The Bestie Breakdown-Episode 1


I am SO EXCITED TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU TODAY!  You’ve heard me talk about my love of a podcast.  I prefer those girlfriend-type podcasts where it’s as if the podcasters are just talking and catching up right in front of our ears.  I love to listen as I’m working on my computer, around the house, and even in the car.  Last year Shay and I discussed us doing a podcast but here’s the truth-we have absolutely NO idea how to do that.  For example-yesterday my phone stopped working so I flashed back to 1984, lost all touch with the outside world other than my laptop, and waited patiently for it to die so I could hope it would work after the reboot.  That’s how good I am with technology.  {Can you sense my sarcasm?}  Insert Jane…she works with us on all our Walt Disney World trips, is absolutely fabulous, and is basically Super Woman.  She’s figured it out for us so…

Our hope for this podcast is to share things other than what we’re already sharing on our blogs.  From pop culture to adoption to what we’re cooking for dinner and some swimsuit shopping struggles as well-we hope to cover it all for you.  Fun things are in store!

We have a few kinks we’re working out so please be patient with us, but it is our first attempt and we hope you enjoy it!

You can listen to Episode 1 now!!!
We’re waiting on approval from iTunes so it’s not quite available on that platform just yet.

Let us know what you think!  Thanks for listening!
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