THE Most Asked Question I Get is…


The question is asked in reference to my real-life friends who blog as well.  Today, I’m going into ALL kinds of details about how I met these girls.  🙂

I’m going to share chronologically…

This friend is my oldest from the crew.  But let’s be real. Back then we looked more like…


Or actually this (before either of us had children).

Tab and I had just started going to our church where we’d kind of met lots of people but had only gotten to really know a few couples.  That girl in the middle, Whitney, knew both of us and she encouraged Shay and I to get to know each other.  We both had football in our backgrounds (or at least our hubbies did) and we were both trying to have a baby.  We began chatting and became big supporters for each other.  Fast forward years later to our families being great friends.  This girl is always there if I need anything…a ride, help with a kid, or even what to whip up for dinner if I only have bacon, beans, and tomato sauce in the pantry.  Love her!:)

Note to self AND Andrea…we’re taking a selfie the next time we’re together!  haha!  This is the only picture I could fine where we’re even standing beside each other.

So, I’ll share the next best thing….our daughters in a picture.  🙂

I met Andrea in that exact same Sunday School class.  Can you identify us WAY back when…

I’m third from left and Andrea’s third from the right.  The picture is CRAZY blurry.

Right around this time several girls in my Sunday School class at church decided to start meeting up at Starbucks for a Bible Study.  Andrea, Shay, and I were in attendance.  The years went on and I got to know Andrea even better and love her.  She’s funny, creative, and always down for a laugh.  We used to meet up a lot in the fall when our hubbies were both working.  Ready or not, we’ll be hanging this fall.  That’s what I keep telling her.  haha! #hopeshesready

Sheaffer also joined that same Bible Study.  We were hardcore about meeting and were super committed.  I grew to know this girl more and we hit it off!  Sheaffer is funny and she can laugh at herself like no other.  I remember coming home and telling Tab about “this funny girl, Sheaffer” who was part of our Bible Study.  Sheaffer and I share the love of a good taco, some queso, AND Big Brother.  She is good times and always down for some fun.

I was slicing up pictures left and right for this post.  hahaha!  Sheaffer…a selfie is in our future as well.  🙂

The year Nixon turned one I decided I should do something to get out of the house and make a little money.  I signed up to be a preschool teacher at our church’s preschool.  We had a little teacher social a few weeks before school started and I met Narci, another new teacher there as well. It just so happened two-year-old Ebby Lee was in her class!

Back when Baby Bowen was born.  🙂

We hung out some throughout the year and became good friends.  Narci is super sweet, laid-back, and quickly hit it off with our group of friends.  We also share the love of a good taco and Big Brother.  Come to think of it-almost all my friends share the love of a good taco.  ha!   #weliveintexas

Not a day goes by that I’m not thankful for all of my girlfriends, but it’s especially fun getting to do this blogging thing with these four.  🙂

Hope you enjoyed my “Get to Know my Blogger Friend’s” post.  Happy Monday!  XOXO

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