The Challenge

Last month, Andrea and I hosted a photo-a-day challenge on Instagram.  I had a BLAST!!  It was so much fun seeing everyone’s pictures.  I loved seeing how you guys interpreted the “day”.  SO. MUCH. FUN!!
Today, I’m recapping my photo-a-day pictures…

Day #2-Me!

Day #3-My breakfast…it doesn’t normally look this good.  I had family in town so I made a special breakfast.

Day #4-I turned around….and Bowen went from a baby to a toddler!

Day #5-Someone I adore…my friend, Lori.  In church, Pandora started playing on my phone!!  I panicked and froze!  Lori stayed cool, calm, and collected and turned Pandora off ASAP!  Love that girl!

Day #6-Something I wore

Day #7-This…is how we handle sick days.  Bowen had the flu, so we were home for several days.  The big kids watched lots of movies and helped me clean!

Day #8-These guys hanging out MAKE ME SMILE!

Day #9-Bowen woke up fever free!!  PROUD MOMENT!

Day #10-Some of my favorite friends. 🙂

Day #11-Work…not on a Saturday!  Pedis instead!

Day #12-Shoes in Sunday School.

Day #13-8:00…2/3 of them were dressed and ready to go!
Day #14-This was in my bag.  Bowen and I share a lot!

Day #15-Bed head…Bowen’s was the worst.  Apparently, us Slaughters sleep peacefully.

Day #16-I CHEERed on my little gymnast.

Day #17-An elevator RIDE in Houston with the family.  SUCH a FUN trip!!

Day #18-Black and white pic of the girl’s at Beth Moore’s conference.

Day #19-3 Things about me…I love Jesus, my family, and my friends.

Day #20-Something white…the bench on my porch.

Day #21-This girl in TX thought it was a COLD morning!!  

Day #22-Something I did today…took the kiddos took Target.  Nixon documented the trip for me.  🙂  Thanks, Nix!  
Day #23-One of my favorite memories….Celebrating Mother’s Day with Nix!

Day #24-Out of place at Dallas Market, but had a blast hanging with the Brassy Blueberries.

Day #25-Lunch…but I forgot, so I posted our after dinner snacks.  We enjoyed some marshmallows by the fire.  #outofgrahamcrackers

Day #26-With a sick kiddo, I was bummed about missing the Bachelor wedding watch party, but FRESH salsa and FRESH brownies (dropped off my friends) made my night SO much better! 

Day #28-My view…one was sad, one was happy, and one was acting like an animal!  

Day #29-Shay and I survived ONE hour of workout class!  Whew!!

Day #30-I love this lotion and the CIRCLE container it comes in.

Day #31-Selfie…whew!!  How many filters can you use on one pic??

We’re doing it again!  It’s not too late for you to join us this month!!  

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  1. 2.6.14
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    What a fun month you had!! I loved looking back at all of your pics. Such a great blog series!

  2. 2.6.14
    Andrea - Momfessionals said:

    LOVED THIS! (really I just love that you're instagramming more!) hahaha

  3. 2.6.14
    Kathy Olson said:

    You are such a pretty mama with those 3 adorable kid. I always enjoy reading about your family. Blessings!

  4. 2.7.14
    hillary said:

    Such sweet little moments!! I'm enjoying this month's picaday!

  5. 2.7.14
    lisamcmil said:

    Love all your pictures! Your family is adorable. I have those same plates from your breakfast picture, except mine are boring and sit on top of cabinets as decoration 🙂 love your blog

  6. 2.7.14
    Darcy said:

    What a fun challenge! Totally agree about that cracked heel lotion and your little gymnast is too adorable!