Rest of the Bandermann Visit…

Tab and Whitney enjoying the Texas heat.

The crew that decided the homemade ice cream line was too long, so we had snowies instead. After arriving downtown about two hours before the ice cream was supposed to be ready, we shopped a little and ate lunch at the Pantry. The line for homemade ice cream was incredibly long. We opted out! It was a crazy hot day!!
Tab, Whit, Ryan, Marla, Gary, and I all piled in the car and drove to downtown Dallas to see the JFK stuff. You guys that know me well know that I don’t like history. For some reason I think it’s like extremely boring, but for some reason, I think the JFK assasination is incredibly interesting. We walked around downtown. Then we followed it up with a nice air conditioned dinner at Chuy’s.

Whitney standing in the middle of the road where JFK was first shot.

Ryan and I are standing in front of the fence where “they” think there might have been another shooter.

Whitney and I enjoying a nice Chuy’s dinner. We had such a great time hanging out with Ryan and Whitney for the weekend. We can’t wait for them to come back! I don’t think they know this, but we’re hoping it becomes an annual event!!

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