The First “Week” of School 2019

This year our school first day of school landed on a Thursday {which in my opinion is pure genius}!!  We had the first part of the week to soak up the last bits of summer with a day at the pool, one day FULL of errands, and then one day to do absolutely nothing before school started.  It was fabulous!

On Tuesday-I took these cuties to get a quick hair cut before school.

I hadn’t made Britt an appointment, but she sat patiently watching everyone else get their hair cut.  Each time someone got down out of the chair she’d say, “My turn?”.  The sweet hair stylist was determined to get her in for a little cut too.  She just cut off all those long uneven pieces and I couldn’t LOVE it more!  Can you tell Britt was a fan as well?  She sat so still in the chair smiling the entire time!

Is it just me or does it make her look more grown up?

That evening was Meet the Teacher and check out this cute FIFTH GRADER!

Guess who’s in Bowen’s class this year??  ASHBY!
I saw Ashby at a flag football game the first evening of school and I was all, “So, Ashby…did Bowen get in trouble today?”.  I think I’m gonna like this arrangement. 🙂

My crew looking forward to a new school year!

Wednesday-I let this crew be as lazy as possible!  But that evening ALL THE FALL SPORTS started.  Two had dance class and two had baseball practice.  Can you guess who is who?  😉

And a look back because…
Ebby Lee-Kindergarten
Can you believe she was this tiny?

Ebby Lee-First Grade

Ebby Lee-Second Grade
Nixon-First Grade

Ebby Lee-Third Grade
Nixon-Second Grade

Ebby Lee-Fourth Grade
Nixon-Third Grade

Check out these big kiddos…
Bowen-First Grade
Ebby Lee-Fifth Grade
Nixon-Fourth Grade

We’re love Bowen’s first grade teacher and are looking forward to a great year!

This is the LAST year for Ebby Lee at our elementary school.  I’m gonna be a nervous wreck next year!  She also has great teachers and is looking forward to having a great year!

Nixon has one new {to us} teacher and one of Ebby Lee’s from last year but we’ve heard nothing but amazing things.  He can’t wait to experience fourth grade.

This cutie will be headed back to preschool soon enough.

Bowen was all smiles at drop off!

Nixon was mortified I was taking his picture…hahahaha!

And just like that…another first day in the books!

After drop off, Britt and I met a lot of mama friends at Spoon’s for breakfast.

I made these Smores Cookies for an after school treat.

And pigs-in-a-blanket too.  Right before the kiddos got home I added mustard and ketchup to that middle bowl.  They thought this was super fancy.  

And just like that…we’re back to school.
Happy Monday, Friends!

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  1. 8.19.19
    Lorraine said:

    I’ve been back at work since August 9th and the kiddos come back this Thursday. As a teacher, I love a Thursday start date as well! We spend so much time prepping our classroom and going into meetings that only having the kids two days then having the weekend to recuperate is amazing!

  2. 8.19.19
    Anonymous said:

    What a great first week! All the new haircuts are so cute!!

  3. 8.19.19
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    All of your pics are DARLING…but your after school snacks were ON POINT!!!! YUM!

  4. 8.19.19
    K&A said:

    Great pictures! Where do you buy the boys UA polo shirts? Thanks!

  5. 8.19.19
    Ann Marie Tennison said:

    They look so BIG! And yay for A & B being together!! Have a great year!

  6. 8.19.19
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    It's Back to School time!!!! Why is this so bittersweet?! I'm so excited for all of our kiddos! I really think this is going to be a great year!

  7. 8.19.19
    Julie Bradford said:

    those cookies!!!! oh my.. I need those 🙂 🙂
    Such cute kiddos!!

  8. 8.19.19
    Crystal McDonald said:

    Dropped off my oldest at Kinder today. Didn’t realize it was going to rip my heart right out. Dear heavens. I forgot we hadn’t prayed so I knelt next to here and prayed in her ear at the table…but half way through the throat closed and I couldn’t finish. I cannot wait for 3:10!!

  9. 8.19.19
    Teacheroffirst said:

    I love the bows your daughter wears. My daughter informed me that in 4th grade no one wears bows anymore as they are for babies! So glad your daughter is still wearing them in 5th. Guess those days are gone for us:)

  10. 8.20.19
    Kristen said:

    Where do you shop for clothes for your boys? Their nicer shorts look like something my activewear loving son may wear!