Summer Bucket List

I remember a friend (whose kiddos were older) telling me when I was at home with three littles three and under never to wish these days away.  You know the days when no one can keep their hands to themselves, the garage door breaks, and your youngest decides today is the day he must wear underwear.  Those days?  Sometimes it’s so easy to look to the next thing.  The next milestone.  The days when accidents will be few and far between.  The days when they’ll be too old to hit or push.  Whatever the case may be, those are the thoughts I try to avoid.  I want to enjoy each and every (even the ugly) moment.  I can tell you already from a mama who used to have three (tiny) little ones-they grow up so quickly.  Okay, I’m stepping down off my soapbox now.  🙂  hahaha!  

Please don’t think I’m not enjoying the end of the year busyness.  Seriously…it’s crazy and hectic (except we’ve had WAY too many tee-ball games cancelled because of rain), but I’m soaking it up.  One day it’ll be just Tab and I here at home and I’ll be longing for field days and preschool graduations!!  

Over the last few weeks I’ve been scheduling summer plans, camps, and vacations.  Here is a little Slaughter Summer Bucket List (with a few throwbacks for your Thursday):

My sweet girl LOVES to be crafting.  She wants to be an artist when she grows up after all, so of course over the summer we need to get our craft on.

I predict many a pool days in our future.  My oldest two absolutely LOVE the pool, so pool days are a MUST during the summer.  We meet friends, we pack lunches, and (this year) we’ll be staying all day!!  This will be the first year I haven’t had multiple kiddos napping.  Bowen still naps at home, but if we’re out he might catch a fifteen minute nap and be good.

All three kiddos have swim lessons scheduled with our favorite, Mrs. Sally.

The big kiddos have gone to tennis camp the last two years and they love it!

Last year, we went to Disney World and then San Antonio for our summer vacations, but this year we’re headed back to Destin, Florida.  I love the slow pace of beach life for a week and especially when I’m relaxing with this crew.

Hmmm….I threw this in just because.  Cute, huh?  🙂

Sidenote:  Ladies, my track record in the potty training department isn’t the best.  I’d give myself a 50%.  I tried with Ebby Lee WAY too early.  It was a disaster.  I cried a lot and we eventually gave up.  I waited about six months and the second time around she did so much better.  With Nixon, I pretty much waited until he was begging for underwear (was close to three).  I seriously do not remember one single accident.  I’m sure he had a few, but that’s when Bowen was a baby so my life was a blur.  Nixon was SO easy to potty train.  I’ve been asking Bowen since he turned two if he wanted to wear underwear or sit on the potty.  His response is always, “no”.  Until….Monday afternoon.  I was changing a (nasty) diaper and I told him he should start wearing underwear.  He shocked me with a, “Yeah, I wanna wear underwear” response.  So I went with it.  He has had a couple accidents.  Girls, only a couple.  Like I can count them all on one hand!!!  Granted it’s only been a little over two days.  Yesterday we went to the gym, Chick-Fil-A, and Target.  Homeboy did awesome!  I’m 100% not tooting my own horn here.  Let this be an encouraging…”wait until they’re ready” type chat.  I said all that and Bowen could have twelve accidents tomorrow, but the point is….when THEY’RE interested it’s SO much easier!!

Rant #2-now over.  🙂

We will have a bunch of late-night sleepovers.

We look forward to our town’s (with a small-town vibe) Fourth of July parade.  It’s HOT!  But who wouldn’t want to stand in the heat and wave to people dressed like Uncle Sam?  I do!!  Seriously…I do!

McKinney Magazine should use this in 2015 for a parade ad, right??

We’ll take a road trip to Missouri to see our Missouri family and friends.

We might tag along on one or two of Tab’s local business trips.  Last year we hit up Austin for a little getaway.

This is how we all feel about summer days at the pool.  🙂  They can’t be beat.

My kiddos love going to the gym.  It’s a great way for us to start the day.  They (because they’ve been going so long) have lots of friends to see and play with. 

Tab and I will celebrate birthdays.  Hopefully for me, I won’t be wearing an eye patch without make-up and nasty pool hair this year.  ha!

This guy and I will celebrate 10 years of marriage!!  

And…we’ll enjoy doing it all with great friends.

I know these last few weeks are tough, ladies!!  But let’s soak them up!  One day we’ll be missing all these little busy moments.  I promise!

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  1. 5.14.15
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I'm doing our summer bucket list on Monday! It's so good to have a plan because the summer is so much fun but it can also be so long (I think July can be really long!). If you guys really need something to do…you could get a dog ;). And PS: you are really good at potty training. Honestly, you're really good at it friend! I'm super proud of Bowen!

    • 5.14.15
      Erika Slaughter said:

      You're sweet! Really good at potty training? Hahaha!!

  2. 5.14.15
    Kimm said:

    As a mom with two adult children already I can 100% say it goes way too fast…don't Rush away the time for them to be older and more independent. They are only little for such a short time so soak it up! I dread the day when I am no longer tripping over baseball cleats, matchbox cars and tiny shopkins all over my house !

    • 5.14.15
      Erika Slaughter said:

      I completely understand!!! That day will come soon enough and be so sad!

  3. 5.14.15
    Dawn said:

    Ahhhh, with my son graduating preschool next week- my emotions are in full force!! I cried reading the email about the graduation ceremony, haha- I told my husband I'll probably stand at the back of the room in case I need to go somewhere and curl in the fetal position 😉

    • 5.14.15
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Girl! I know!! I cried at Nixon's kindergarten roundup because he was sitting so nicely on the carpet. We're a mess!!!

  4. 5.14.15
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    BOWEN! What a little rock star! And before you wrote that the pic of E, K, and P should be in a magazine, I had honest to Heavens thought…..was that in a magazine or something?

    • 5.14.15
      Erika Slaughter said:

      It should be, shouldn't it?

  5. 5.14.15
    KW0410 said:

    Love this post! Yep — even though some days are sooo crazy with all of the running around, I am so happy to be soaking up time with my kids and being able to be there for all of their activities!

  6. 5.14.15
    Anonymous said:

    Love this! So true, mama!!

  7. 5.14.15
    Angela Ellingson said:

    My cousin who lives in Flowermound, TX vacations to Destin every year. They love it!

  8. 5.14.15
    missy said:

    You are so cute!

  9. 5.14.15
    Anonymous said:

    A girl after my own heart!! We love, love, love Destin!! We love taking the kids to Fudpucker's & we love to go to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. I really want to go to Seaside. It is not far from Destin & I hear it is gorgeous! They filmed the Truman Show there. Another fun beach near Tampa is Siesta Key!! The sand is like none other!! Feels like baby powder under foot & is pure white. Sorry for my ramblings, I just really love Florida beaches!! Happy Summer!

  10. 5.14.15
    Kelsey @ The Peacock Roost said:

    Such a sweet family! Hope you all have an amazing summer!


  11. 5.14.15
    Laci said:

    I could not agree more about waiting till a child is interested in potty training!! It was definitely not one of my favorite parenting milestones, but waiting till they are on board helps a ton! Your summer looks like lots of fun!!

  12. 5.14.15 said:

    I had 3 in 4 years , and all 3 were terrible sleepers, I would dream of sleeping through the night lol
    now they are 11, 9, 7.5 and they still don't always sleep!.. I'm a huge believer in they will potty train when ready my girls were 2. Ethan was 3 . it was easy for us.
    I love summer lists, they are always so fun. here un Canada we get out the end if June but don't start back until first week if Sept.
    yeah fir summer!

  13. 5.14.15
    Shelly @ The Queen in Between said:

    I have Bigs (24, 21) and Littles (13, 9) and having those big kids and realizing how fast it all went by made me slow down and enjoy life more with the littles. I totally agree with you about potty training. I remember watching Oprah or something years ago and the person on the show said "you never see a child go to kindergarten who is not potty trained" and I was like..that is SO true and stopped worrying about it.

  14. 5.14.15
    Olivia at Joyfully Prudent said:

    Potty training…I can't even talk about that 🙂 I'm always curious how people manage their kiddos at the pool? I'm terrified to go with Beckham and Maddox, as I'd have to hold M and B can't swim well enough on his own. Do y'all stay in a toddler section or do they have floaties? I'm sure there was a time you had the same ages as I do…tips?

  15. 5.14.15
    Whitney @ Work it Mommy said:

    All your pictures have me craving summer!!! Bring on pool weather and vacation time. I can't wait until 4th of July, my baby turns one (though that in itself is a little bittersweet. Soak it all up, indeed.)

  16. 5.14.15
    Leigh said:

    I am glad you got on your soapbox because man has life been tough lately! I need to remember that these days will pass and I'll look back wishing my boys were little again. My oldest son has been so tough to potty train. He'll be 4 in June and he just started showing interest a month ago. We've been trying since he turned 2. But for the last month, it's been smooth sailing. Here I was thinking he'd start kindergarten in pullups! Definitely want till they're ready. How have I not bought a swimsuit??? I need one pronto.

  17. 5.14.15
    meg said:

    Really sweet post!! Great advice from both "rants" — ha ha! My oldest starts kindergarten this fall, my second starts PreK this fall and my third will be 2 in the fall … I already feel like time slipped through my fingers with a "real" school schedule to deal with soon!!! Totally agree about trying to enjoy every minute.

  18. 5.14.15
    Kim Taylor said:

    It's just hubby and myself home alone. And I am not going to lie: I LOVE being empty nesters! But definitely do not wish these little moments away. Now I am helping my oldest daughter plan her October wedding! So that keeps me entertained!!