St. Patrick’s Day…

I’ve never really gotten into celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, but my kiddos will not be the ones getting pinched at school for not wearing green!!! So, we’re starting early! On St. Patrick’s Day, we headed out to run some errands.
Ebby Lee wasn’t wearing much green on her outfit so I threw on a big green bow! As you can tell, she was excited about our errands!
That night we went to M & G’s house. The guys were having a football thing upstairs so the ladies enjoyed pizza on their own downstairs. I’m sure this will come as no surprise but Ebby Lee ate her first and whole piece of pizza!! She didn’t pick it up or anything. I cut it up into small bites, but she loved it!!

She always thinks it’s fun to crawl under their coffee table b/c it’s glass!

This wasn’t actually on St. Patrick’s Day…it was the next night. She really enjoyed her dinner! Ha!

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