My 3 Kiddos…

 I’m still playing catch up from last week!  Sweet Nixon man…I caught him reading the Bible.  Maybe he was flipping through the pages looking for the pictures, but it counts!
 Ebby Lee watching Sofia the First.  Her new favorite show.
Bowen…sweet, sweet boy!  He is growing SO quickly!!  He’s doing great!  I’ll say it again…Best. Baby. Ever!  He turned 8 weeks old this week which is important because now he can go to the childcare at the gym!  He went 4 times this week.  The super nice childcare ladies gave him a good report everyday!  He’s starting to really watch Ebby Lee and Nixon and smile at them all the time!  So thankful for these 3 kiddos!  

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  1. 1.28.13
    walshpartyofthree said:

    They are all so cute!! Lexi's new favorite show is Sofia the Great, too! I want to see your little man again soon!

  2. 1.28.13
    The New Family said:

    So precious!! Miss my workout buddy though! 🙂