Photo Every Hour

This was a very last minute post {I thought I had something else ready for today and it kind of fell through}, which means yesterday-pretty much right as I turned my alarm off-I decided I’d make it a PHOTO EVERY HOUR-day in the life post.

This was my yesterday…

I usually set my alarm for 4:45.  When it goes off, I immediately read blogs {all the while still laying in bed, in the dark}.  It helps me to slowly wake up so when I do get out of bed {usually around 5ish} I don’t feel near as tired.  At 5:00, I read my bible, spent some time in prayer, and read my devotional {I’m reading the Zip It: 40 Day Challenge right now.}

I started a load of laundry.  Luckily, Ebby Lee has bunks so when it takes me a little longer to wash all her bedding-no big deal.  She just moves from the top bunk to the bottom.  I got myself ready, got the kiddos up, and packed lunches.

It was stormy yesterday morning so all my people were slowly moving.  They eventually made it into the kitchen for breakfast.  🙂

We snapped a picture before school as we were walking out the door.  School actually starts at 8:00 so this was a little before 8:00, but you get the idea.

Bowen and I went straight to the gym after dropping off the big kids to set up for workout class.  I chatted with Shay and Sarika for a bit before class started.

After a quick shower, I grabbed Bowen and Ashby out of childcare and we headed straight to Play Street Museum.  I had my computer so while they played I worked.  Win-win!

Play Street doesn’t allow food inside so we had lunch delivered and had planned on eating outside on the picnic tables, but it was FREEZING.  When their teeth started chattering, I decided we’d have to move it into the new car.  EEK!  Don’t tell Tab.  😉  Bowen buckled himself to be “really safe”.

After lunch, we headed back in for a few more minutes of playing before it was time to leave.  I got a lot of travel things knocked out while I was sitting on this bench.

When Bowen and I got home, he begged for a movie and a blanket.  haha!  Did I mention it was cold outside?  I got Bowen set up with blanket, snack, and a movie.  {He usually doesn’t nap anymore but he does usually watch a movie and rest.}  I did some things around the house…picked up randomness, changed laundry, etc. and then headed straight to my office.

I was a busy little bee in the office for the next hour.

I picked up the crazies from school and we headed to an appointment for Bowen.  We were a little early so I’d packed them a snack and they were chilling in the parking lot while we waited.

Oh my goodness!  This picture is a mess!  But it shows dinner.  ha!  We met Shay and her kiddos for dinner at our favorite local Mexican restaurant.  Please note one child was covered in sour cream after we took this picture.  #butweallgotinthephoto

Bowen had a tee-ball game so we bundled up and watched them play their little hearts out.

We went home after the game, showered, began getting ready for bed, Tab made it in, and I snuck off to get a spray tan for our weekend away.

All tanned {with really dirty hair} and working on this blog post before hitting the hay!

Hope you guys enjoyed my Wednesday. 🙂
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