Show-and-Tell Christmas Decorations

EEK!!  This is my very favorite Show and Tell of the YEAR!  

We’re sharing our Christmas decorations today!!

I’m linking up with Andrea to share all our Christmas with you.
 They’re saying, “Come in and check it out!!”.  🙂

Monogram:  A smaller version is here.  Mine is a little bigger than this one.  If you’re interested, I’d just write the owner a message and ask if she can do anything bigger.  
Bench:  A First Monday Canton Flea Market Find…if you’re close to Canton, TX, you should go!
Lanterns:  Canton too!  When Shay and I went back in September, lanterns were on my list!  Canton did not disappoint! 
Ornaments:  Hobby Lobby
Mat:  Hobby Lobby
Pillows:  All Home Goods finds last year…a little secret about holiday pillows at Home Goods-you have to look for holiday pillows about three months before the actual holiday.  I’m not even kidding when I say that I found the reindeer pillows in September of 2014!

My very favorite thing about that monogram is I’m going to keep changing the ribbon and leave it up all year long.  #notevenkidding

This is the view from the front door.  Odds are at least one pair of kids’ shoes will be out, so I left those out just so you could get the REAL feel.  🙂

I showed you guys these two pieces I had painted a while back.  I love them.  The demo happened on the fireplace and the box has been put in.  Now we’re waiting for stone to happen.  

I threw a little garland on the table along with some silver balls and accents.  The last couple years I’ve gotten the urge to change out all of my Christmas decor from the shiny whimsical green and red to a more classic style.  But…I kind of love my bright sequinsy stuff, so I compromised by making the front area a little less whimsical.  

 Buffalo plaids for the win on the ribbon!!

 I’m sad my stockings are being monogrammed, so you’re missing them.  But…this is our mantel. 🙂

 We always leave this Nativity Set out all during the Christmas season.  Why are there two angels?  Well, last year I noticed we were missing several main pieces-like baby Jesus!!  So…Bowen got a new one for his birthday last year.  Now we have few more guests attending the birth. 

A picture of the tree….remember how the bottom lights stopped working on day two?  Yeah, well this is going to be the year of the half-lit tree.  The ornaments are already on, so Mama is not changing that.  This year the kids really helped me with the ornaments.  In the years past, I always move them around when they’re not looking.  This year we kept it just like it was.  

During the Cowboy’s game last night before bath time…a view of the living room.

Yesterday, Sparky showed up with Barbie in her convertible.  The funniest part about it is that Ebby Lee had heard one of her friends’ elves did this, so she brought out the car and the Barbie and left them in the living room JUST IN CASE Sparky wanted to try.  hahaha!  I really don’t think she’s figured anything out.  I think she was just making it easier on him.  ha!

And this is the outside all lit up for night.

Thanks so much for stopping by, today!!  XOXO

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  1. 12.8.15
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Everything looks beautiful! I'm so excited you're having Christmas in your new house this year! And listen…the buffalo plaid in the garland…I mean, that's just perfection!

  2. 12.8.15
    Kimm said:

    It all looks beautiful !

  3. 12.8.15
    Anonymous said:

    So pretty!! Girl, the entry way looks so beautiful!! I love that buffalo plaid!! Beautiful!!!!

  4. 12.8.15
    Allyson McGuire said:

    I tried to tone down some of my gaudier things this year too…In years past, I've put up a bright white tree with all sparkly girly things (my favorite!), but this year I decorated like a grown up…sort of!

  5. 12.8.15
    Andrea Munding said:

    Love that buffalo plaid ribbon!

  6. 12.8.15
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    It all looks great (love that buffalo plaid), but the outside is GORGEOUS!!!!!

  7. 12.8.15
    Liz said:

    Very beautiful!

  8. 12.8.15
    Kara said:

    So pretty! Love your new house!

  9. 12.8.15
    Leigh (Balancing By Faith) said:

    So very pretty – love your mantle!!

  10. 12.8.15
    Happy Green Home said:

    Love it all! So gorgeous!!

  11. 12.8.15
    Unknown said:

    Everything looks fantastic! SO festive!

  12. 12.8.15
    The Queen said:

    Gorgeous!! I love all the fun things I've found at Canton over the years!

  13. 12.8.15
    Renae said:

    Love the lights on the outside of your house, very nice.

  14. 12.8.15
    R's Rue said:
  15. 12.8.15
    Kelsey @ The Peacock Roost said:

    Beautiful decorations!! Love the buffalo plaid ribbon and your banister looks great!

  16. 12.8.15
    Melanie Smith said:

    I have two rows of lights that went out. I left them too. Who cares, right?

  17. 12.8.15
    Lindsay's Sweet World said:

    Everything looks beautiful! Last year a few of my strands went out and we just left them… it's definitely not worth it to strip everything down and start all over! #AintNobodyGotTimeFoDat

  18. 12.8.15
    Michelle said:

    Double check and make sure there isn't a plug in hidden in there that you missed. That happened to us and we found it and that was the problem!

    • 12.8.15
      Erika Slaughter said:

      I wish that was the problem!! They all worked for about three days. I think we had too many lights plugged up together and they stopped working. Waahhhh!!!!

    • 12.9.15
      Michelle said:

      Aww well dang it 🙁 hopefully you can get it fixed!!

  19. 12.8.15
    Trac~ said:

    Love the decorations and I had to lol at the half lit tree, as the top part of mine actually went out a few days ago. I've had the tree for years – guess it's time for a new one next year! 🙂

  20. 12.8.15
    Stacey said:

    Everything is so pretty!

  21. 12.8.15
    Edye Nicole said:

    Your home looks beautiful! Merry Christmas to you and your family 🙂

  22. 12.9.15
    iamom23 said:

    Ha! Our elf is in the Barbie Beetle with Barbie today too! Brandi

  23. 12.9.15
    Rachel said:

    Love this! Especially the classic look from outside your house. Just makes it look so grand! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    -Rachel at

  24. 12.9.15
    rhester said:

    Get a LightKeeper Pro buy at home depot or lowes and it will fix the lights that are out on the tree. Check it out online to see.

  25. 12.10.15
    Debbie said:

    Very pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  26. 12.10.15
    Shelly @ The Queen in Between said:

    My very favorite thing about following you is how real you are! Love these pictures and your house is coming along perfectly!

  27. 12.13.15
    Unknown said:

    Buffalo plaid in the garland=YES! I too have been wanting to change my Christmas decor up to a more classic look, but I'm so sentimental I don't at the same time. I told myself next year I would try switching it up. 😉 Your home is so pretty! Merry Christmas!

  28. 10.27.17
    quicky said:

    I love'em all. Especially the last one. These are great christmas trees. Good collection. +1