T-Nonnie & Boo are here…

Boo & T-Nonnie came to visit us on Wednesday and stayed to play until today. My kiddos love them so much and have so much fun when they’re here!

Nixon loves to vacuum. He gets upset when he tries to vacuum with the big one because he can’t hold it up. Anyway, he’s going to be the perfect husband one day with his love for vacuuming!

What is Ebby Lee doing??

After our dinner, the kiddos and T-Nonnie ran around outside.

Killing time before church (probably waiting for Daddy)…we were marching.

Sunday afternoon Boo & T-Nonnie took Ebby Lee to watch the new Winnie the Pooh movie. I sent my camera with T-Nonnie to capture the momentous occasion…her first movie in a theater!

So grown-up!!

I think they had plenty of snacks!!


And a soda? This girl was in heaven!!

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