The Last Week (Or Two)

This post is WAY overdue!!!  We’ve been doing lots of fun summer things lately!

Have I already shared this pic??  It’s pretty cute, so even if I have….here it is again.  🙂
Bowen and Griffin eating a yummy food court lunch. Just for the record…Bowen was totally “into” her.  Griffin could have cared less!  ha!  #shewasinitforthefrenchfries

hahahaha!  Ebby Lee’s smile cracks me up!  Sweet girls!  We’re part of a new small group within our Sunday School class.  We met up for the second time and the kiddos had a BLAST playing in the sprinklers and throwing water balloons.

In our new house, we don’t have a “mudroom” or any kind of room/closet to dump backpacks and shoes.  So, under my stairs I created a pretend “mudroom”.  I took all the kiddos to IKEA to help me find some organization stuff.  This is when Nixon talked me into the dog hiney hooks.  Anyway, we got some hooks, and baskets and totally made this space work for us.

The “after”…each kiddo has certain hooks for coats and backpacks.  Each kiddo also has a shoe bucket.  Then I have a big bucket in the back for the pool bag.

The big kiddos had swim lessons with Mrs. Sally (two weeks ago).  They absolutely love going!

I had to literally stop this kid numerous times from sliding right in.  He’ll get his turn next year.  🙂

We met Tab for dinner.  Hard to see in the picture, but B’s feet were moving so fast!  He was so excited Daddy was there!

The guys came on Tuesday to start the work on our patio.  Homegirl dressed herself, got a chair, put on her sunglasses, and sit there to watch.  Hilarious!

My parents came to town to hang out and babysit while I tagged along to Boston for Tab’s business trip.  Before we left, we took the kiddos to play in this little train play area.

We had dinner out the night before we left.  Bowen was in a bad mood!  I thought a selfie might help….it didn’t!

When we got back from our trip, my parents left the next day.  But…before they left my mom and I hit up our downtown area.  One of my friends has a cute little boutique and we discovered it was ALL half off!!  I took this pic and sent it to her!  haha!  (Mom, you’re welcome for posting this pic.)

Apparently we were ALL a little surprised this weekend.  ha!  Ebby Lee got a little card in the mail from Kensington and she was so surprised!

Ok…whew!  Think we’re all caught up!  I can’t wait to share our Boston pictures this week!  Happy Monday, girlies!

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  1. 6.16.14
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Those hiney hooks are hilarious! Of course you need those! Nixon Slaughter needs a hiney hook! I think your mudroom is so perfect! That space is just the right size and it's such a great idea to use it as a mudroom! I also love, love, love the pic of Ebby Lee with Kensington's card…that is the cutest expression on her sweet face!

  2. 6.16.14
    Unknown said:

    I love the mud room you made! The small group kids picture is so cute. I wish our church was better at that. They are trying to get them set up but it is apparently a slow process:(

  3. 6.16.14
    Andrea - Momfessionals said:

    LOVE that pic of Bowen and G and your hiney hooks are adorable 🙂 That was a definite "yes mom" moment. hahaha

  4. 6.16.14
    Karen said:

    I love the "mud room" idea! We don't have a dedicated mud room either and it is slowly starting to drive me nuts. It wasn't a big deal until we had kids and now I feel like my daughters stuff is everywhere! We are expecting another one by the end of the summer so I need to get organized before he arrives. Perhaps a trip to Ikea is in my future! Or the Container Store… or both! 🙂

  5. 6.16.14
    Kimm Atwood said:

    Love these pics!! Those kiddos are so sweet

  6. 6.16.14
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    I feel like you had an Andrea moment when you decided to turn that little closet into a mudroom. Yep, you had a moment of Andrea genius. Such a cute pic of you and your mom!

  7. 6.17.14
    Anonymous said:

    Those hooks are perfect! Way to go, Nixon! 🙂

  8. 6.18.14
    Shelby said:

    I absolutely LOVE the idea of the mudroom under the stairs…I am in the same predicament as far as no mudroom (it happens to be a dual mudroom/laundry room that serves 100% purpose of a laundry room hahaha!) …but yes SUCH a great idea!