My Community Helper…

A couple weeks ago, at Ebby Lee’s preschool it was Community Helper Day. You were supposed to dress your kid in community helper attire. The firetrucks, police officers, and guide dogs were all there to be honored. I did not have any “real” community helper clothes for Ebby Lee, but I did have a super cute SEMO Redhawks cheerleading uniform. Cheerleaders are community helpers, right? They bring cheer and pep to each and every football game.
Nixon enjoying some exersaucer time in the morning.

My community helper cheering!

Her teachers laughed when I brought her in. They knew I was stretching it, but it gave her the chance to wear her super cute uniform to school!

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  1. 10.18.10
    Unknown said:

    OK. How much do they look alike?! How sweet. I'm sure you have your hands full! I got your comment not too long ago about us waiting for babies and I almost cried! We have definitely been blessed!