously could not have come at a better time–my hair is a frizzy dry mess of crazy! It's so big and thick that leaving in down on a humid Summer day = disaster! I'm writing these down and trying out, stat!

  24. 7.17.19
    Jenny said:

    Just hit up the Drybar weekly!! 🤣

  25. 7.17.19
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    SO many great suggestions from you and your readers!!!

  26. 7.17.19
    Lacey Bean said:

    I struggle with frizz and once or twice a year I get a cezanne treatment at my salon. It's not chemicals like japanese straightening so if you have curls/waves you retain that, but it totally tames the frizz for MONTHS.

  27. 7.17.19
    Mary Jane said:

    Check into the Wet/Dry brush (I get mine at Sally's). I spray my wet hair with Kenra Blow-Dry Spray, then use the Wet/Dry brush…the pink one. I don't even use a comb anymore. The brush just glides through my thick wavy hair!

  28. 7.17.19
    Ella said:

    I tried the Its a 10 leave in conditioner. It left my hair super soft, but did not help with frizz at all. I use John Frieda Frizz Ease products which actually really help. I also use Biosilk Silk therapy to help with dry ends.

  29. 7.19.19
    Paige @ Kids and The Good Stuff said:

    I was having some major hair issues earlier this year. Super dry and with my hormonal problems, I lose hair a lot and it breaks easily. I decided to cut some of it and then stop drying it at all. I know, I know. I started using Hask Coconut Oil Nourishing shampoo and conditioner every day and it has made a huge difference putting moisture back in. I get out of the shower and comb it with a wide tooth, do my part and scrunch in a little Anti-humidity smoothing milk from Garnier Fructis and then leave it alone. Not for everyone, but I have enough wave that it kind of does its own thing. A good haircut and lots of moisture saved my hair. I haven't dried it with heat since February.