Newbies at the Fair…

Nixon & Ebby Lee were so excited about seeing the animals!
After preschool yesterday, we all loaded up and headed to the Texas State Fair!! Tab had been when he was younger…but other than that we were pretty much newbies to this whole Texas State Fair business. Let me tell you, it was so much better than I’d ever imagined. I don’t know why we haven’t gone before!
In the animal barn…Nixon didn’t want to take his eyes off for a picture.

Neither did she!

Daddy bent down to stand by her, but she bent down too! ha! Posing in front of the zebras and cows. Who knew that zebras and cows got along?

This was for M. M likes buffalo…so we took a picture for her.

We went indoors for a little dog acrobatic show? Wasn’t too impressed but it was really nice to sit down for a couple minutes. It was nice and cool in there too! And…Daddy got some popcorn so we all had a little snack.

Ride Time!! Mama & Ebby Lee on an elephant!

Not sure how Daddy captured us in the background like this, because I’m pretty sure the ride was moving when he took this??

Daddy’s turn! She pointed out SEVERAL little rides that looked super boring and just went around in a circle. We talked her into this one. We hadn’t seen it going, but we could tell that it looked like it would be more fun. When it started going, I could not stop laughing. It started out going pretty slow and it just kept getting faster. I just KNEW that she was probably crying (I couldn’t see her face for 2 reasons. 1. It was so fast they were pretty much a blur. 2. She slumped down in the seat and I couldn’t see her face.). Then after going forward. It stopped, and then did it all over again going backward. Again..I’m laughing hysterically thinking “why did we put our 2 year old on this ride without watching it first”. But…when they got off Tab said that she was laughing and screaming the entire time! Whew!

I somehow managed to get a picture of them in the middle of the ride!

Then it was time for this…. I think it has some famous name, but I can’t remember?

I wasn’t feeling this one. I’m not a fan of heights and I kept imagine some strong wind sucking us right out between those poles. Needless to say, I was more than happy to get off!

Pretty sure she didn’t get to enjoy herself too much. I was sitting next to her saying, “Do NOT move. I don’t want us to fall out of here. We have to sit super still.” and so on. ha!

After some fair food, we got some good seats for the parade.

Nixon-Man was waving to the floats…so sweet!

Last stop was Big Tex and then we headed back home!
We had such a fun time!! I’m already looking forward to going back to the fair next year!!

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  1. 10.5.11
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Yay!! I'm so glad you guys finally went! I really think Nixon is starting to look a lot like you. I know he's built more like his daddy but I can really see you when I look at his precious face.