Saturday Night at Cantina Laredo…

Last year when we went to Sandestin, we decided to give the seafood a break and head out to Cantina Laredo for some good ol’ Mexican food. I got some shrimp something that was fabulous. They didn’t even have that meal at the Cantina Laredo in Frisco, so I’ve been dreaming of getting to eat there again. All year, I talked about going back to the Cantina Laredo in Sandestin. Well, they changed their menu and I was so disappointed!! It still turned out to be a great first night of vacation. It was raining, but we overlooked that and enjoyed some good food (notice I didn’t say great) on the patio.
Ebby Lee eating a tortilla in her stroller.
Kirby eating a tortilla in her stroller. Those tortillas were the way to go. They kept the girls entertained for a long time.

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