The Night O’ Storms…

Ebby Lee and I were enjoying a nice night at home….notice Ebby Lee in the swing. Tab just happened to be out of town. I saw on t.v. that we were supposed to be getting some bad weather. Luckily, I packed Ebby Lee a bag and decided to go hang out for a while with Amber & Justin. About 30 minutes after arriving at their house, it got really creepy looking outside. We could hear the tornado sirens going off in Plano/Allen. Just to be on the safe side, the girls all got in their closet while Justin kept an eye out on the news/t.v.

Amber and Bella in the closet. Everyone that knows me well knows that I’m not a big fan of dogs. This was the one and only experience so far that Bella and I have gotten along so well. I think we were both worried about the storm and forgot we were in such close quarters with each other.

Me & Ebby Lee…she was so good for a long time. Then finally, she’d had enough of the closet. I’m so thankful we have such great neighbors that allowed me and my screaming baby to hang out with them during the storm. We even managed to have fun in the closet! Thanks Amber & Justin!!

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