Nixon’s Here…Hospital Day 1

Nixon Talbot Slaughter
8 pounds, 5 ounces
12:10 p.m.
April 12, 2010
Daddy thought the pink/blue hat was a little too girly so he found one he liked much better.
*The first four pictures are extremely out of order. Pretend they’re at the bottom of the post, if you can.
Nixon, Sarah, Molly, and Dicky…The Smiths came to visit and bring us drinks! Thank you!!

Our fabulous neighbors and great friends…the McCollums. Amber waited it out in the waiting room earlier in the day, but she brought Justin back that night. We encourage them almost everyday to have a baby…so hopefully Mr. Nixon will help a little with persuading them.

Mamas and their boys! The Shulls came by to visit. Shay and Smith posing with me & Nixon.

Tab and I checking in at the hospital at 7:30 in the morning…almost one year after checking in with Ebby Lee (I know a lot of my friends are thinking it…so I just threw it out there…ha!).

Nixon Talbot
Everything seemed to go much faster this time. By the time we got to our room and got settled in it was about 8:00. They checked me and I was a 4-5. They started my induction medicine by 8:30. When Dr. Riegel got there around 9:15, he broke my water and I was getting my epidural about 30 minutes later. At 11:30, our room was full of family and friends. My nurse had them leave to check me and I was extremely ready! So, we started pushing a few minutes later and he was here at 12:10!

Our family of four

Tab, Nanny, and Nixon…3 generations

M and Nixon

G, Nixon, and Tab…3 generations

Me, Nixon, and T-Nonna…3 generations

Nanny and Ebby Lee
Ebby Lee was such a trooper. She hung out keeping everyone entertained. I think it was so weird to her that the baby was real!!
Erin and Nixon…Erin stopped by on her way home from running a half-marathon the day before. Way to go, Erin!

T-Nonna, Boo, and Nixon

We are so blessed with great family and great friends. Thanks to all who were thinking about us and praying for us. Nixon’s arrival went so smoothly. We’re so excited to have him here!

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  1. 4.15.10
    Unknown said:

    Yayy!!! Congratulations! Your growing family is so precious…happy for you guys!

  2. 4.16.10
    The Genella Family said:

    CONGRATS!! SO happy for you and the family!! Precious baby!! Take care–Laura

  3. 4.18.10
    amber leann said:

    YAY, for pics! I am sooo glad he is here and that it went so quickly! Isn't that great! Mine was super quick too…makes it sooo much easier! Hope you guys are doing great! Miss Priss is not agreeing with eveything I eat so we are having some issues there, but hopefully it will get better! And YES we do need to chat since we are up for feedings, lol!

  4. 4.19.10
    Unknown said:

    you have a beautiful family

  5. 4.29.10
    rackersfamily said:

    awww. you have a perfect little family of four. I haven't checked your blog in a while and i'm so happy to get to see pics of that sweet little boy. you are going to love having a little boy. congrats.