Stranded With…

 WAHOO!!  Shay and I are STRANDED!!  We’re on a deserted island and can only take THREE Netflix series.  I’m sharing my favorites with you and cannot WAIT to read yours.  #netflixismyjam

One of my favorite things ever is Netflix.  I’d like to send the creator a thank-you note.  Because I’m thankful.  🙂

Seriously!  Thank you to the Netflix creator.  Right, girls?

Okay, time to get down to business.  If I got to take THREE Netflix series with me, these would be my top picks…

#1 Parenthood

This is by far my favorite Netflix series EVER!  I LOVED those Bravermans.  I’m talking cried with them, cheered with them, and felt their pain.  #iwantedtobeabraverman  I got SO into all those story lines.  If you haven’t watched Parenthood yet, STOP what you’re doing and go watch.  🙂  It’s THAT good!

I shared my love of Parenthood here.

#2 Gilmore Girls

If I’m not living in Berkeley and my last name isn’t Braverman, then my back up plan is to live in Stars Hollow.  Where it’s always fall and we drink warm drinks ALL year long.  🙂

I started a two part series about Gilmore Girls but completely forgot about blogging the second part.  #oops  You can read part one here.

#3 Friday Night Lights

I watched this series as it was airing on NBC, but if I hadn’t-you better believe I’d have watched on Netflix.  Friday Night Lights was just good!  I loved the story lines, the teen drama, and living in Texas-you know we loved the football woven into it all.  🙂

Some other series I’ve watched on Netflix…
Fuller House
I shared all kinds of thoughts about it here.

Breaking Bad
This was SO good!  I just would be too scared to watch on a deserted island so I didn’t bring this one with me.  🙂  Tab and I watched this series together and LOVED it!

Hart of Dixie
This show cannot compete with the others, but it’s a series on Netflix so I’m including it.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
This show is ridiculous.  I repeat.  This show is ridiculous, but now I feel like I must push on until I finish.  #iknowitsridiculous  I read on Big Mama’s blog that she was watching so I thought I’d give it a try.  I’m telling you…it’s ridiculous, but I’m hooked and will have to finish.

I cannot WAIT to see what you guys will take! 

Join us next month when we share the THREE FAMOUS PEOPLE we’d take on the island with us. It’ll be fun!

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