The Besties Break Down Oktoberfest

Hey Hey Hey! The Besties are BACK! Shay and I got together just last week to record episode two of season three where we BREAK DOWN OKTOBERFEST! Two weeks ago we found ourselves visiting Munich, Germany, for the OG Oktoberfest celebration and we decided to give you all the tips, tricks, and details about how our adventure went down. {Spoiler alert: We LOVED it!}. You can head here to listen to the entire episode, but also we’re doing a little trip recap so you get pics too. Be sure to pop over to Shay’s blog to see all her pics too!

Okay, to set the stage us and the Shulls flew out two weeks ago Monday leaving Dallas around late afternoon. We both had layovers in different spots and then met up in Munich on Tuesday.

THE BEST Travel outfit! I paired this tank with the most comfy pants ever! And then I had my denim jacket on the flight just in case I got chilly.

Our plan that afternoon was to walk around and see the sights in Munich. The Glockenspiel in Munich was absolutely gorgeous!

Hi! My name is Erika and I’m a terrible blogger on vacations. I get too “in the moment” and forget to take pictures of things. So that’s all I have of our first day. {Insert the face plant emoji-ha!}. We had a little snack at the cutest German market and then later a delicious dinner at a real authentic German spot. So much goodness on day one!

Then day two, our REAL Oktoberfest day, kicked off with an Oktoberfest tour…

It was a chilly, drizzly fall day but we didn’t let that weather stop us!

We were so pumped to make it! Years ago when discussing our fortieth birthdays, Shay and Tab {who turned forty just two months apart} decided they could opt for a bigger destination if they shared. And after a little discussion Oktoberfest Birthday Trip was born. This was the first year since covid Oktoberfest had happened and it returned with a bang!

The “vibe” very much reminded me of the Texas State Fair or any really big themed festival, but Oktoberfest had that special cute factor. Everything was cute…right down to the last details. Lots of rides, carnival games, specialty food booths, and beer tents lined the street.

The rain drizzled a bit as we followed our guide around as she explained so much information about the festival.

At one point we saw a cute little kindergarten class complete with chaperones stroll beside us. And then the rain hit hard for a minute so we popped into a tent. I was NOT expecting this. Look how gorgeous!

Isn’t that CUTE?! I’m telling you-right down to the last detail! Everything was absolutely darling!

Another angle because I just couldn’t stop. 🙂

We took a little break and let the rain pass in this adorable spot. Oh, someone asked about our cookie necklaces. The tour company passed those out so the guide would know who belonged in the group.

And they were a popular souvenir as well! This booth sold a wide variety!

By around noon the rain had stopped so we took a little stroll before snagging our spots at our reserved table with our tour.

You can see how the tents filled up AND how well they were all decorated.

These two let us know how uncomfortable their particular lederhosen were. They’d suggest not getting a longer length but opt for the shorts that are above your knee.

Lots of fun! Lots of people! Everyone was super friendly and we met people from ALL over….Germany, Britain, America, and the list goes on!

When we met over fifteen years ago, who’d have thought we’d be taking this pic one day?! haha!

Insert my terrible blogger status again because then I don’t have many pictures from the afternoon but another favorite moment was our last tent where we attended a concert.

The band would play a German song and then John Denver, then another German song, and Neil Diamond. Everyone sang along! It was truly SUCH A FUN DAY! We spent over ten hours celebrating Oktoberfest BIG! And we’re so glad we did! Such a bucket list trip!

The next day we took a little trip to see the Dachau Concentration Camp. I didn’t really take any pictures but wow. Standing right there in that space was like nothing I’ve ever done before. After that visit, we got loaded up and flew to London. The day of sightseeing had me in this plaid sweaterjeans {on sale}, and waterproof boots.

I hope you guys enjoyed the recap! And remember-if you’d like to plan a similar trip, please reach out to us! Mix and Match Travel Agency would love to help! The second half of our trip will be coming soon!

See you back here tomorrow, friends!


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