Our Week in Pics

Last Friday we headed to the airport to be there to welcome our friend’s newest addition, Shepherd!  

Everyone waited to patiently….kind of.  🙂

Signs and smiles…this crew was READY!

To keep Bowen entertained we took a selfie or two.

Then he took a few with this face.  He thought it was SO funny!

One of the sweetest moments I’ve ever gotten to see!!  Everyone lovin’ on their new brother.  So sweet!

After naps, I had to take me crazies to the grocery store.  Boo!  On Friday evening…double boo!!  I bribed them with snacks and a Redbox movie.

The big kiddos asked to have a sleepover in the playroom.  Bowen walked around squealing (because he thought he got to join them).  So…we gave him a shot!  He fell asleep and did great!!  But he kept talking in his sleep and woke everyone up.  So…he had to go back to the crib!

We did a little back-to-school shopping with M!  M treated them all to a carousel ride.

This sweet girl had her kindergarten screening!!  She was VERY nervous, but she did great!!

Typical behavior at my house.  Everyone wants to snuggle Bowen.  Nixon didn’t want E to touch him during the picture….hahahahaha!

Attempt #3…a little better.
Nixon’s face=Hilarious

We met Mrs. Narci and her crew at the mall on Friday.  My mom duties are getting easier and easier!!

Saturday we went to the CIRCUS!!

We contemplated leaving Bowen with a sitter and we totally should have!!  He did great for the first hour, but the entire show was a bit long for him.

Photobombed by some guy’s hairy leg!!  Bowen was saying, “CHEESE!”.

I remember going to a circus when I was little and loving it!!  This show did not disappoint!!  Being older and a mom…this time around the tight rope and trapeze artists made me REALLY nervous!!

He adores his sister!!  The feeling is pretty mutual.  🙂

This kid is a MESS!!  He thought this was SO funny!  

We ended our fun Saturday night with a yummy seafood dinner at Hook. Line, and Sinker in Dallas.  Delish!

Yesterday we celebrated this guy’s birthday with the worst looking pie EVER!!!  hahahahaha!!  I do NOT have skills when it comes to baking!  The pie tasted DELICIOUS, but it wasn’t the best-looking pie.  I promise you.  I don’t have the skills.

We had a GREAT night celebrating Tab’s birthday!!  

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Hope you’ve had a fabulous week as well!!

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