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One thing I absolutely LOVE about the blog world is connecting with all of you.  I try to come up with topics that I think you guys will want to discuss and babies, baby names, and nurseries seemed to be a hot topic.  When I first started the baby talk I made sure you guys knew…

hahaha!!  Still TRUE!!  I had someone e-mail me to ask, so I want to make sure everyone knows. 🙂

We’ve discussed Baby Girl Names, Baby Boy Names, Girl Nurseries, and Boy Nurseries.  Today we’re talking gender neutral nurseries.  I feel like that is the popular thing to do right now in nurseries, so I searched and searched to find my favorites.

First, I thought I’d share Bowen’s nursery with you.  When we moved into our house (current house that we’re moving out of-sorry, that’s confusing), Bowen had his own room downstairs.  It was kind of a bedroom/office, but we turned it into Bowen’s space.  It worked perfectly. 

I shared some more details from Bowen’s room here.  Marla found the cutest inspiration pictures and we mimicked it on a budget.  🙂

 This could easily have white furniture, some cute polka dots on the wall, a couple girly things and be perfect for a little girl.

 I captured a few crazy boys in the bottom left.

I absolutely loved his room.  We used mostly furniture we already had.  Just bought a few new accessories and made it the perfect little space for him.

In my search for my favorite neutral nurseries, I pretty much got stuck at Restoration Hardware and couldn’t move.  Here are my top three (eh-maybe five)…

#1  Love, love, love the light neutral colors with the dark furniture!

#2  Apparently I have a thing for animal heads on a nursery wall.  This is cute!!

#3  I’ve seen alphabet walls before, but this is a favorite.  Love the variety of things used for letters and it could definitely be in a gender neutral nursery or a playroom.  And…I felt like I needed at least one nursery in the mix that had color!

#4  This crib.  I am in love with this crib!!!

#5  This nursery is gorgeous!!

What do you think??  Do you have a favorite?

Happy Tuesday, Girls!!  XOXO
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