Yesterday was Ebby Lee’s Fall Party at school. Last year (since she was in the baby class) they didn’t really have parties or any big celebrations so this was a BIG deal. Poor Nixon missed out b/c he’s in a baby room. But…luckily, he never knew kiddos were partying all around him. I asked Tab to go because I’m teaching and couldn’t really come and hang out for the party. Of ALL days, his big boss was in town yesterday so he wasn’t really sure if he’d be able to leave work at 1:00 to make it to a party BUT…Daddy pulled through and surprised her!! We hadn’t said that he might come just in case he couldn’t make it, but he said that when he walked in she was SO excited!! 🙂
Pebbles was showing off her art work.

Apparently, she enjoyed the cookie!

So sweet! 🙂

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