Scare on the Square…

All dressed up as a GOLDFISH (for those of you that were wondering…Lorie! haha) and ready to get some candy!
We tried to take a photo of a goldfish (Ebby Lee), bat (Luke), Raggedy Ann (Leah), and a flying dragon (Carter). We should have known that would never work.

Ebby Lee, Luke, and Leah

Ebby Lee…check out Luke holding her hand…haha!

Wonder Woman (Azzi) and Ebby Lee

Mama and the goldfish

The whole family
This was our first time to go to Scare on the Square, so I didn’t really know what to expect. The lines for candy were really long (Lucky for Ebby Lee…she doens’t have teeth) but it was lots of fun. We ran into lots of friends and got to see everyone’s kiddos all dressed up for Halloween.

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