Patio Update

I’ve gotten lots of questions about sharing an updated patio post with you and I’m delivering today.  🙂

I scanned my blog and found a patio post from 2018 asking for your help for backyard ideas.  Remember this?
This was the backyard in 2018.  Our problem was the sun set in the backyard and during the summer months it was approximately 428 degrees under our little patio where we housed the grill, where people could sit, and even our table area was crazy hot.  Basically if you were outside in our backyard from 3:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. from May to September you needed to be in the water.

I asked all kinds of questions about your thoughts and recommendations.  I had the Sun Shade guy come out to give us estimates two different times and it just didn’t feel right.

Tab and I are SLOW decision makers when it comes to all things related to our home so an entire year later we decided to have a covered patio built on the opposite side of the pool.  They started in June and weren’t finished until October {it took a REALLY long time}, but we’re so very happy with how it turned out.
I shared this picture from Mother’s Day and got lots of questions so I have a little patio tour for you. 

Our thought was if we had this built on the west side of our house, then it would get shade 24/7 and it would give the rest of our yard more shade.  This side of the pool had some landscaping but other than that it wasn’t really the part of the yard our kids were playing in.  So we had this built!  We just had to go with the space/size we had available based on HOA rules and such, but we loved the way it turned out.

We have a little sitting area with furniture near the fireplace and there’s also a television.  We moved our table over as well.  Then there’s a built-in grill area with two refrigerators and a little covered trash can.  If we were doing this again, we’d add an ice-maker.  A few people told me they were working on something similar in their backyard-that’s one thing we’d change if we had it to do over.

If you’d have asked me if we had a slope in our backyard before building this I’d have said, “No”, but look…we needed two steps to make it even with the pool.

I had a sweet, sweet friend help me with all lighting, fans, etc.

Since this space wasn’t really ready until October, I didn’t know how often we’d get to use it in the fall/winter.  But we use it ALL THE TIME!

We watched so many movies/football games all winter/fall long.  It’s our new favorite movie watching space.

Tab is still working on planting things, moving some landscaping around in the backyard.  And we’re still working on furniture, rug, etc.

This little spot under the big trees for the former owners kind of housed all the stuff they wanted to hide, but we lost the big tree right in the middle and discovered all the hidden stuff.  The area doesn’t get much sun throughout the day so grass has a really hard time growing.  Tab’s working on adding some flagstone this summer.

Check out my bar stool!  hahahaha!  I literally cannot get the other three put together.  I keep asking Tab and he just hasn’t gotten around to helping me with the others.  #itllhappen

A little blurry, but here’s a before/after…

 Just like all “adult” things now we need to do a little work on the pool and the decking, but that’ll have to wait to 2021 or 2022.  🙂

I’m noticing now that I should have washed off the floor before taking pictures.  All that stuff you see is just dirt/dust from the kids playing.  While I love the dark color {I think it looks good with our brick color, that’s the negative.}.

Tab sent me these pictures from his phone and the “befores” are all blurry.  But I wanted you to see the space before and then after…

And at Christmastime.  🙂 

Hope you enjoyed a little tour of the new patio!

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