Our Weekend

We started the weekend off right…donuts before school on Friday??  Yes, we did!!  Tab had a mid-morning flight, so we loaded up and drove to the donut store for a little treat before school.  Nixon dressed himself and I could not stop laughing.  Love his puffer vest over his pajamas paired with his Crocs!!

We had a birthday party on Saturday morning and then Saturday evening…this girl and I had GIRL TIME!!  She’d been asking if we could do something “just us” AND a very special friend was getting an American Girl doll for her birthday.  I thought it’d be fun to go to the store to choose a gift.  First stop…dinner!!  I gave Ebby Lee a list of choices and she picked Outback!  hahahaha!!  That’s my girl!  We both had cheeseburgers and they were delish!

 Oh my goodness!!!  I really have no words for that store!  haha!  We walked around for at least an hour just taking it all in!  Ebby Lee has a “Bitty Baby” that her aunt bought her when she turned one.  She’s never understood how special that doll really is…until now!  

We took a picture of that doll in the purple for Santa.  🙂  And…then we tried to take a selfie.  Somehow the doll’s head banged into my teeth and made the loudest noise!  We couldn’t stop laughing!  (Doesn’t seem that funny now that I’m typing it out….but trust me!)

That store was SO MUCH FUN!!

Another one for Santa…just so “he” doesn’t forget.  🙂

And…because we couldn’t go to the store and leave with absolutely nothing!!  I let her choose an outfit for her baby.  She chose that little dress.  

We sent this to Aunt Eleni (who bought the doll years ago).  Aunt Eleni loved it!!  🙂

It was the PERFECT girl’s night!!  The boys stayed with Marla and had an absolute blast!!

Sunday morning before church…we’re feeling the fall colors and the cooler temperatures!!

After church we took a family walk to the park, but I left my camera at home.  🙁

Then we had baths and everyone was STARVING!!  The boys are making, “I won’t smile for the picture because I’m so hungry” faces!!  

We ended the night with dinner AND homework for this girly!!

Hope you had a GREAT weekend too!!

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