My Trip to Missouri…

I went to Missouri for a long weekend this summer. I went to just see the family and hang out. Mom, Bruce, and Jared picked me up from the airport in St. Louis and we tried to find fun things to do on a rainy day while waiting for the Cardinals’ game that night. We went to Union Station to stay dry & entertain ourselves. As you can see, Mom and I were very interested in the Fudgery guys cooking and singing about fudge!
The rest of the family drove up and met us for the game. It looked like it could pour down and rain at any second, but it stayed dry! I don’t even remember who they played or if they won, but it was great getting to see everyone. It was also exciting to see the new Busch Stadium…very fancy! Apparently, the rest of my trip wasn’t exciting, because I didn’t take any other pictures!!

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