State Fair of Texas 2019

Apparently, it’s the week of festivals/fairs/carnivals here in the Slaughter House!  I happened to take a big look at our calendar to see what day we could make it to the State Fair of Texas.  The ONLY day that would work was Monday so while the temperatures were screaming anything but, “Fall Day at the Fair”, we made it work!

We snuck the kids out of school a little early and made our way to the FAIR!

Can you tell these kiddos weren’t excited one bit?

This picture troubles me the most…those two are crazy!

A picture in front of Big Tex is an absolute must!  {My shirt is here.}

The State Fair of Texas is something you either love or hate.  I very rarely talk to friends who are somewhere in the middle.  We happen to be big fans and look forward to it all year long.  The fair has exhibits, livestock, rides, carnival games, shows, FAIR FOOD, and so much more!

We popped into the dairy barn for just a minute.  This little spot has $1 water bottles so we always stock up.

And how CUTE is this little patio area?  Can you spot Miss Sassy?  The arms crossed are a new thing.  I’m thinking someone from school must do that.

Then it was SHOW TIME!  I laugh at myself every year because I love the shows!  This year Tab limited my show loving self to two shows…the PIG RACES were up first.  The inside of this barn felt like the surface of the sun.  My lotioned up legs were sliding Britt right off my lap so I didn’t mind our show limit one bit.  We shared a Fletcher’s Corny Dog while we watched because it’s the FAIR!

Our yellow pig didn’t do so well.  🙁

We checked out the stables.

And then made our way to the new location for Little Hands on the Farm.  This little spot used to be outside in the heat, but this year it moved right on up to it’s own new building with the little farmer activities in the middle and the petting zoo wrapping it’s way around the outside.

Please check out Ebby Lee’s face!

These alpacas and llamas were a fan favorite!  One lady standing behind us as talking to them like they were her babies.  The brown one in the back got up and walked right over to her.  She was speaking his language!

Britty wasn’t scared one bit!  A couple times I’d have to say, “That one is too big.  Let’s find a baby”.  Mostly because I was nervous.  Not her!

I looked up at one point and she was making kissy sounds at the goats.  I melted!

I really thought Nixon would think he was too cool to do this, but he’s aware there’s a snack at the end.  He jumped right in!

They had this exhibit looking so darn cute thanks to all those fall plants.  

We could hold them off the rides for no longer…we made our way straight to the BIG SWINGS!

These kiddos were brave!

Look how HIGH they were!

It’s like they didn’t even notice they were up crazy high?

I got to ride this roller coaster with Bowen because he fell in that little, “must ride with adult” spot.  He loved it!

We happened to ask the worker about the building/tear down process.  She said that it takes around two weeks to put this roller coaster together.  What do you think?!  A good number or it should take longer? 

Tab missed Oktoberfest due to football but Britt rode a little ride with Bowen that went up pretty high so she was anything but impressed by Tab’s pick for her at the fair.

Catfish Floyd’s is our FAVORITE fair food by far!  We had a mild panic attack when we realized they closed one location and now only have one but we made the trek over to their other spot and took a little food break.

One side of the table

And the other side 🙂

Can someone please explain the Midway Barker’s secrets to us?  I’m guessing he’s kind of laying on his stomach?  Is that what’s happening?  At one point Britt made her way to the front of the crowd and he had all the things to say about her dress, her bow, her attitude, etc.  She was such a good sport and laughed and laughed at him.

I wish this picture was better because Bowen was pumped about the pirate ship but at one point I said, “Tab, I think Bowen is crying”.  He wasn’t but he said that he was VERY CLOSE.

Have I mentioned the temperatures on this day were WARM?!

All of us rode the Log Ride and were hoping to get a little splashed.

We always hit up one of the haunted rides at the fair.  This year Tab told Nixon he’d ride with him but Bowen got spooked.  So scaredy cat Ebby Lee RODE ALONE!  She was so proud of herself afterwards.  You guys…at times she doesn’t like to be alone upstairs so this is a big deal!  haha!

This sweet girly had her turn on the swings and I had a mom moment.  As she circled around each time, she had her family-ALL FIVE-waving, screaming her name, and being silly.  She’d laugh and even throw her head back with giggles.  

There were NO crowds visiting while we were there.  That was super nice.

We popped by the Cotton Bowl for a quick peek.

And took one last picture before we made our way to the car.

A super successful trip to the State Fair of Texas.  Until next time, Big Tex!

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