Opinions, Please!

Hey Ladies!!  I had something else planned for today, but yesterday this was on my mind ALL DAY LONG.  I thought who better to ask and get opinions from than all my blog friends?  I need your help today!  As you know in the new house, we moved in partly (we were living upstairs for the first week because all the downstairs was getting new floors and being painted).  This week the floor guys are finishing up the downstairs flooring and we’re having to decide on the staircase.  EEK!  My mind is all over the place!  So, I need your help!

We’re not staying there this week, so I couldn’t just snap a picture.  This is the best I got!  Look at the bottom right picture.  Check out the staircase.  We’re putting hardwood floors on the stairs, but our dilemma is what to do with the spindles.  I actually like the white spindles, but I’ve been told that if we try to remove the current ones and reuse them-odds are they’ll break.  Now, I’m thinking new spindles.  If we’re going to get new spindles, I have no clue what I like.  I think they’re kind of like outside light fixtures.  I think overall they look good, but I’d never notice a particular spindle in someone’s house.  Does that make sense?  This is where you come in.  I searched Pinterest and found a couple options that I really liked.  I need you to vote.  Which look do you think looks best?

Keep in mind our floors will look like this…

Our walls are Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams.  They look like this…
(This isn’t our house, but I found the image on Google.)  We also have white trim/baseboards. 

Here we go…
Choice #1
This option has a very ornate piece every five or so spindles.

Choice #2
This choice is a little more subtle with patterned spindles every three spindles.

Choice #3
This option would be getting new white spindles.

Thanks so much for your help, ladies!!  I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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  1. 7.9.15
    life of lo. said:

    I'm feeling choice #2! It's subtle and looks clean!


  2. 7.9.15
    Unknown said:

    I like number 2 the best! I think it fits your style the best and is more Texas style too if that makes sense 🙂


  3. 7.9.15
    Unknown said:

    So, I think that white would look great with the gray walls but Option 1 would fancy it up a bit! 🙂

  4. 7.9.15
    The Lindquist Family said:

    Tough choices! I think Option #1 would look really nice. And the ornate pieces sort of look like a subtle monogram "S" and who doesn't love a good monogram :). I think (from what I've seen on your blog) that option 1 fits your style well! Good luck!

  5. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    Option 1 or white spindles

  6. 7.9.15
    marielazs said:

    Love choice #2!

  7. 7.9.15
    Unknown said:

    I think I'm liking Option 1 the best, good luck!

  8. 7.9.15
    Kimm said:

    I love the white ! Can't wait to see what you decide

  9. 7.9.15
    beaner said:

    I like option 2

  10. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:


  11. 7.9.15
    Tanya said:

    I like the white. It's a really traditional look.

  12. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    I think our spindles are option 2? I love that first one though!! And, I think the classic white looks great as a contrast to the dark wood stairs. Haha! I'm no help! 😉

  13. 7.9.15
    Jen V. said:

    My vote is #2! Can't wait to see what you choose!

  14. 7.9.15
    Danielle said:

    I like choice #1! Ah so many different good choices-this may make it even harder for you! Love the wall color!

  15. 7.9.15
    Valerie Cox said:

    I love option 3, and 1 is my second choice.

  16. 7.9.15
    Brantlee said:

    I like option 2. Can't wait to see the finished project.

  17. 7.9.15
    KP said:

    I like Option 3- the white is such a clean look!

  18. 7.9.15
    Unknown said:

    Option 1 if you want it a little more fancier (plus your monogram is included "S") 👍🏻 or Option 2 for a less fancier look!! Either would look great!!!!

  19. 7.9.15
    Unknown said:

    Option 1 if you want a fancier look (plus it has your monogram included "S") 👍🏻 or Option 2 if you want to go for a less fancier look…..either way, option 1 or 2 would look great!!!

  20. 7.9.15
    Sarah R said:

    #2 looks so nice!!

  21. 7.9.15
    SarahN said:

    Choice 1 or the White! I feel like number 2 is busy…..
    1 is fun and will make a statement. 3 is just clean and nice.

  22. 7.9.15
    Lisa said:

    I don't think my comment published…and if it did, I guess I will have two…oops!! Anyway, LOVE option 1!! White it "safe" but the wrought iron is really really beautiful and will make the stairs stand out!

  23. 7.9.15
    Unknown said:

    #1 for a fancier look plus it has your monogram included "S" 👍🏻👍🏻 or #2 for a less fancier look….either one would look great!!!

  24. 7.9.15
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I was going to go with Choice #1 but Choice #3 is really pretty too! Who knew spindles would be this hard?!

  25. 7.9.15
    Unknown said:

    Option #1 or #3!

  26. 7.9.15
    Kathy Olson said:

    I like #1 and #3. It depends on the look you are going for. #3 is more traditional and #1 is more of an European flair.
    Both would be pretty:)

  27. 7.9.15
    Kristen said:

    I like choice 2. Good luck!

  28. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    I think either choice #1 or choice #3! I love them all but with your wood those two are my favs! Xoxo what a fun post!

  29. 7.9.15
    Karlene said:

    I love the white spindles with the dark hardwood floors.

  30. 7.9.15
    MissKimmie said:

    Oh my goodness. I follow your blog daily and am a decorator * shameless plug ( no place like home FB page.) I'd say the classy clean lines of #3 or #2 would suit you well. It seems like that is your style and choice.
    I can't wait to see what you choose.

  31. 7.9.15
    Unknown said:

    Choice #3 🙂

  32. 7.9.15
    Unknown said:

    I was going to say white but then I just thought that since your walls are going to be light going up the steps the darker spindles will be a nice contrast. The white might get a little lost against the light walls! Option 2 is my choice!

  33. 7.9.15
    Jersey Love said:

    I love the white but #2 is really nice. I'm sure whichever you choose will look gorgeous!

  34. 7.9.15
    Kathryn said:

    I like #2 & #3 the best! I can't wait to see!

  35. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    LOVE #1

  36. 7.9.15
    Julie C. said:

    I think Choice #1 would look great, but I also like Choice #2.

  37. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    Option 2

  38. 7.9.15
    Unknown said:

    Choice 2. We have those in our house and love them

  39. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    #1 🙂

  40. 7.9.15
    Amber said:

    I like Choice #3 the best but Choice #1 is right up there as well. Eek…thanks for making me realize we need to update our spindles!

  41. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    I love #3! I think it looks great with your walls and baseboards. I just love white! 🙂 ps-love your floors and cabinets!

  42. 7.9.15
    Sarah K said:


  43. 7.9.15
    Mrs. Harvey said:

    I love #2 but also #3! 🙂

  44. 7.9.15
    Leslie said:

    Choice #2!

  45. 7.9.15
    Unknown said:

    Choice #2!!

  46. 7.9.15
    Cheri said:

    Choice #1

  47. 7.9.15
    Unknown said:

    I am leaning to Choice 1. I like the "pop", vs the white playing it safe. I can't wait to see some pics. Good luck and enjoy this time 🙂

  48. 7.9.15
    MonaK2 said:

    I like the wrought iron spindles. The white spindles are pretty and classic but will show fingerprints and dirt and will require more upkeep and need to be repainted (eventually) Can't wait to see what you pick!

  49. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    I'm loving choice number 1!

  50. 7.9.15
    live compassionately said:

    I like option 1!

  51. 7.9.15
    Elizabeth said:

    It really depends on your taste! I have something like option 1 in my house…but the previous owner painted it white 🙈 so we just repainted it black. But I grew up with option 3 and that's what I love.

  52. 7.9.15
    Life in Bucklesberry said:

    Never really thought about this before, but I would go with option #3! I feel it would look best since you have white trim and the space in between the steps is painted white(hope that makes sense). Option #3 you just can't go wrong… timeless!!!
    Good luck!

  53. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    Choice #3, white is so clean and classic

  54. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    I like Option 1! Good luck!

  55. 7.9.15
    Unknown said:

    i LOVE option 3! Before I even saw it, I was going to say that you should do hardwood steps with white backboards. I love that look! The white spindles with the hardwood railing looks awesome to match. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  56. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    How do you decorate for Christmas? Do you put a garland on your staircase? I think option three would look best, especially with Christmas decorations. Yeah, I know it's weird to consider Christmas decorations but at our house Christmas decorating is big and I always keep it in mind when choosing items for the house (OCD central here!) Option 1 is my second choice

  57. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    Option #1, it adds a little flare!

  58. 7.9.15
    Unknown said:

    As someone who is in school to be an interior designer I think the 1st option would be the best. It will add some contrast in colors as well as add a fancy touch to the room. Number 3 would be my second favorite if you don't like the first! Clean and classic and simple.

  59. 7.9.15
    Elaine Welte said:

    Option 1! Totally love the pops of the ornate!

  60. 7.9.15
    Amanda said:

    Oh goodness, they are all so pretty! I LOVE #3!!!! If you need a second I would say #1

    Can't wait to see!!!

  61. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    1 OR 3!

  62. 7.9.15
    JillianLee said:

    I vote #2!

  63. 7.9.15
    Bri Runde said:

    I really like number 1.

  64. 7.9.15
    Lesley Russell said:

    Choice #1 is classic and does have a Monogram look to it of your last name. :-)). The second one is nice but those little swirly things and the spindle will be a hard to clean because they are so small. I love love love the look of iron spindles against hardwood. It looks very classy!

  65. 7.9.15
    G said:

    1 or 3! 1 is more modern 3 is more traditional

  66. 7.9.15
    Kellee said:

    I have Choice #2 in my house! Trust me you will love it! It's fancy with a little twist!

  67. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    I'm torn between option #2 and #3 but leaning towards #2. I don't think you can go wrong with any of them 🙂

  68. 7.9.15
    Beth W. said:

    I would choose option 3. The white spindles next to the dark floors would be beautiful. Also, it is a classic option that will always be in style!

  69. 7.9.15
    Karen said:

    We have #2 but we alternated with a single "basket" in there too. So we have two plain spindles, a spindle with two "baskets" like you have in the picture, two plain, and a spindle with one "basket." We've gotten so many compliments on it and I love love love it! Good luck 🙂

  70. 7.9.15
    Unknown said:

    Definitely #3, the white!!!

  71. 7.9.15
    The Boutelle Family said:

    I thought I would like the white spindles (by the way – definitely had no clue what spindles were before your post) best, but I actual really like the 1st one! Good luck!! 🙂

  72. 7.9.15
    jackie said:

    I like 2!

  73. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    I like the white

  74. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    #1 looks more custom. I would go for that. We just switched our wood to rod iron and it was totally worth it. It makes the house look newer.

  75. 7.9.15
    Unknown said:

    Option 3!! Looks so fresh and clean:)

  76. 7.9.15
    Leigh (Balancing By Faith) said:

    I like 1 or 3. #2 looks very builder grade to me – and 1 & 3 give it a pop. I think 1 is my favorite to make it look more "high end".

  77. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    I love number 2. Not fussy and adds a different texture.

  78. 7.9.15
    Unknown said:

    I love love option #1, but I feel like you can never go wrong with white! Whichever one you choose will look great!

  79. 7.9.15
    April said:

    I love all the options but #1 the best. I've never paid much attention to spindles either but I like the fancy one every so often.

  80. 7.9.15
    Bookworm's Shelf said:

    I like option 1. Option 2 looks too busy. Option 3 for runner up! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  81. 7.9.15
    Whitney {Gracefully Mama} said:

    I like Option 2! It's very modern, yet classy. I feel like the white wooden spindles are more country-ish. Haha! Good luck, can't wait to see what you decide! Love your wood floors, too!

  82. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    I like the look of #3 because it looks so clean with the white and it "pops" however, I have white spindles and 2 kids and have to clean them alot because of finger smudges. #1 would be my second choice.

  83. 7.9.15
    Katie {The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life} said:

    Oooohhh this tough!! LOL I like choice one because it's different…modern but still classic (if that makes any sense at all) but choice three, the more traditional, is great too!! Can't wait to see what you go with!!

  84. 7.9.15
    Amanda said:

    #1 is my favorite, by far!

  85. 7.9.15
    Ramona said:

    I like #2 the best!! Good Luck!

  86. 7.9.15
    Sandy said:

    Option #1 is my favorite! It took me months to decide on a new paint color in my dining room so I understand your pain!

  87. 7.9.15
    Kelley said:

    Option #1 is gorgeous. Love the color you picked.

  88. 7.9.15
    Lindsay D. said:

    Choice #1 is my favorite!

  89. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    We have choice #1 in our house and love it!! Doesn't get as skuffed when stuff bangs into it

  90. 7.9.15
    Jenny said:

    I like Choice #2. Choice #1 is just a little fancy for my taste. I like Choice #1 too but if you are having to replace the spindles I would go ahead and upgrade.

  91. 7.9.15
    Dollie said:

    The metal might hold up better, I'd go with choice 2, we have them and I love them! Good luck!

  92. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    #1 is so pretty!

  93. 7.9.15
    Tracy said:

    #3 – LOVE the white spindles.

  94. 7.9.15
    Lauran said:

    # 3 is my favorite. It is classic and will probably not go out of style as fast as the other ones.

  95. 7.9.15
    dresselfamily.blogspot.com said:

    I love the look of #3.. and I can tell you.. I've had both #1&2 styles.. they are pretty but be prepared to drive youself in sane dusting them!!.. dust paroles settle in between those swirls and curves and its a pain in the rear end…
    I do live near farmers.. maybe it's just duster here.. but #3 for me.. so classy

  96. 7.9.15
    Kristin said:

    Option 1

  97. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    I love Option #1. The white spindles in Option #3 get dirty quickly and are a pain to paint.

  98. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    Option 3!!

  99. 7.9.15
    Shelly Powers said:

    I like #2 but I am a simple kind of girl! I think white would show dirty hand marks over time esp with young kids & the fancy iron well it's just a little fancier!

  100. 7.9.15
    E said:


  101. 7.9.15
    Sarah said:

    Love option 1

  102. 7.9.15
    V @ X-tremely V said:

    I say go with the iron ones because most people don't have that in their homes (at least from what I have seen). #2 is my pick 🙂

  103. 7.9.15
    Mollie said:

    Choice 2…simple, clean, and low maintenance!

  104. 7.9.15
    Liz/ said:

    Option 3, the white spindles would look so great with the dark floors and wall color!!!

  105. 7.9.15
    Leslie Zinsmeister said:

    Oh wow! You have a pretty tough decision here! I think #1 is nice and unique. Like other people have said, it'll probably hold up well with all of your kiddos. If I had to pick one though, I would go with #3! There's something about the classic look of the white spindles! It just looks and feels very cozy rather than sort of industrial. I can't wait to see what you decide on! 🙂

  106. 7.9.15
    Mandy said:

    Option #1!

  107. 7.9.15
    allisonwest said:

    3! All the way. 2 is my second choice.

  108. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    Option #1!!!
    Megan 🙂

  109. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    LOVE #2!!! 🙂 Good luck can't wait to see which ones you choose!!!

  110. 7.9.15
    Bella said:

    Choice #3

  111. 7.9.15
    Kel said:

    White spindles then paint the railing black. That's what the interior decorator who did our house did 🙂 I was thrown by the black but it looks great with the grey and the floors.

  112. 7.9.15
    Unknown said:

    #2! Love it!

  113. 7.9.15
    Michaela Anne said:

    I love the wrought iron look but seems like dusting them would be a pain. the white spindles are classic i think.

  114. 7.9.15
    Unknown said:

    Hi, Erika! Choice #3!!!

  115. 7.9.15
    mom26kids said:

    Option 1 is beautiful , that's my pick 🙂

  116. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    I vote #3!

  117. 7.9.15
    Melanie Smith said:

    #1 for sure! I think #2 is too busy.

  118. 7.9.15
    Melanie Smith said:

    Option 1 for sure! I think choice 2 is too common and choice 3 is dated.

  119. 7.9.15
    Jana said:

    Option # 2 is my favorite for your house! Good luck. Seems like you've got your work cut out for you. 😉

  120. 7.9.15
    The Sweet Life said:

    My pick is 2!

  121. 7.9.15
    Sheila said:


  122. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    1 FOR SURE!!!!

  123. 7.9.15
    Jen W said:

    I feel like option #2 is in every new house these days. I like #1 or #3 – the white is more comfortable/homey and the ornate 'S' is fancier.

  124. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    I like #2 or the white!
    Can't wait to see new pics of your home…looks so pretty!
    Jan Fisher

  125. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    Option 3! Classic, yet contemporary. Option #1 is my runner-up.

  126. 7.9.15
    Rebecca said:

    Wow, that is hard bc I like all 3! Our spindles are a version of # 2, they are that same swirled ball, but not quite as often as yours. If that makes sense?! I love my spindles bc they are not too simple, not too fancy. I think this is good for fitting in well w/ decor change. However, I do love your first choice & I've always loved white, classic spindles too! Hope my perspective on #2 helps a little since all 3 of your choices are pretty! Can't wait to see lots of pics of your new house & yard, it looks beautiful!

    🙂 Rebecca

  127. 7.9.15
    Kara said:

    I prefer option #2. I like the iron look!

  128. 7.9.15
    Mikayla said:

    Choice 1 is gorgeous!!! Good luck 🙂

  129. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:


  130. 7.9.15
    Unknown said:

    WHITE SPINDLES!! Timeless.

  131. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    Choice 1, they look elegant..will dress up the house..

  132. 7.9.15
    RED said:

    Option #1!!!!

  133. 7.9.15
    Kelly said:

    OPTION 2!!!!! Option 1 is a little busy and option 3 looks a bit dated! You have fantastic taste!!

  134. 7.9.15
    Kristi said:


  135. 7.9.15
    Lindsay's Sweet World said:

    I love the white wood… they're classic and they will never go out of style. The fancy metal spindles will be outdated in a few years!

  136. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    I think option #3 would go with the rest of your house but option #1 is really nice too!

  137. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    Choice #1 without a doubt. Fancy and elegant. Not your usual plain jane staircase. Choice # 2 is too busy & 3 is too plain.

  138. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    White, option 3!

  139. 7.9.15
    Jenell said:

    I love option 2! Since I love it when you post your mother-in-laws house and her style, I'm wondering what she weighs in with. Congratulations!!!

  140. 7.9.15
    Caroline {Virginia Sweet} said:

    Option 3 – I like it with the white trim in the house!!

  141. 7.9.15
    Jackie said:

    Consider how hard it will be to dust all the nooks and crannies of the spindles with baskets. My 2 cents… I have them… its a pain in the butt.

  142. 7.9.15
    Unknown said:

    Hey Erika,

    I really think it depends on the style of the rest of the house! I do not like option 1 at all. They are too classic and "fancy". I think if you are going to do the brushed bronze hardware in other places in your house (door knobs, kitchen cabinet pulls, etc) then I think I would go with option number two. If you are going more traditional, shabby chic, antique style everywhere else I would go with option 3. I like my whole house to flow and be the same though, so that's just my opinion!

  143. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    option #2 is amazing!

  144. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    I would do option 3. It's classic, timeless and will go with everything, no matter what color you paint your walls or how you decorate.

  145. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    All of them look great! You have a good taste in spindles 🙂 but I love #1!

  146. 7.9.15
    Unknown said:

    I see the problem they are all great! I do agree the wrought iron is more updated and I like the first best! you can't go wrong though. Good luck.. 🙂

  147. 7.9.15
    Unknown said:

    option 3–but I would pick a simpler design.

  148. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    Love #1!!

  149. 7.9.15
    Sabrina said:

    OPTION 2!!! Love it!

  150. 7.9.15
    Nick & Kim + Madison & Kade said:

    Love #1!

  151. 7.9.15
    Lora G said:

    I have #2 in my house, my floors are lighter, but paint is very similar, LOVE THEM, 2!

  152. 7.9.15
    Katie Oman said:

    Option #2 🙂

  153. 7.9.15
    Laurie S said:

    I opt for option 2. It's clean, subtle but pretty, keeps the room open, and when/if you do garlands or wraps, the spindles take a "back seat" to the decorations. And there's enough white in the room already…

  154. 7.9.15
    Heaven's Roses said:

    Option 2!

  155. 7.9.15
    Unknown said:

    I really like #3! The white is clean and looks more "homey" and my second choose is #2 if you're wanting to go for a more formal look.

  156. 7.9.15
    Abbey said:

    I like option 1 but don't think you can really go wrong. The white may get dirty/knocked faster.

  157. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    I like #3 the best! The white looks clean and more "homey." If you're wanting to go for a more formal look, I also like #2!

  158. 7.9.15
    Unknown said:

    I like option #1 the best! It looks classic and elegant!

  159. 7.9.15
    Leah Bruinius said:

    I love Option 1 or 3. Can't go wrong with either. I can't wait to see more pictures of your house!!

  160. 7.9.15
    Unknown said:

    I really like option 2 the best. If it were my house that is the choice I would make.

  161. 7.9.15
    Linz said:

    Option #

  162. 7.9.15
    Angela Ellingson said:

    They all look good. I vote one though!

  163. 7.9.15
    Simply Stephens said:

    Choice 2!

  164. 7.9.15
    Simply Stephens said:

    Choice 2

  165. 7.9.15
    Unknown said:

    Totally depends on the look you are going for! If you are doing more of a "homey" feel, definitely #3. If you like that California, tuscany feel, #2. Don't like #1

  166. 7.9.15
    Mindy said:

    Option 3. White Spindles. Timeless and will always be in style!! Others look a bit busy to me. Can't wait to hear what you decide. We need a new railing and spindles. Not sure where to begin or who to find to do just that one job.

  167. 7.9.15
    Whitney @ Work it Mommy said:

    Im all for #3, its a classic look and Im partial to wood versus metal spindles. But whatever you choose, Im sure itll look great! Cant wait to see what you decide.

  168. 7.9.15
    Anonymous said:

    Option #2

  169. 7.9.15
    Unknown said:

    I'd definitely go with option #1 or #3. I like the contrast of the white with the dark wood in #3, but the spindles in #1 are too gorgeous to pass up. I agree with some of the above comments…they kind of look like an "S" for Slaughter! 🙂

    Can't wait to see what you pick!


  170. 7.9.15
    Mindy said:

    I like #1!!

  171. 7.9.15
    Holly said:

    Our first house had something similar to option 2 and over time I hated them. They got dusty and were a pain in the butt to clean. Plus they have a definite "style" so I felt like our furniture and overall house style was limited. I also found them not as easy/versatile to decorate for holidays. I don't know how big a deal that is to you.

    I would pick #3 which is what we have in our house right now only more of a squared off style-look at the link below under "Box Newells".


    They're a more modern spin on a very classic/traditional wood spindle/baluster. Ours our white with dark distressed wood floors and stair railing. Our walls are a light gray and all of our crown and thick baseboards as well as our window trim and shutters are white.

  172. 7.9.15
    Allyson said:

    My sister has option #2 and looks great in her house! I live in a one story house.

  173. 7.9.15
    Shelly @ The Queen in Between said:

    #2 would be my choice and I totally agree….I would never walk in and notice someones spindles!

  174. 7.9.15
    MM said:

    Definitely choose option #1…they are beautiful and classic, yet still different. Option #3 in my opinion will be nightmare with 3 young children….the white will get dirty and not hold up against things being dragged down the steps, run into with a variety of toys, hands being dragged along them, etc.

  175. 7.9.15
    Rachel said:

    I would go with option 2 or 3! Very classic and modern looking!

  176. 7.9.15
    Unknown said:

    Choice #1 all the way!

    #1 – looks classic to me. Not too fancy, but has some interest

    #2 – too busy

    #3 – I think is going out of style in most houses. It would be my second choice though. I like the contrast

  177. 7.10.15
    Marlene said:

    It seems like a lot of houses have #2 and it is way overdone. I love #1 the best, but a lot of custom builders are starting to go back to the simple, clean lines of the white wood. But the wrought iron is definitely a beautiful look (#1). Can't wait to see what you pick!

  178. 7.10.15
    Kasi said:

    Honestly, I wouldn't stress over it. If you get the iron spindles now and want to change them out for the wooden spindles later that is a pretty cheap swap from what I have been told. My personal opinion is that I think the iron spindle thing is on its way out. I think in less than probably 5 years most people will be swapping them out for classic wood spindles, either white or whatever matches their wood in their house, but that is just my opinion.

  179. 7.10.15
    Anonymous said:

    3 for sure! The 1st two are very old world (which is early 2000's). The white is classic/clean and able to withstand time. Also. The contrast of the spindles and floor gives it a beautiful, not too modern, look. Just my 2 cents 🙂

  180. 7.10.15
    Unknown said:

    I like white spindles but straight ones. Very clean and classic looking (especially with the dark floors)

  181. 7.10.15
    Anonymous said:

    I have option number two and I love them, so that would be my first choice. Option number one would be second. 🙂

    Kathy Lang

  182. 7.10.15
    Dena said:

    option 1 & 2 both look great, but if I had to choose, #2!!

  183. 7.10.15
    Tim, Lisa and Company said:

    Number 1 is my first choice, with number 3 being my second! Good luck! 🙂

  184. 7.10.15
    Annie said:

    Option # 2

  185. 7.10.15
    Anonymous said:

    I love the white!!! You're house is going to look beautiful 🙂

  186. 7.10.15
    Anonymous said:

    I love the white!!

  187. 7.10.15
    Unknown said:

    I love choice 2 personally. I probably wouldn't do 3 only because you have little kids and white shows everything.

  188. 7.10.15
    Kellie said:

    Choice 2

  189. 7.10.15
    Anonymous said:


  190. 7.10.15
    meg said:

    I know I'm late to the game but definitely #3!!! If I was picking for you even though I don't know you 🙂 I would pick #3 for you and it's also just my personal favorite. Just seems maybe more youthful too or something?! Weird logic for decor but I like the white and bright!

  191. 7.10.15
    Unknown said:

    I love #3!

  192. 7.12.15
    Joanna said:

    #3!!!!! Definitely!!!

  193. 7.23.15
    Unknown said: