San Antonio Trip

Day 1
The Slaughter 5 loaded up bright and early on Monday morning and headed to San Antonio.  Gary and Marla carpooled with us so the big kiddos took turns riding with them.  There were some very peaceful moments when Mama read a book!  Delightful!

We stopped for a little break and homegirl climbed a tree!

We arrived and headed straight to the pool!  We were ALL so excited that I forgot to take my phone with me to take some pics!  We stayed at La Cantera Resort in San Antonio.  So nice!  We’ve stayed there several times and have always had great experiences.

That night Tab’s sister and her family had arrived and we all went to dinner.

Bowen wasn’t feeling the picture.  I should add the day before (Father’s Day) Tab skipped church and took Bowen to the clinic.  He had strep!  Lovely the day before vacation, right?  🙂  So at the beginning part of the trip…he was a little zoned out.

Gary and I were matching, so we had to take a picture.

G and M…we love and adore them!

After dinner…my attempt at a kid picture.  hahahaha!!!

Really!!  Those are the two I got??

Day 2
The next morning we had one thing on our mind SEA WORLD!!!

The kiddos had so much fun between rides, shows, and animals.

Bowen did NOT feel good, but bless his heart he was a trooper!!

The boys and I waited while everyone else ode a water ride.  Bowen was too short, Nixon was too nervous about getting wet, and I was responsible.  🙂

Ready for the Shamu show!!!  

I might add that right before the show started Ebby Lee had a panic attack that we were going to get soaked.  Seriously she started crying and couldn’t gain control.  So…I did what any great mom would do.  When Shamu started splashing I huddled down under the seat in front of us with Ebby Lee.  It worked and we hardly got wet.  Did we look crazy?  I’m about 99% positive that we did.  haha!

Come here cute little dolphin!!

Nixon chickened out, but Bowen was ALL about this ride.

So we watched.  🙂

Day 3
 Day 3 started with a little stop at the Alamo.

G and M with the grandkids.

A big part of the crew waiting patiently in line.

Bowen and I hung out beside the photo area while the big kids took a bathroom break.  He kept pointing to the girl in the pink shirt (who is like 15) saying, “Mama, Mama”.  hahahaha!!

See…I said, “Bowen, show me where Mama is.”  Look who he’s pointing to!  haha!

 Everyone needed a picture in front of the well.  🙂

He wanted to hold Sister’s hand.  So sweet!

Then it was off to the Riverwalk….once again, I had so much fun I forgot to take any pictures!!  We had lunch down there and then left ASAP.  They were setting up for the San Antonio Spurs’ Parade and it was getting CRAZY!!

We went straight to the pool!!

We had smores by the pool and then watched a movie on the lawn.  Check out B!  He’s not even on our blanket.  He made friends with everyone on the lawn!

Turbo on the big screen??  So much fun!!

Day 4
We had a yummy breakfast to get ready for the day!!

Did I mention kids 5 and under eat and drink free at this resort??  Total SCORE for the Slaughters!!

Hilarious!!  E grabbed the phone and walked back and forth on the balcony “talking” to Kensington!  haha!

Bowen took a little nap on M’s bed and he had two big kiddos wanting to cuddle.

Then…this happened!!!!   EEK!!!  Do you see that teeny tiny little NIT in Ebby Lee’s hair??  We went to the Mexican Market area.  Ebby Lee tried on a hat (hope no one else tried that on for the rest of the day!) and when she took it off I noticed something in her hair.  So, I took a little look and I LOST it!!  ICK!!!  I regained my composure and spent the next thirty minutes figuring out our game plan.

She was such a trooper!!  She said she felt like a dog with fleas!  haha!

We rode the boat on the Riverwalk.

By Thursday, this kid was feeling WAY better!!

We grabbed some lunch and headed straight to Ulta for a lice comb!!!

This is where we spent our last night…so nice!!!

The kiddie pool…perfect for B!

Ebby Lee and I combed and combed and combed some more to get all those lice out of her hair!!  We were still in shock!!!  hahaha!

We left early Friday morning to return home.  What fun memories were made!!  We had a BLAST!  (Well…until I found the head lice I had a blast…ha!)

I’ll be sharing later my tips for removing head lice!  (I can’t believe I just wrote that!!  But if one person finds it useful, then it will be worth it!!!)  

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