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Thank you SO much for being so sweet about me resting up yesterday.  We hit up the gym, the grocery store, and the pool all before heading home to work on my wreck of a house.  The good news is other than a HUGE pile of CLEAN laundry (I always give myself props that the pile is clean-even though it’s a HOT mess laying there in the floor) the rest of the house looks great.  🙂  #keepinitreal

One thing I get asked is, 

I must tell you I love to shop for clothes.  Now that my children are getting older they’re beginning to have an opinion on what they wear which can be good and bad.  🙂  ha!

These are my favorite spots for Ebby Lee…

Ironically, my Matilda Jane girl, Andrea, is also the very first person that introduced me to the company way back before she even had a girl herself.  I remember us sitting at the mall letting our kids play and she mentioned this brand I should check into for Ebby Lee.  I bought Ebby Lee a couple pieces and was hooked!  I love how everything is funky-patterned and just “goes” with other pieces.  Ebby Lee is still a dress girl and they have some of the cutest dresses.  I love that this brand is super age appropriate.  They have sizes now from baby all the way up to adults with a special teen line mixed in there.  If you have a girl, I’d check it out.  Andrea is awesome and does a fabulous job dressing girls.  She’d love to help you dress yours as well.  🙂

Nordstrom is the best one-stop-shop and with free shipping and free returns it really can’t be beat.  They have a huge range of price options for girls.  If you’re needing pajamas, rain boots, or a cute pair of shorts, this is the spot to look for the girl in your life.  I shop for all five us here. 🙂

I shared recently that Dillard’s has a cute little brand they carry for girls.  They have some super cute clothes.  You can find some great deals online if you periodically check it out.  Her shoes (pictured above) are from that same line.

I must tell you when Ebby Lee was a baby she had some of the CUTEST clothes.  (Of course because she was the first child many were gifts from friends and family).  They grow SO quickly when they’re little, but I was “saving” her super cute stuff for special days.  After boxing up tubs of adorable things she only wore once several times, I decided we were going to stop saving the best for another day.  Now if she wants to wear a dress that might seem a little too nice for the occasion, (unless we’re saving it for something special) I let her wear it.  

My favorite spots for the boys…

I feel like they count as one.  I get a ton of the boys’ clothes from Gap and Old Navy.  Swim suits, jeans, button-ups…you name it we might have gotten it from either of those stores.

Tab wears a lot of button-ups from J. Crew and so do these two.  They have the cutest patterns.  They wash and wear so well.  Usually if Nixon wears a shirt, a couple years later it’s still in great shape for Bowen.  That’s my kind of shirt.  🙂  They also have super cute shorts and if you’re looking for family pictures-this is your stop for the gentlemen.  I always get the boys’ “picture” clothes from J. Crew.

Nixon would wear these sporty-clothes everyday if he could.  To church, to bed, to the pool…you name it…he’d be dressed in Under Armour 24/7.  Nixon loves the comfy-ness, so we definitely frequent this store.
I think I touched on all of our favorites.  Please share your favorite spot to shop for your kiddos.  🙂

Have a GREAT day!  XOXO

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  1. 7.12.16
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Give me all the Matilda Jane :).

  2. 7.12.16
    Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said:

    Those are all our faves as well…especially MJ for Q. I'm almost embarrassed how much of her closet is that brand — until I tell her to go pick out an outfit and she has zero problems doing so because everything just somehow works together. LOVE it! My hubby wasn't really on board until #1) he saw how well everything held up without fading or loose stitches (unlike gymboree or children's place) #2) that I can resell almost everything and #3) they dress little girls the way they should be dressed! I feel like I'm almost blinded when I walk into some of the stores at the mall with all the glitter, short skirts, crazy t-shirts, etc. No. Too early. Keep my 6 year old looking like a 6 year old! Haha, sorry for the long comment – I'm passionate about my Matilda Jane fo' sho!

  3. 7.12.16
    Mindy said:

    Wait a few years and your daughter will LOVE Justice! My daughter is 11 now (just finished 5th grade). I think it started in 3rd grade and she is STILL hooked! I am very selective in what we get there, but most of her clothes are Justice now. We went from all Gymboree clothes to all Justice! She will still mix in some Gap and other clothes, but almost all Justice! Kohls is also my go to store for items. Not sure if they have stores in Texas or just popular up here in PA.

  4. 7.12.16
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    You're doing a good job mama! Your crew always looks so cute!

  5. 7.12.16
    Anonymous said:

    You got it right, girl! Love Matilda Jane and J crew!!

  6. 7.12.16
    Elaine Welte said:

    We love MJ and Crazy 8 because it doesn't break the bank!

  7. 7.12.16
    Brooke Richardson said:

    aaaaah! Nordstroms is the best! I could seriously just shop for everything there besides food. Lol.

    And Matilda Jane is just the best for girls!! Totally agree!

  8. 7.12.16
    Amanda said:

    I just discovered a "new to me" line at Dillard's that I love – Gibson & Latimer. You should check it out – its a Dillard's exclusive brand.

  9. 7.12.16
    Kristin Munson said:

    where did you get your daughter's pink converse? Are they shoreline? I'd love some for my daughter but cant find that color or style on Nordstroms or zappos. Thanks!

  10. 7.12.16
    Leigh (Balancing By Faith) said:

    Very cute!! My son is an Under Armour boy ALL the Way!! How do they know this at such a young age?? I think Nordstrom is my personal new favorite – all for the free shipping and returns!!

  11. 7.12.16
    SimplyChelseaBlog said:

    Your kids always look SO cute! Thanks for sharing! My little guy is only nine months.. but I love Old Navy and Gap too! Great prices and adorable items!

  12. 7.12.16
    Sarah K said:

    I buy a lot from Carter's, Old Navy, and Target. Target is getting a new kids' line, Cat and Jack.

  13. 7.13.16
    Candidly Clark said:

    I love this! My little girl is 19 months and I feel the exact same way about her clothes and boxing them up. I used to feel like if she was dressed up then I needed to be dressed up, but now I am totally fine with my gym clothes and dirty hair while she looks adorable! I love kids clothes and can't wait for the next little one to come along for me to dress them too!

  14. 7.14.16
    Laura Darling said:

    I wish we had a Dillard's in Philadelphia!

  15. 7.14.16
    Anamarie Rebori said:

    Thanks for sharing! I've never seen Matilda Jane before, but I was just looking at their site and they use a model with Down Syndrome, which is a great. My little sister has Down Syndrome, so I truly appreciate that. I'll definitely have to keep them in mind for my nieces!