Our week via my I-Phone

On Monday I let the kiddos watch the Puppy Bowl I had recorded the day before.  Who knew so many people watch that??  I posted a picture of this on Instagram and lots of people said they watched too.  Nixon (my dog lover) absolutely LOVED it!

I have TONS of random pictures like this on my phone at any given time.  Luckily, both of the big kids are madly in love with Bowen.  They think he’s the “cutest baby ever”.  So…they both love taking pictures of him!

On Thursday morning, it SNOWED!!!  My parents drove down the day before and surprised my kids.  They live in MO and had lots of snow, so they decided to escape all of that!  But…apparently, they brought it with them!

Eyes closed!  But…enjoying the snow!  Until he has to touch it, this kid is NOT a fan of snow OR sand!!

Thursday afternoon, we took the girls and Bowen to gymnastics.  Cracked me up that even in the little waiting room, he could still get their attention!  Kensington is so sweet to B as well!  Anytime she is in the car with us, she sings lullabies to him.  So sweet!

Naked baby beside the fireplace??

Saturday night, M & G came over.  (Ebby Lee had asked M to help her with her valentine box for school.  M is super creative!  I’ll post pictures later!)  We had dinner and then yummy smores!

They were finger-lickin’ good according to Nix!

Sunday morning, I caught E feeding Bowen goldfish out of his bag for church.  Hilarious!!  She’s such a little mama to him!

After Sunday naps, we headed to the gym.  I did a little bit of something for a few minutes (keepin’ it real!).  Then I picked the kiddos up from childcare.  We ran, skipped, and walked around the track.  This was Nixon on our water break.  He was watching Tab down below.

This redneck baby did not even have shoes on at the gym!!  He didn’t seem to mind though! 🙂

We had a GREAT week!  Hope you did too!

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  1. 2.10.14
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Bowen is the cutest baby in the world! Your kiddos are right! (OK…it's a tie between him and Griffin…cutest boy and cutest girl.) I would kidnap either one of them…or both of them. Such cute pictures!

  2. 2.10.14
    Kellie said:

    Your painted brick looks sooooo good! Do you love it? Was it hard to do?

  3. 2.10.14
    Andrea - Momfessionals said:

    Seriously – could Ebby Lee be any sweeter?!?! She is the BEST big sister 🙂 And was that a painted fireplace I could see??? Can't wait for pics!!!

  4. 2.10.14
    Anonymous said:

    Agreed–Bowen and Griffin are the cutest babies ever!! Love them both!