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On Tuesday, the forecast in Texas showed a high of 70 degrees.  70 DEGREES!  We quickly changed our fair plans to Tuesday.  We love the fair but the fair AND fall weather.  Now that’s a force to be reckoned with.  🙂

Tuesday, we snagged the kiddos out of school early to enjoy a day at the State Fair of Texas.

Look at us…some are wearing layers!  haha!  Big Tex is the tall guy in the back.  It’s kind of a tradition to grab a picture with him, so we did it as soon as we entered the fair grounds.

Miss Britt was taking it all in!  SO MUCH TO SEE!

She was pointing to Big Tex and I’m sure thinking…WHAT IS THAT THING?!

I’ve mentioned my love of a show before and this year didn’t disappoint.  We learned all about horses at this horse show.

This sweet thing was enjoying it.

When the crowd clapped, she joined them.

Me and my baby girl

This little farm exhibit is a stop every year.  They go through and do some farm work.  At the end, they get paid for their work and get to choose a snack with their money.  I have no doubt Nixon Slaughter will be asking to go through when he’s fourteen just for the Veggie Straws at the end.  🙂

During one part of the exhibit, the kiddos have to dig a hole, plant their seeds, and water (pretending of course) them.  They were each given ten little seeds.  Bowen was planting each seed separately when he finally looked up at me and asked, “They’re not really going to grow.  Right?”.  In other words, he wanted to hear…”Just dump them and let’s move on.”

Waiting patiently for Bowen to ride the tractor.

Then it was time for the petting zoo!  If you guys remember a couple years ago our stroller was stolen at the fair so this year Tab and I took turns sitting out.  He did the petting zoo.  🙂

Then it was time for the Lone Star Stampede!

It was full of all the Texas favorites…longhorns, horses, roping, and good ole’ country music.

This girl was a fan!  At one point, Nixon turned around and said that it couldn’t believe it was Britt’s first fair.  We were all so excited to share it with her.

After the show, it only took about four minutes for this to happen.

It was late afternoon and I decided a Fletcher’s corny dog would hit the spot.  I don’t even really like corn dogs but these are GOOD!  I shared it with everyone awake.  #yousnoozeyoulose

Then I spotted my FAVORITE fair food.  This little stand has the BEST catfish and spicy tartar sauce.  They put a cajun seasoning on the french fries that’s a little too much for me, but the fish and tartar sauce get two thumbs up!

This was Ebby Lee’s nervous face as she watched Tab talk her into this ride.  haha!

She didn’t seem to mind.  🙂

Ebby Lee was a big fan of the fun house!

Love doing life with this guy!

Then it was time for the HAUNTED HOUSE ride!  If you look closely, you can see that Bowen is half crying, half laughing.  He talked a big game and then got crazy nervous when it was our turn.  Don’t worry-he kept his eyes closed the ENTIRE ride so he wasn’t scared a bit!

Ebby Lee kept her eyes closed most of the time too.  ha!

These three enjoyed the big ferris wheel, The Texas Star, while Nixon and I got SCHOOLED playing some games.  Why will those little bouncy basketballs NOT go in the rim?!

And Ebby Lee talked me into the Alpine ride.  Just a few seconds after this picture the guy behind us asked them to stop the ride because he was about to lose it!

When Tab and I were first married, he showed up from work one day with a boot like this to put in our front yard.  No offense to these boots, it just wasn’t really our style and we’ve joked about it for years.  So we both were laughing when we spotted this at the fair.

The Log Flume ride…yes, it was finally a COOL day and they rode the Log Flume!

They rode this Haunted House ride because it looked a little scarier.  I must say when those doors opened Nixon had BOTH HANDS over his face!  haha!

We played a few more games and then made our way back to the front of the fair to watch the parade.  The guy we asked to take our picture didn’t notice Britt in the stroller because of the big ball she was holding.  He took about five pictures of the five of us!  Luckily, he was super sweet and then took a few with all six.

We looked at all kinds of cars and trucks, saw the world’s largest hot tub (or at least the biggest one I’ve ever seen), and found everything you can imagine for every college in the state of Texas.  Then we found a spot to watch the parade.

A marching band, a float with Big Tex, and a light up man on stilts is the perfect way to end the day at our happy place.

We started going to the fair when Ebby Lee and Nixon were two and one.  We had a blast that day and now it’s something we look forward to all year long.  To see our past fair posts, you can look here…

If you go during the week, you can find great deals for cheap entry tickets.  Yes, the rides, games, and food can add up, but there are so many things completely free to check out.  I highly recommend a trip to the fair for your family if you’re local!  I’m telling you…it’s our happy place.  🙂

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  1. 10.12.17
    Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said:

    Ahhhh, I love your fair posts every year!!! And then I get a tad jealous. 🙂 Fletcher's for the win!

  2. 10.12.17
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Oh Erika!! Just so many cute pictures!!! Britt on Tab's shoulders is just so sweet!

  3. 10.12.17
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Tuesday was the perfect day for the fair, and it looked like Miss Britt had the best time!! I can't believe y'all were in layers!!! Great pics!

  4. 10.12.17
    Anonymous said:

    What a fun day!! I love the picture of your 6 and the story about Nixon made my heart melt! What a sweetheart!!

  5. 10.12.17
    Laura @ Laura Likes Design said:

    Aw! What a fun family day together — how fun to have Britt join in this year, too!

  6. 10.12.17
    susanep said:

    Love your pictures, this is so funny but we live in Indiana and have one miniature horse. Well our farrier (the guy that trims her hooves) we have known forever told me him and some other guys were taking his stagecoach and 6 of his horses to the Texas State Fair for the entire month. Last year was the first time he done this, and really enjoyed it so he was excited. I am pretty sure that is him with the long gray beard driving the stagecoach, he is truly a cowboy!

    • 10.12.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Oh my goodness, Susan! Too funny!

  7. 10.12.17
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    So much fun!! I'm still mad at whoever stole your stroller though! Love all the pics and Bowen covering his eyes in the haunted house made me laugh! And sweet Britt clapping at the horse show is just the cutest!!

    That Inspired Chick

  8. 10.12.17
    Simply Tish said:

    Love the pics with sweet Britt and the whole family! I'm impressed with how much you were able to do in one afternoon! About how long do you usually stay at the Fair to see and do all those things before your kiddos get too tired? And is the parade something they do every evening?

    • 10.12.17
      Erika Slaughter said:

      We were there from 12:30 to almost 8. We tend to fair hard. Hahaha! The parade is every evening I think. You can look at the schedule of daily events online.

  9. 10.12.17
    Kayla said:

    Love it! Looks like such a great time. Wondering if you can add a link for your sweater. It's so cute!

  10. 10.12.17
    Alexis deZayas said:

    Sweet Britt looks like the fair is her jam!!

  11. 10.13.17
    Julie said:

    Oh my gosh…it looks so fun! I love the picture of you and Ebby Lee on the Alpine ride! It is so sweet!

  12. 10.13.17
    Sarah K said:

    You win best dressed at the fair for sure!

  13. 10.13.17
    clatk said:

    We were at the Fair on Tuesday too! It was the most perfect weather!! We've gone 3 years in a row, and I totally suggest people go on Tuesdays- with DP cans you get cheaper entrance and the rides are cheaper too!!

    I also suggest people plan their day a bit. We spent a lot of time in buildings with mattresses the first year because we had no idea what we were doing or where we were going. Year 2, I actually looked at the map and started on the petting zoo side and it was so much better!!

    Random, but have y'all ever done the Tractor Pedal Pull Show? Your kids would love competing in that!!