Random 5 on Friday

I’m linking up with Darci over at The Good Life BlogApril at A.Liz Adventures,  Christina at Carolina Charm, and Natasha at Hello! Happiness for 5 on Friday.  It’s a super random Friday (just like yesterday)!

#1  A couple leftover Halloween goodies.

Carving pumpkins with leftover Halloween party decorations.

Trick-or-treating (it’s so dark!)

#2  A goodie in the mail

I was SO excited when my new Hunter rain boots arrived I put them on with my workout clothes!

#3  My Canton treasures

Last weekend I went to Canton, TX.  It’s this small town that has a HUGE flea market (not sure that’s the right word) ranging from super cute new things all the way to junky junk.  These two bags were full of my Canton treasures.  It might look small, but I was SO excited about what I brought home!!

#4  My Zoo Trip (AKA Galleria Trip)

We’d planned to go to the zoo on Monday.  When we arrived it was POURING rain, so it quickly became our Galleria Trip!  The kids played, we had lunch, and we did a little window shopping.  Who needs the zoo?

#5  I haven’t tried these YET…

Our bible study group on Wednesday nights every once in a while gets a little off-topic.  We’ve even gotten on the subject of cronuts!  I saw this picture on Bethenny Frankel’s IG and had to laugh!  It’s on my to-do list…”eat a cronut”.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

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  1. 11.8.13
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I've never had a cronut either! We should split a dozen?! 🙂

  2. 11.8.13
    This Gingers Journey said:

    I had to google Cronut… They look amazing! I need one ASAP! Love your Hunters, I got my first pair a couple months ago and now I like when it rains 🙂 Happy Friday!

  3. 11.8.13
    Shawnee said:

    I live 20min from Canton and I love to go but I hate the crowds!!! We've always called it a flea market too. 🙂

  4. 11.8.13
    Unknown said:

    I LOVEEE your Hunter boots!! So stinkin cute. I really want a pair…I got a pair of Tory Burch ones a few years ago so I can't justify investing in another pair of rain boots quite yet, but that time is coming soon!

  5. 11.8.13
    April of Smidge Of This said:

    I'm pretty sure I need a cronut in my life as well! 🙂

    Thanks so much for linking up with us!